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Oh, I always love kinky sex stories with the Sparkle family and what ever perversion they might have behind their facade of their mannered middle-class exterior and go wild in closed doors. Love the idea of Velvet being a voyeurism steak to her and Nightlight being bi-sexual. Hope to see more that stuff in the future.

When did Starlight Glimmer get there?

That was a mistake on my part. Didn't even noticed this before I posted it.

P.S. It’s been fixed, so thanks for catching that.

loved the story, and honestly i thought the viewer discresion thing is kinda funny, when you’re on a site with stories about ponies fucking, you need to warn people THIS ONES GAY GUYS, STAY BACK, as if thats the weird/taboo part lmao

Well... It’s only polite to tell them up-front of what they’re getting themselves into.

i gotcha, just had a chuckle

We’ve been together for roughly thirty, breathtaking years.
He’s fourteen years older than you

Apparently Night Light has been together with Twilight Velvet since he was roughly 8 years old.

Please do an origins story.

That was my bad. Let me fix it.

Wait did Velvet pick 2 toys? Also what do you mean it's shaped like a ponut? As in that it is hollow?

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