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This is where I create my mlp related stories, I also have wattpad where I upload other kinds of books, too ! So check out Dark241 on wattpad. If you want to suggest book ideas or anything then PM me.


This a story based on my character Dark and I actually drew a pony version of my self via an app on my tablet.

Anyway: Dark was bored one day so she decided to play with space and time and stuff when she accidently entered a portal that took her to the mlp universe......
When she finally arrives in her all-time favourite cartoon show , she will now have to find a way back to her own world.
P.S. She is a pony
P.P.S. I talk in 3rd person in this description , so Dark is me ,to those who are confused.

Edit - This is more of a practise story to me and will most likely be cancelled, I won't delete it, though.

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It's great to finally get this book approved, and it has been a real hassle to balance youtube, wattpad and school at the same time so chapters would most likely be published in the evenings on weekdays and on weekends I will publish whenever I have time.:scootangel:

I had to make this simple because I can't write for Rarity that great, Pinkie is ok too but still needs improvement.
My real struggle will be writing AJ and RD.
Spike and Twilight are easier to write because of the modesty in Twilight and the laziness in Spike.

This chapter's ending has been changed for the sake of the next chapter.

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