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Hybrid - ShadowedKnight68

A man goes through a portal and is turned into a unknown creature, shunned and feared for how he looks he struggles to live his new life.

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Another Visit To The Town

It was another day in the land of Equestria, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping, the fashionista pony herself was at the moment finishing up a order, she was so busy she wasn't able to leave the Boutique yesterday.

Rarity was sewing a dress together when she got several knocks on the door "just a moment" she called with a smile and set the dress down, she then made her way to the front door.

Rarity opened the door to find a mare who was one of her previous customers "oh hello, good to see you again".

The mare smiled but looked very nervous "hello miss Rarity, the dress you made me um...well" she levitated the shredded dress in front of Rarity.

Rarity gasped when she saw it "what in Equestria happen??"

"The creature that came into town yesterday, it tore up the dress you made me I'm very sorry.." The mare looked down sadly.

Rarity looked at the mare confused "creature?"

"You haven't heard?" The mare asked surprised.

"Heard what?" Rarity asked.

"A strange creature walked into town yesterday, it walked through town chewing and spitting out food, and destroyed the dress you made me" the mare answered "it also attacked Sweet Apple Acres".

"What??" Rarity said surprised she the took the torn dress "I'll fix this when I get back I have to go make sure Applejack is alright" she said before hurrying off towards Sweet Apple Acres.

<<<<<<<<<<[Sweet Apple Acres>>>>>>>>>>>

Applejack was looking at the burnt remains of one of her apple trees "so yer sayin some thing came in here and burnt the tree then ran off when you yelled at it?" She asked her brother.

"Eeyup" Big Mac said as he poured more water onto the burnt stump.

"Now why in Equestria would it do that?" Applejack asked confused, her brother shrugged his shoulders confused as well.

Applejack noticed rarity running over to her "hey Rarity what are you doing here in such a hurry?"

"I was worried when I heard about the creature that came through town yesterday" Rarity answered.

"Yeah Big Mac said it came in here and brunt down one of our trees" Appeljack replied "he said that it then ran off into the forest, ah didn't know it came through town though".

Rarity looked off into the forest "we should get the others".

Applejack nodded and they both went to find the other girls.

<<<<<<<<<<[Crystal Castle]>>>>>>>>>>>

Twilight and the rest of the girls just finished hearing about the creature that came through town, Twilight was reading a book on creatures of Equestria, but found difficulty locating the creatures described.

"From what Big Mac described, this may be a never before seen species" Twilights eyes sparkled in excitement.

"Now hold on sugarcube, this things dangerous, it burnt down one of my trees, it could try and do the same to one of us..." Applejack replied.

"I'm um sure it didn't mean to burn your tree down, maybe it was an accident?" Fluttershy said quietly causing nopony to hear her.

"Your right, we'll have to be careful when finding this thing" Twilight agreed and put the book down.

"Well where should we start?" Rainbowdash asked.

"Well Big Mac said he saw it run off into the forest behind Sweet Apple Acres, so that would be a good place to start" Rarity said.

"Then that's where we'll look, Rainbowdash you'll fly above and see if you can spot it from the sky, alright girls let's go" Twilight said and they all left.

Fluttershy was left sitting here "um but it may not actually be dangerous..." She sighed and followed them.

<<<<<<<<<<[The Forest]>>>>>>>>>>

The girls were walking through the forest looking around to see if they could spot the odd creature, Rainbowdash was flying above looking down to try and see if she could find it.

"Fluttershy do you think you could figure out where this ting could be hiding?" Twilight asked but was answered by silence, she turned around to look at Fluttershy only to find an empty space between Rarity and Applejack "where'd Fluttershy go??"

The girls looked back and they both looked shocked not finding her.

"Ah thought she was right behind us" Applejack answered.

"So did I" Rarity replied.

"Ugh this is not the time for her to disappear..." Twilight groaned "ok let's try and find her, she couldn't have gotten far".

Fluttershy was walking through the woods with a med kit just incase the animal was hurt, she looked around trying to see if she could spot it, she then spotted something purple under a large tree root, she walked over but stopped a few feet away she knew it wasn't smart getting so close to an animal when it's sleeping.

"Um hello? Sorry to wake you I just came to see if you were alright" Fluttershy said with a soft smile.

Michael groaned and shuffled around and peaked out from her hiding spot, she looked very tired, she looked towards the source of the voice that woke her from her nice dream and jumped seeing a yellow pony causing her to hit her head on the root above, she groaned and rubbed her aching head.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you" Fluttershy got closer in fear that the animal was hurt.

"No no...I'm fine...just was expecting all this to be a dream..." Michael sighed and climbed out.

"Oh you can speak" Fluttershy was surprised to hear it could speak she was even more surprised when she saw that the animal was what looked like a dragon mixed with a pony "your...what are you?"

"Hehe...yeah....I've been wondering that too" Michael sighed remembering how freakish she looked.

"I didn't mean to upset you...I'm sorry" Fluttershy frowned feeling bad for making her sad.

"It's alright, it's actually nice to talk with somebody after the day I've been through" Michael noticed the med kit "hey um....you think I could use that?...please?"

"Oh of course" Fluttershy walked over and opens the med kit, she then got out some bandages and medicine, she took off the makeshift dandages Michael had on "this will sting" she dabbed some alcohol onto his leg and neck.

"Ngh!" Michael winced and held back tears.

"Sorry" Fluttershy said as she wrapped her leg and neck "there that should be good".

"Thanks really" Michael smiled and held his paw out to shake her hoof "I'm Michael".

"Oh nice to meet you Michael, I'm Flutte-" Flutterhsy was cut off by a loud scream.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!!" Rainbowdash yelled and slammed Michael into a tree.

Michael got the wind knocked out of her from the impact, she struggled to breath in, her eyes widened when she got flashes of memories from going through the vortex, she fell to the ground as the entire event replayed in her mind, the pain, the agony, how much she wished she was dead in that moment.

Rainbowdash went to hit Michael but Fluttershy stopped her.

"No no she's not dangerous, she was just injured" Flutterhsy reasoned.

Michael felt the heat in her the throat again and the violet flames spewed out of her mouth once more, Rainbowdash was able to get herself and Flutterhsy out of the way of the flames as they engulfed the trees and ground around them.

Michael got to her paws and hooves and stumbled around as the flames continued spitting out of her mouth uncontrollably, she tried holding her mouth shut but closing her mouth caused it to build up and she spit out a large ball of flames, she ran away from the area to not hurt the yellow and blue ponies.

Rainbowdash got up "not dangerous huh?" She looked at Fluttershy who had her head down low.

Rainbowdash ran and kicked the trees down to try and stop the spread of the flames, she was able to stop the fire from spreading to the other trees but the ones that were already up in flames didn't seem to want to go out till the entire trees were nothing but ash.

The other girls ran over to them with expressions of fear.

"What happened?!" Twilight yelled in panick.

"Fluttershy nearly got roasted by that thing, I was just narrowly able to save her and myself" Rainbowdash said while crossing her arms.

"Fluttershy why would you go looking for that thing alone?" Rarity asked bewildered.

"I thought she was just scared, and she was, she's also not just a wild animal she was talking to me...." Fluttershy explained still feeling sad and ashamed for leaving her friends without telling them anything.

"That doesn't make up for her spitting fire at us!" Rainbowdash yelled angry and annoyed.

"I think you scared her and she unintentionally started spitting out fire..." Fluttershy explained but the girls didn't seem convinced.

"What exactly did she look like?" Twilight asked.

"She was a mix between a dragon and a pony" Fluttershy answered.

"A hybrid..." Twilight said surprised while writing down notes.

"Wait wait, how the heck could a dragon and a pony make a baby?" Rainbowdash asked.

"Well when a daddy dragon and a mommy pony love each other a lot they-" Pinkie Explained but was cut off by Rainbowdash.

"No no I don't wanna know pinkie" Dash said blushing.

"Alright girls let's head back to town and I'll send what I've figured out to the princesses" Twilight said and they nodded except Rainbowdash.

"I still wanna kick that things flank though" Rainbowdash said pounding her hooves together.

"No Rainbowdash your not fireproof" Twilight said and Rainbowdash finally agreed, they all then made their way back home.

Fluttershy looked back at where Michael ran off to sadly.

Rainbowdash flew over to her "c'mon I'm not taking my eye off you" she said while pushing Fluttershy back towards town.


Michael left a trail of smoke as she ran, she was struggling to keep her mouth closed from the fire and it was causing smoke to come out of the corners of her mouth and her nose, she was able to find a small river and jumped into it placing her mouth under the water extinguishing the flames, she sighed in relief and pulled her face out of the water.

She looked at her reflection and froze, this was the first time she's seen her reflection in this body, she looked nothing like her old self, she looked like a freak, a monster and judging from how those ponies reacted to seeing her, she was a freak and monster to them as well.

"What am I supposed to do now?" She asked no one, the vortex was closed when she woke up, she doubted she would find any technology like the one that made the vortex, from what she could tell this world was very primitive compared to her home.

Even if she got home would she return to herself?

Or would she remain like this?

Would she even be missed? The thought made her heart tightened up, she was always asking her family for money, she knew that they were starting to get annoyed so she stopped, that was when her money problems got the worst.

And the fact that she spent a long time looking for her missing best friend for months didn't help either, no one could find a trace of where he went only his car was found in the forest near his girlfriends place, it really sucked because he was going to propose to his girlfriend when he saw her, she was gonna be the best man but now, now she's a weird fire spitting lizard thing on an alien world.

Crazy how things can change so drastically, she sighed and looked at her reflection, she really was a monster.

She suddenly heard growling and jumped looking around frantically, she then felt her stomach growling and sighed realizing it was her own stomach "yeah sorry forgot I promised I'd get your something to eat...but I can't do that looking like this...I need something to cover myself" she said to herself and made her way back towards town.

<<<<<<<<<<[Two Hours Later In Ponyvill]>>>>>>>>>>

Michael stayed hidden behind a building in the town, ponies were already walking around like she hadn't been there yesterday, she made her away out of sight of the ponies as she looked for food, she saw apples, some oranges, grapes, cabbage, and hay...

'What else would I expect? They're ponies...' She thought and spotted a dark grey cloak on a table, a smile formed on her face and she got to the ground and crawled towards it, she glanced around making sure no one saw her, and then grabbed the cloak and snuck back into the darkness of the alley.

She draped the cloak over herself and pulled the hood up she then left the alley cautiously, she waited to see if anyone noticed her, she was lucky enough that none of them did, she sighed in relief and walked towards the food stands.

She stayed away from the ponies to try and keep her face hidden, she walked to a stand with grapes "um how much?" She asked the vendor.

"Three bits please" the stallion smiled.

'Bits? Is that money here? Wait crap! Money, I didn't think about that!' She nearly face palmed but remembered she had clawed paws not hooves.

"Are you alright ma'am?" The stallion asked worried.

"Oh yeah I'm fine um" she checked the pockets of the cloak and found three gold coins, she placed them on the table but made sure to use the cloak to cover her paw as she did so.

The stallion smiled and took the bits and gave her the grapes.

She smiled and took them, she ate one and gagged, it tasted gross like everything else she's ate, she set the grapes on the table and sighed "keep the bits..." She walked away from the confused stallion.

How was she supposed to eat if everything tasted so gross, she looked down as she walked, it was nice that everyone around her wasn't running from her, they all smiled and seemed pretty relaxed around her, she almost felt normal, almost...

"Hey that's my cloak!" A stallion yelled and pulled back on Michael's hood.

Everything stopped when the hood fell off her head revealing her face, everyone froze and looked at her with wide panicked eyes.

They all then screamed and ran.

"No please I'm not going to hurt any of you" Michael looked around sadly at everyone running from her.

"It's that monster!" A mare yelled as she hid in a building.

"No I'm..." Michael watched them all hide from her, she clenched her teeth as her anger built up, she then yelled into the air as a stream of flames came out of her mouth, tears were in her eyes as she pulled her hood back up and grabbed a sack off the ground that had been dropped in the panick, she then put all the food she could find into it and ran off towards the forest.


Dear Princess Celestia and Luna:

"A creature that hasn't been seen before entered Ponyvill, it burn down a tree in Sweet Apple Acres yesterday, today the girls and I went into the forest where it was last seen and tried to find it, when one of my friends did it attacked by breathing fire at her, she is completely fine but I worry that it may attack again.

The creature resembles a mix between a pony and a dragon, but it looks more dragon with a pony shaped body.


Celestia set the letter down and looked at her sister with worry "we're heading to Ponyvill sister, we need to investigate this as soon as possible, I'll bring some guards with us to help protect the town".

Luna nodded "agreed sister".

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