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Spongebob Squarepants was having a nice day at the Krusty Krab until he saw some pictures of Pinkie Pie smashing krabby patties. Out in a fits of rage, the yellow sea-sponge went off to fight Pinkie to avenge the krabby patties or die trying as Pinkie herself awaits for a new visitor to come hoping to give him a happy welcoming song, but this visit won't be peaceful once Spongebob throws the first punch.

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What does the x in DBX stand for?

KO I would say ‘Extreme’ since DBX is like a short version spin-off of Death Battle.

Exhibition. Don't remember where I read that, other than one of Screwattack's videos.

This was a great story. Funny. There were some typos, but they were easily ignored. At least for me, anyways.

KO thanks and hope you enjoyed it and tell all your friends about it!

KO glad you think so and hope you’ll tell all your friends about it!

Okay, this got me cracking up :rainbowlaugh:

KO glad you like it and hope you’ll tell all your friends about it!

A pretty hilarious thing to read pretty much.

You're welcome \ovo/

Wonder if the Royal Sisters had to help fixing the damages from the hilarious fight that happened?
I bet at first they thought this might have been Discord's doing.

KO and hope you tell all your friends about them!

I will when I get the chance.
I will also tell you more fics I happen to find that you might like too if I do find anymore.

What do you think about that "Dragon on the Moon" fic I showed you? I certainly loved the harem Spike has, especially Luna being in it.

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