• Published 12th Nov 2017
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Hybrid - ShadowedKnight68

A man goes through a portal and is turned into a unknown creature, shunned and feared for how he looks he struggles to live his new life.

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Michael made her way to town and looked at the crystal castle, the ponies in town gasped seeing her make her way towards the castle.

"It's going to eat Twilight's castle!!!" A mare yelled.

"How evil!!!" A stallion said horrified.

"Really?....you think I'm gonna eat the entire castle? What's next I'm also gonna burn her flower garden?" Michael asked sarcastically and annoyed while looking at them.

The ponies gasped again "did you hear her??? She said she was going to burn the garden too!!!"

Michael face hoofed "forget it" she walked to the door and knocked on it putting on a small smile, it was opened by spike who looked at Michael casually before his eyes went wide in fear.

"TWILIGHT!!!!!!" Spike yelled running away.

"Oh come on I even smiled....with my sharp teeth...that makes more sense now...." Michael's face hoofed again and when she put her hoof down she was surrounded by royal guards and five if the elements of harmony as well as the Princesses of the sun who looked ready to incinerated Michael if he moved an inch from where she stood.

"Did you plan to try and attack us by getting us to open the door???" Twilight asked horn lit with magic.

"That's a pretty dumb idea smoke breath" Rainbow Dash mocked ready to attack.

"Nope...arrest me" Michael said nonchalantly.

"Is this some kind of trick? If it is we won't be fooled so easily" Celestia said sternly.

Michael glared "what the hell do you think I am exactly??"

"Oh oh I know this one, a dragon pony! Was I right??" Pinkie asked excitedly.

"Yes but from what I've figured out after spending a few days here is that you all think I'm some destruction craving death monster that has plans to kill everyb-pony, the only thing I ever killed in my entire life was on accident and necessary, it was a wood wolf thingy, and it was trying to eat me! But I'm gonna just go off on a wild guess and say you all just imagined me hunting a wood wolf" she chuckled morbidly "it's actually funny how you all have seen me as a beast hunting poor defenseless ponies when in reverse you've all been hunting a starving, confused, and scared pony who literally just wants to go home, but fuck it I give up on trying to make you all believe me, arrest me, arrest this innocent little creature for crimes you imagined I committed, c'mon princess give me your best!" Michael growled staring the princess down.

The elements looked at Celestia who was frowning "guards shackle her" she commanded and shackles were put on on Michael's legs by the guard who held chains to keep her from running if she tried.

"Crap....I really thought you weren't gonna do it...." Michael said looking down at the chains.

The elements looked at each other not feeling right, Twilight walked to Celestia "um Princesses....she actually hasn't done anything besides steal food....".

"That does not matter, she will be punished for what her race did" Celestia said leaving no room for argument as she teleported Michael, the guards, and herself back to Canterlot.

Once there Michael stumbled and looked sick "oh....I'm gonna puke...."

"Do so and I'll be sure to find the smallest cell for you to stay in" Celestia glared down at the small dragon pony who shrunk down in fear at the mighty glare.

"I-I'll keep it down...." She studdered in fear before being pulled forward by the the guards, michael found it difficult to walk with her hooves chained together aswell as being weighed down by the heavy metal.

"Take her to the dungeon, I need to begin preparations for her punishment" Celestia said to the guards and glared one last time at michael before leaving.

Michael gulped from the glare and continued with the guards before eventually arriving at a large wooden door that one if the guards opened with magic, it lead to a stone staircase leading downward into a torch lit hall with cells on each side.

"You know now thinking about it I prefer the forest so if you don't mind I'm just gonna head on back" she smiled and went to walk away only for her hooves to get yanked back causing her to face plant.

"Nice try freak, but this is your new home....for the time being" the guard chuckled and the other followed soon after.

'crap...I don't like how he said that...' Michael thought as he was dragged over to the door "ok ok I'll walk jeez!" She huffed standing up looking down at the stairs, she didn't like the idea of stairs in this body.

One of the guards growled annoyed at how long the dragon pony was taking to go, a smirk formed on his face when he got an idea and pushed her forward resulting in her tumbled down the stairs, he chuckled untile he noticed the chain connected to her shackles slowly getting tighter as she got further down the stairs "oh cra-" he was cut off as he got pulled down the stairs with her thanks to her cruel action.

"Dumbass....you were holding the chain still..." She groaned laying at the bottom of the stairs underneath the guard.

"I'll admit....that was a mistake on my part...." The guard groaned in pain "your scales....are very hard....."

The other guard was still at the top of the stairs shaking her head "so glad the princess left before she saw that....I wish I didn't even see it, if any of the guard had seen that we'd both be kicked out" he made his way down the stairs far easier and far less painful then the other two did.

"Ok I'll cut you a deal, let me go and I won't tell anyone this ever happened" she tried to talk her way out of this mess again.

"Yeah no....you won't be telling anyone anyway since after today, you won't be talking unless it's to the dead" the guard who had pushed her said as he got up pulling her into a cell and slamming the door once he was out of it, the two chuckled as they walked back up the stairs and out if the dungeon.

"Wait! I don't wanna die!!! Please let me go!!!" Her yelling echoed throughout the dungeon but no one responded.

Fluttershy walked out of the kitchen with tea to see if Michael wanted any, but when she looked at the couch she found it empty and the front door was open, she quickly ran back to the kitchen to Luna "Michaels gone!!"

"What?!" Luna jumped up to her hooves running to the couch before running outisde looking around trying to see if she spotted him but she didn't see him anywhere 'was he taken?...wait the spell!' she casted the spell she used before and saw a magic copy of Michael appear as it walked down the path towards town "he left...?"

"He went towards town! We need to hurry what if he gets hurt??" Fluttershy asked worried.

Luna teleported them infront of the town and looked for the magical copy and spotted it walking up the castle, the two hurried over and trust through the doors finding five of the main six standing their surprised by the sudden entrance "where is Michael the dragon pony?"

"Celestia took her.....she said she was going to punish her for what her race did..." Twilight said with her ears flat against her head.

"No...we need to stop her...my sister is letting her wounds from the past remain opened and unhealed....we aren't only going to be saving Michael we will save Celestia as well" Luna declared. The group nodded and Luna teleported them all to Canterlot.

Michael paced the event he could with the chains around his legs "ok...ok they're just trying to mess with me, no way I'd be killed for doing nothing haha and I was worried" she chuckled feeling relaxed.

A few seconds later and she trying to squeeze through the bars while screaming "HELP ME!!!!! I don't wanna die!!!!" She then tried bending the bars with no success so she got the idea to bust the door down, shuffling back against the wall she charged the what she could and bashed her head against the bars resulting in a loud bang that echoed throughout the dungeon, she stumbled back away from the bars a very large bump on her head "that...was very...stupid..." She collapsed.

Her fate had become clear to her now, she was going to die, on another world far far away from her home, all alone. Tears ran down her face at the hopelessness of her situation, she just wanted to go home and forget about all this, sniffling she accidentally inhaled some dust making her sneeze out a stream of fire, blinking she looked down at the now melted chains before looking forward at the melted bars, a smile grew on her face "thank you universe!" She ran out of the cell with new found hope.

She ran up the stairs briefing through the door at the unfortunate time that two guards were walking by, like deer in headlights the three stood frozen looking at each other "uh...rawr?"

One of the guards screamed with a very high void while jumping into the other arms, the guard then ran off on two legs while holding the other one leaving a stunned Michael "I...what?...I..what?" She shook her head "nevermind gotta find a way out" she trotted den the hall looking around she looked at the windows thinking they'd be a possibility route of escape, but upon walking over to them and looking at the very high fall she changed her mind.

The sound of metal clanking and hooves clopping filled the hall and Michael's ears went flat against his head "that sounds very bad" she started running through halls dodging guards who were patrolling the halls adding to the large group chasing behind her, her luck seemed to get worse as she had run down a hall with a window at the back he doors along the walls though she wouldn't have a chance to try and open them since the guards were right in her tail, with great reluctance she charged full speed for the window and brief through it sending glass everywhere while also scratching her up.

She realized her mistake when she flew through the air towards a larger window "oh sweet baby Jesus im gonna die!!!" She screamed entire smashing through the window and crashing to the floor below. Groaning she looked around finding Luna and the main six by some large doors, that brought a smile to end face, looking behind her she found Celestia standing in front of two large chairs looking surprised and angry at the same time, that made her smile vanish, she had just fell right in the middle of something and it wasn't looking good for her "Uh...hi".

(A Few Minutes Earlier)

Luna and the main six enter the throne room, Luna had a fierce expression while the other looks more worried. Celestia looked at them and smiled "hello my sister and my ponys, desde sister I have the great honor to tell you the dragon pony has been captured and is awaiting her punishment".

"Celestia this is not the right thing!" Luna yelled flairing her wings out.

"What?" Celestia looked surprised.

"This dragon pony has done nothing wrong, she is scared and trying to survive while looking for a way home, we have hunted her and frightened her for no good reason, now release her so she may explain to you her predicament" Luna said while walking closer.

Celestia huffed "Luna your working nonsense, you speak as if you've forgotten what it's race has done to us and our ponys".

"I haven't forgotten but I have forgiven, I have done just as bad as her race had before, and yet you forgave me far faster then them...it has been a very long time Celestia and yet you have not let go of your hatred, you kept it inside and let it burn....I know what can happen if you continue on the path your on sister....nothing but loss and tragedy will come" Luna said trying to get through to her sister.

"They did far worse then you!! How can I forgive them?? They have given no apologies!" Celestia yelled standing to her hooves.

"How could they?? We killed them!!" She yelled leaving the room in silence.

Celestia looked at her sister in shock and sadness "I..."

Pinkies tail suddenly twitched "something's about to fall!"

Just then Michael smashed through the window and crashed in between them, she looked at Luna and six smiling before looking at Celestia and frowning "uh....hi".

"You escaped??" Celestia snarled and lot her horn creating chains that does at Michael making her flinch from the incoming chains, only they were stopped by a blue magical glow engulfing them, Celestia looked at her sister to see her horn glowing as well.

"Look at her Celestia..." Luna said looking down at Michael.

Celestia slowly looked down at Michael and gasped, she didn't see a monster out to create destruction and suffering, no she saw a scared pony a pony scared of her, the glow in Celestia's horn vansihed along with the chains "what have I done....?"

Luna smile faintly "thankfully sister you did the right thing".

"I'm so sorry Luna....I-I didn't listen to you again...I just did want I thought was right...I didn't ask want you wanted...I just let my rage and hate burn..." Celestia hung her head.

Luna flew over to Celestia and wrapped her wing around her nuzzling her neck "it is okay sister...your listening now...and your letting go of that hate".

"Can you ever forgive me...?" Celestia looked down at her sister sadly.

"Yes but it is not I who you should be asking for forgiveness" she looked to Michael but gasped finding her unconscious "Michael!!" She ran over to him followed by the others "she's loosing blood...the glass must have cut her to deep!"

"We need a doctor!!" Celestia yelled before looking down at the hurt pony, she had caused this and if she died she'd never forgive herself.

Michael awake feeling extremely sore, her nose was filled with a familiar smell of a hospital, slowly opening her eyes she saw a hospital room "it was a dream...?" Heading her voice though it was raspy she could tell it was female "knew it was to good to be true....but I'm alive...that's good.." the door to the room opened and Celestia stepped in making Michael's eyes go wide "oh come on!!" She tried to escape the bed.

"No no it is okay I am not going to hurt you!" Celestia quickly said, she didn't want Michael running around and opening her stitches.

Luna rushed in "she's telling the truth!"

Seeing Luna michael calmed down "oh thank God....I am in no shape to run..." She sighed.

Celestia walked over to the bed "I...I wish to apologise...I have made many...many mistakes, I should have tried speaking with you instead of attacking...can you ever forgive me for my mistakes?"

The main six walked in "we wanted to apologise as well..." Twilight said frowning.

"I shouldn't since I had to deal with a lot....but....I forgive you all" she smiled.

The group smiled as well, Celestia smiled faintly "thank you".

"Welcome" michael said.

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