• Published 12th Nov 2017
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A Place Among Her Kind - milesprower06

Tempest Shadow reflects and prepares for the new role she has been given in Twilight's kingdom.

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Dents, Dings, and Improvements

Rainbow Dash's inclusion had been an immense help. She gave Fizzlepop her assurances that there were a few members of Ponyville's weather team who would jump at the chance for some extra bits, and sure enough, she had three more pegasi applying the very next day. Having delegated the fliers to Rainbow, she could focus on other matters as the Ponyville E.U.P. began to take shape. Rainbow even went as far as to suggest merging the weather duties into the guard duties and making the weather team full time E.U.P.

"I get where you're coming from, but weather is Cloudsdale territory, and I don't want to step on any hooves this early on. Lets keep them separate for now, and the volunteers from the weather team can have guard duty whenever they have spare time." She told the pegasus.

Rainbow Dash had also become her favorite sparring partner. Fizzlepop knew that constant drilling was the number one priority when it came to an effective defense force. The two of them knew they needed a wide open space, so much to Twilight's annoyance, Rainbow's first choice was the library, and when she pointed out that's where she and Starlight held their magic tests, the Princess of Friendship didn't really have a hoof to stand on. With shielding assistance from Starlight, the two of them weren't afraid to not hold back as they practiced melee combat, and that was precisely the reason why Fizzlepop was walking down towards Carousel Boutique with Starlight, with a brand new dent in the right side of her helmet.

"I'm sure she'll completely understand, Fizzle. It's guard duty, it comes with the territory." Starlight told her, attempting to calm the Captain's nerves when she saw how frazzled she looked.

"I... Suppose..." Fizzlepop replied as she stepped up and knocked on the front door of the Boutique. Rarity answered moments later.

"Captain, pleasure to see you again so soon. What can I do for you?" She asked, ushering them inside.

"We had a little accident this morning." Fizzlepop explained, showing her the helmet. To her surprise, Rarity only chuckled in response.

"Well, finally. I've been wondering when you'd be in here for repairs, what with how often you and Rainbow have been at it all week." Rarity said, taking the helmet in her magical grasp and leading them down to the basement.

"Still," Fizzlepop began, her and Starlight following Rarity down the stairs. "I know how much more work you've taken on in helping me get the E.U.P. started and outfitted... All the sets of armor you're making for the volunteers that pass the basic tests... Once we really get drilling, you'd be overwhelmed with all the fixes. If you want to hold a class and teach us basic maintenance for these pieces, I'd clear whatever time you need."

The trio of ponies came into Rarity's basement; a cobblestone foundation that was the size of the building above them. In the center was a blazing open furnace, along with an anvil and smithing tools. For how prim and proper the ground floor was, Fizzlepop could never imagine Rarity as Ponyville's blacksmith. She had told her of Rainbow's first "gala dress" made to her exact specifications, and luckily for the Ponyville E.U.P., Rarity made much more functional sets when left to her own devices.

"I'm also wondering how we could go about... Modifications..." Fizzlepop told Rarity as she began slowly manipulating the inside of the dent with magic as her horn glowed.

"Also overdue, darling. I'm sure forming this guard is quite the daunting task, so if modifying any pieces makes it an easier job for you, you need only say the word. What did you have in mind?"

"The conduit, on the helmet. I'm wondering if there's anyway of removing it so I could wear it securely without the helmet." Fizzlepop told her.

"Ah, so if anything happens to the helmet, your horn is still functional." Rarity correctly surmised.

"Exactly. I wish that dent was the only thing that happened. Next thing I knew I was on my side and the helmet came clean off, sliding half way across the room. If that happens in a real fight, I'm in trouble. At first I thought of a simple fix like a chin strap, but then I thought of how nice it would be to have the use of my horn while not in full armor."

The dent warped for a moment, then after a metal popping sound, the helmet looked good as new. Now, Rarity turned it over and turned her focus to the notched and enchanted ring that had been built into the helmet where Fizzlepop's horn would go through.

"You'd still need your aetherial staff when not in uniform, and even when you are, that could also theoretically be knocked away in a scuffle." Rarity pointed out. Fizzlepop nodded, and Starlight stepped forward.

"True, but the aetherium gives off an aura that allows the enchantment to work; about fifty feet, so she wouldn't have to be holding it." The unicorn said.

"Hm, that's true. Well, I'll certainly look into it. For now, here you are, good as new, Captain, and I believe I'll take you up on that maintenance class once you have your squad squared away. In the meantime, don't fret over any dents or dings or improvements that you need me to address. Rest assured, that's what Twilight is paying me for." Rarity told Fizzlepop, handing the helmet back to her. With that, she and Starlight made their way back up the stairs while Rarity resumed her work on the next set of armor for the volunteers.

"See, told you she'd be fine with it. You were worrying over nothing." Starlight told her as they left Carousel Boutique.

Fizzlepop gave her a smile.

"By the way. I never thanked you. This was your idea, and it's given me something to push for and accomplish every single day."

Starlight scoffed.

"Don't thank me. Thank Twilight for keeping it unguarded for all this time. Equestria being the land of friendship and magic is all well and good, but it would be nice if we could also learn to detect a fleet of airships before they get to the capitol in the center of the country."