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Evil doesn't wait. Evil attacks, and when it does, it doesn't respect anyone, not even Evil itself. And there isn't anything more evil than a villain who doesn't wait for their turn.

Equestria is under attack, and it's up to a small group of ponies to save the day. But can they do it without killing each other first?

This is a sequel to Sunburst the Superhero

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 35 )

But... Don't the main cast already act incompetent at least from time to time?

They sure do! But it seems that this situation calls for a higher level of incompetence...

Oh, this is chapping up to be a good story so far with all those dis-functional character having to work together. Love the idea that Sunburst is the element of failure, this is going to do so many wanders to his moral. I wonder what sort of evil they will have to face and what they will do to activate the Elements of failure.

Thank you! :heart: Disfunctional characters are my favorite

some how this mass of character defects and fuck ups are needed to . . . SAVE THE WORLD!!!!!

count me in.

Well, I surely wasn’t expecting this when I started reading this story... however, it was hilarious! You surely did more than justice to the Random tag.
No matter how crazy this is, I’m looking forward to the next chapter!

Thank you so much! :twilightsmile: Comments like this make my day :heart:

You’re welcome, I’m glad I can brighten the day of others :twilightsmile:

Honestly I think you did a very good job a demonstrating Sunburst's shame of his own failures in his magic studies by getting Moon Dancer to horribly over estimating his magic skills. I like how you did Moon Dancer get him to rethink about himself and his special talent.

You did an excellent job with this chapter, with the character interactions and how you when about doing the character expositions in this Even the all so hated Flash Sentry.

Great job keep it up.

Aaaah! Thank you SO MUCH! :heart: You're very kind and I'm so so so glad you liked it!

You're welcome. I will be very much looking forward to see what will happen next.

Nice! I haven't finished the third chapter, but I'll try to do it today, and I will upload it once I've finished the fourth chapter. Gotta hurry! :twilightsmile:

This has been a very enjoyable chapter, no matter what, it’s always nice to see more serious, slice-of-life matters among the piles of random comedy. You did a good job with Sunburst and Moondancer here :pinkiesmile:
Also, nice bits of lore about magic and talents!

Thank you! Yes, when it comes to Sunburst, I can get carried away... a little bit. It's hard for me to not get serious with that little mess of an unicorn :twilightsheepish: I'm really glad you liked it!

As entertaining as this is, I have to ask. What in the name of Faust make Celestia think that these ponies can save Equestria?

Never mind, I read the next chapter.

Well done on this chapter.

Nice to see that Grogar is going to be apart of the story also, I wonder when Bill Cypher is going to show up again? Looks like the team is doing exactly what they are what they are supposed to react together to their so called elements, now I just wonder if moving beyond their personal flaws is going to be a determent of beneficial to them ? I think Sunburst has a long way before moving getting over his pity party for himself. Looks like Moondancer and Flash Sentry who is the only one who is willing to at least try to make it work in some way.

All of them have a long way to go, it seems. Hopefully the rest of the team will accept the mission as well and maybe they'll learn to work as a team! They have to accept and overcome their flaws and mabe then they'll be victorious, err... failur...ous. I'm glad you like it!
About Bill, I've decided to keep him out of this story to focus in the ponies, but who knows? He may still be around :twilightsmile:

Another dose or randomness, nice!

Great work again.

Thank you! (And sorry for the late reply :twilightsheepish:)

This was an interesting reading, it was interesting to see how Sunburst already fried nerves be broken down by one of his own team mates. I though it was interesting to see the Moondancer and maybe Flash Sentry trying to support but SB's depreciation of himself made him deaf to all positivity thrown his way to just crumble where he should have stood his ground and stand up for himself, to affirm his resolve to lead. I like how when BS hit his lowest of himself and have Groggor giving him the chance to get power as a crutch or compensation for his own insecurity about his weak magic which everyone would have expected that he would have jump at the chance to get what he always wanted. But to my own surprise that he didn't which I thought was interesting (and endearing ) and seems that Sunburst had put much more deeper meaning behind the desire power but the desire to be helpful and feel appreciated by other. I liked the how you presented the other members of the group and didn't just follow Sunburst, and go on with the mission in a dysfunctional mess. Quibble Pant was very interested happily giving criticisms but can't be asked give helpful advice and crumble like tissue paper when face with adversity.

I can't wait to see what you will come up with next, it's a lot of fun to read.

Wow, thank you! Really, your comments always make my day :heart:
Sunburst can be one unpredictable fellow, can't he? Ha, we'll see what's in store for that unicorn and the other elements

I just like how, despite being in origin a random comedy, you added a extra layer of depth to him, that I didn't expect at all from this story. it just add an extra layer of enjoyment to this and really empathizes for the crushing disappointment he has for himself. Keep it up.

It was unexpected? Haha well, I'm glad! Thank you again!

"GAA!" Exclaimed the princess, vaporizing the guard out of existence with a panic-powered magic beam.

:fluttercry: The Guard will return right?

Finally catching up :pinkiesmile:
There were moments where it almost seemed like a serious epic adventure, and then, BAM! a new level of unexpected randomness. Definitely interesting

It's a bird! It's an aerial vehicle yet to be invented in Equestria! No, it's...!


Haha, welp! I'm glad you like it! I hope I get the motivation to continue this soon :twilightsheepish:

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