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Howdy, everyone! I have been liking a lot of stories on this site. So, I decided to join the community. I hope you guys read and enjoy the stories that I will share here with you.


In the region of Equestria, an evil magic is growing rapidly and affecting everything in its path. The only hope to stop it are the Chosen Eight of legend: Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Sunset Shimmer, and Starlight Glimmer.

Twilight Sparkle is a studious and intelligent girl who dreams of becoming a Top Pokémon Coordinator and she is the Bearer of Magic.

Rainbow Dash is a tomboy and adventurous girl who dreams of becoming a Pokémon Master and she is the Bearer of Loyalty.

Applejack is a hard-working cowgirl who dreams of becoming a Pokémon Master, and getting enough money for her family. She is the Bearer of Honesty.

Fluttershy is a shy yet kind-hearted girl who dreams of becoming a Pokémon Breeder, and she is the Bearer of Kindness.

Pinkie Pie is a fun-loving and chipper girl who dreams of becoming a Pokémon Performer and opening her own bakery. She is the Bearer of Laughter.

Rarity is a prim and proper girl with a sense of fashion who also dreams of becoming a Pokémon Performer. She is the Bearer of Generosity.

Sunset Shimmer is a girl with a dark past who dreams of becoming a Pokémon researcher and to find redemption of her past mistakes. She is the Bearer of Forgiveness.

And Starlight Glimmer is an orphaned girl who also dreams of being a Top Coordinator and to find her parents, remembering that they gave her up because they loved her. She is the Bearer of Understanding.

These eight special girls will all soon discover that their true power lies within the friendship, music and love that they share with each other.

See how these eight Chosen Ones were chosen before they began their Pokémon journey throughout Equestria.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 63 )

You're on a publishing spree, you know that? How are you able to write such adorable stories so quickly?

I've been writing these stories for a while, on another site. But, I'm glad you like them.

I like the story so far. Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

that song they sang, where did it come from?

It's "Days Gone By." It's from the MLP Christmas album. Other than the "Hearthswarming Tale" songs, none of the songs are canon to the show.

I predict that Luna will find Pinkie Pie first.

Could you maybe not try to use the accented e for Pokemon? It translates into an uppercase accented A followed immediately by a copyright symbol. And that is pretty distracting when the word will pop up numerous times.

Okay, I'll do that. For some weird reason, it shows the real accented e for me when I write the chapter. But, I'll fix that.

Wow. SombraShy confirmed in this story. If he isn't a Ghost and Dark Type Trainer, I'm gonna be a bit livid. And if he befriends a Legendary, it had better be Darkrai.

1. I know from all her (I think) other stories that the author is a Fluttercord shipper.
2. Sombra doesn't have gold sclera.

Yeah, but can you say that the outfit didn't scream Sombra? I don't think that Discord would dress in blacks and grays. He'd probably say those are "too drab". Also, I think Discord would be better as a Gym Leader, or Elite 4 member, or even the boss of the criminal team.

It was a young lad her age, but he was much different than most other boys. He had a wild dark hair, gray skin, and his eyes were red with gold scelera. He wore a black jacket, worn out jeans, and brown boots. He blended in perfectly with the shadows of the forest as he curiously listened to this adorable girl sing with the Flying type Pokémon twittering and flittering around her.

Can you honestly tell me that description fits Discord better than it does Sombra? Aside from the sclera, that is pretty much how I would picture 10-year old Human Sombra to look. Also, colored contact lenses are a thing in Pokemon.

Reread the story description. :ajbemused: Don't forget the part that says "Ships included". :ajsmug:

Even up to this day, I still don't understand the point of a rock farm.

Yeah, I don't get it either. I just accept it's existence. I wonder what made the show staff come up with such an idea.

Wait... what about Juniper?... I am jumping the gun here.

She will come into the story later. Regretfully, much later. :fluttershysad:

Take a breath, you're going to faint.

It's also a cover of Auld Lang Syne

oh... So we have Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie so far, with Rarity next... So how and when will Sunset and Starlight get theirs? My guess, Sunset from Celestia and Starlight from Luna, but down the road a few years

Gonna be honest, not a big fan of few ships in this fleet. But If I start firing at the ones I don't like, I run the risk of sinking the ones I do...

I don't think I read your description all the way. It's either that or the description got updated. Anyway, you have the headcanon that Starlight's an orphan too, huh? Nice to see that I'm not the only one.

She ships the RCF ships. The RCF ships are basically the BoD ships plus SunSpruce and StarBurst.

RCF=Royal Canterlot Family
BoD=Bride of Discord

I know you're familiar with one of those abbreviations.

I honestly only truly ship half of those ships. The other half I tolerate.

we each like the ships we like, it is what is it.

So, after Rarity, will it be Sunset: The Chosen One of Forgiveness, or Starlight: The Chosen One of Understanding.
Also, I think Starlight's Pokemon should be several Eevees, because of so many different evolutions coming form one pokemon.
On a side note, I think Starlight is better at being

The Chosen One of Understanding

than she is at being

The Chosen One of Justice

The story seems promising, but I feel the setup is getting really repetitive, with basically the same thing happening each chapter except with different characters names being used. I feel like it would be better if, instead of devoting a separate chapter to each character in the setup, if all their parts were lowered considerably in length and all put together in just one or two chapters.

When you mentioned Shining Armor I had a thought. What if you gave him and Cadance a Gallade and Gardevoir, then they could both have Mega Evolutions which fit with each other. Just a thought.

So, how well do you relate to Rarity? That might be why you're having a hard time writing her.

Almost nothing. :applejackunsure:

I'm a tomboyish girl that isn't into a lot of prissy things. But, I do share the common thought concepts of romance with her, but to a lesser extent.

So we have six of eight, hopefully, we'll see Sunset sooner rather than later.

I might have an idea for a song for Starlight. it's from the Disney film, Hercules. I can go the distance would be perfect for her.

Wait, so Celestia teaches at both Canterlot Academy and Crystal Prep? That part confuses me a bit. :applejackunsure:

No, Celestia doesn’t teach at Crystal Prep. She just chooses a student from either school to be her personal pupil.

I wonder how the Sunset-Twilight relationship will go when Sunset learns that Twilight is her replacement?
I foresee that as a point of tension in the group.

Not telling you how you should write your story, but I think you should give Flash a speedy electric type as his partner. My first choice would be a Jolteon, my personal favourite electric type. Just a thought.

Maybe give Twilight a Rowlet, because of Owlowiscious?
Discord could go with a Litten, because it is a Dark type.
I honestly see Pinkie as more of a Popplio partner than a Totodile.
I see Cheese Sandwich as a Chespin user.
Starlight with a Squirtle and Sunburst with a Tepig?

I suggest Starlight gets a Squirtle, since the Squirtle Squad was bad before turning good like Starlight, and maybe Sunburt should get Chimchar, since Sunburst doesn’t have strong magic but great potential in knowledge like how Chinchar seems weak at first before he gets stronger with each evolution and his Blaze ability.

I can't wait to see how this goes. Hmm, I don't know why, but for Discord, I'm thinking Tepig or Chimchar. For Cheese, Squirtle. Starlight, I'm getting Litten. Hmm, Sunburst would be cute with a Rowlett.

I think you should swap Spike and Soarin's starters, it just makes more sense to me. I agree with the others that Discord should have Litten, Starlight with a Squirtle and Sunset with Chimchar. Also, please give Flash's Froakie the battle bond ability. Imagine it, Flash-Greninja.

and Sunset with Chimchar.

I think you mean Sunburt. Sunset is apparently getting a Cyndaquil. Also, I agree that Flash-Greninja would be totally badass!

This story looks great so far, that song reminded me of a song from a Disney movie!

Comment posted by Marebook7 deleted March 20th

Hold it. I forgot to comment on this, but are Sunset and Sunburst siblings in your headcanon or is it just for this story?

Well, I think just in this story. For now, at least.

Comment posted by Foxhelm deleted April 7th

I agree with 8806698, Twilight should have a Rowlet she names Owlowiscoious, but Pinkie wouldn't be Pinkie without Gummy, and Gummy could be a very different Totodile

I think Rarity should have a Litten because Opal is a cat.
I think Cheese should have the Torchic, you know Boneless

You know I would like to see things like maybe sandle wood as a top pokemon ranger or maybe wallflower blush as one and maybe jupiter montage as a rihorn rider or micro chips as a guy that makes great invention that always blow up in the end ( see what i did there).

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