• Published 12th Nov 2017
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A Place Among Her Kind - milesprower06

Tempest Shadow reflects and prepares for the new role she has been given in Twilight's kingdom.

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Planning Stages

For Captain Fizzlepop Berrytwist, there was nothing like hitting the ground galloping, and that's essentially what was happening barely two hours after her swearing in. The first order of business was building the ranks of the guard up from just the sole Captain, and that meant posting notices in town to see who would be interested in such positions.

"When you're writing those up, please make sure to point out that ponies that apply solely to hobnob will be rejected immediately." Twilight informed her.

Twilight's tasks involved sending official documents up to Canterlot. Ponyville had never had an E.U.P. Guard division before, and now that one was in progress, there were certain procedures that now had to be addressed. For instance, Celestia's and Luna's protective detail was usually the only E.U.P. presence Ponyville had ever seen, and now that the town would have a presence of their own, they would have jurisdiction whenever any non-local detachments accompanied a royal visitor.

For Fizzlepop, it was a crash course in interviewing and vetting. She quickly came to the conclusion that any outfit she assembled would most definitely be more along the lines of a militia, and not regular military. While Ponyville had grown in the years since Twilight had come to town, it was still by all means a town, which was surprising given it's age of nearly 75 years and proximity to Canterlot, and virtually all the residents had responsibilities and occupations already. But she still had plenty of ponies eager to help the Princess, but she was having a hard time of accurately judging them at first glance.

"Rainbow Dash, glad I caught you, I've been meaning to ask you something." She asked the pegasus a couple days later when she passed her in one of the halls in the castle.

"Sure thing, what can I do for you, Captain Fizzle?"

That moniker had stuck more than anything else in the past two days, and honestly, she liked it better than her full name and title.

"I'll get right to the point. Of the nearly two dozen applicants I've gotten so far, only three of them are Pegasi, and I also don't believe I'm fit to judge their flying ability. Princess Twilight's given me the authority, and I know you've also got your commitment with the Wonderbolts, but I'm wondering if you'd accept a commission as a Commander in Ponyville's E.U.P. Guard to help train and direct the fliers."

The open-mouthed smile on Dash's face told her everything she needed to know.

"You've got it, Captain. Where do I start?"