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An alternate take on events during Hearts And Hooves Day, where after they drink the love potion, Cheerilee and Big Mac take things just a little too far.

And by 'a little', of course I mean 'a lot'.

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:rainbowkiss: PFFF-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh those three are SOOOOOOO GROUNDED!! :rainbowlaugh:

I loved this!:heart:

I like the story premise; but is there any sex in this?

8546074 Inevitably. :pinkiesmile:

8546081 Thanks. It was a blast to write, too. :twistnerd:

8546117 Maybe a bit. But nothing graphic, since it's rated T. :scootangel:

You should do a sequel where Cheerliee is pregnant and Mac is with Sugar Belle now. Although save that for Valentine's day

SugarMac is canon now, and you can't do anything about it.

Who said I wanted to? :raritywink:

We'll see. :pinkiesmile:

:ajbemused: I wear a STETSON pard , Only city slickers wear a fedora !
:duck: Even my Spikey Wikey knows the difference between a Stetson, Fedora and a Bowler....
:moustache: Bowlers are cool playing piano in the bar
:twilightoops: BAR?
:raritywink: Spikey only drinks with me...
:moustache: It's grand to see Rarity laying on a piano.

I'm sure the writer is aware of that this story was just for fun! Plus this story was set before Sugar even existed!

Fortunately, by the wonders of editing, Applejack is now wearing the right headgear. :pinkiehappy: And hi to the rest of the group. :scootangel:

".....I mean that really got out of hand." Damn Big Mac and Cheerilee really got a lot of Stamina to have been going at it that long and cause so much property damage.

Yep. I'm not really a shipper of either group, and getting into an argument with either side seems a bit pointless. My motto is: take the fic for what it is, and don't look for any preferences regarding couplings and whatnot. :twistnerd:


:moustache: Wow that was one big knock down drag out , Who won?

:scootangel: Looked like Mac was on top more

:applecry: reminded me of pigs in the mud making bacon

:unsuresweetie: or Spike and Rarity playing peek a boo in her supply closet.



:trollestia: that's my little ponies

Oh, whew! Thanks! :3

So it's more like mentions of doing the do?

I don't go into great detail, but yes something like that. :rainbowwild:

Don't we all? :trollestia:

This was great! And somehow all written in a southern accent of sorts. :/

Is there such a thing as XX or XXX?

I just read this story and have to say, it was quite funny, good work :)

big mac: and that son is the story of how you were conceived

You know, I'd LOVE to see this continue! Big Mac and Cheerilee was onc of the pairings I was quite disappointed didn't happen in canon. It'd be nice to see it come to fruition.

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