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I jave to say, the picture has me wondering whether to keep reading, or say " NOPE" and stop altogether.

8538644 That is your call. Transponyism is not for everypony.

This is so twisted and unpony from the premise alone.
I am disgusted but in a very good way. As usual you have my attention.

Comment posted by Mix-up deleted Nov 16th, 2017

AGI inbound.
Our AGI has been destroyed.
Mission failed.
We'll get em' next time.

Transponyism? Okay, definetly a watch then. I was under the impression you were going a more horror route, not that.

8539065 It is not consensual, I will make that clear, but the end result is a grim acceptance.

Very interesting. Moar pls

"If you go off the path and get captured, violated, and cybernetically altered, you're gonna have a bad time."

Comment posted by Mix-up deleted Nov 16th, 2017

8540715 At the moment, nothing has been replaced. His eyes are covered by the (fused to his skin) mask. It can project patterns onto his eyes, and can go opaque so he cannot see. With his eyes protected in this manner, his eyelids are held immobile, but muscle twitches to them are detected, and the covering flickers opaque to give him a sense of blinking. This equipment was part of a "pre designed package" that was intact in the AGI's storage.

It implanted a transceiver within him, which boosts the signal from his mask, as well as letting Jet Set be tracked.

The mask wrapped around most of the upper portion of Jet Set's face, covering his eyes, the front of his nose/mouth, and circles just below his ears and around to the back of his neck (where the stimulation device is). The AGI is treating him like another machine, and as such his correct response to commands is assumed, not rewarded.

Comment posted by Mix-up deleted Nov 16th, 2017

8540768 Indeed. For the moment he believes there is a pony or some other creature behind the curtain, controlling everything. The moment when that delusion breaks, he will break with it.

The part-organic appreciated data. The little fact sent a tingle through the AGI's circuits, and it resolved to make certain that the part-organic could access as much data about itself as was possible.

"I'm helping!"

8542397 It was truly surprised to find a kindred spirit. Each is learning things about the other, and often basing their assumptions on incomplete and bad information.

One could argue against that. It altering and uploading into thw pony is going against the pony's own "directives". Plus, what is it going to do once it undertands (if it ever does) that the pony registers whats happened to it as errors, hardware failure & data corruption? Or that its own actions have given its host deliberatly contrary, harmful, or suicidal directives?

8543021 Hold on. It isn't ever going to "upload" into the pony. As for Jet Set's "directives," the AGI literally doesn't care. It has its own operational parameters, and it will continue to see them come to fruition.

An interesting story you have running here, interested in seeing more.

8543028 More is already written, but this is a story for Tuesday/Thursday (I did one for Friday this week to cover not having enough of Feathered to publish).

Comment posted by Mix-up deleted Nov 16th, 2017

8551235 I haven't heard of that, so no.

Right now the inspiration is all derived from simple transhumanist themes "gone wrong" for Jet Set, and to get into the mood for writing it I am listening to:

WARNING: Strobes

An interesting and dark premise, I love it! Keep it up author-person.

Comment posted by Mix-up deleted Nov 16th, 2017

Mister, the things the AGI did remind me VERY MUCH of quake game series, stroggification process specifically.

Comment posted by Mix-up deleted Nov 16th, 2017

Ooh, this sounds exciting!

ah, yes, we remember a similar trick involving moving protected memory allocation buffer descriptors (technically a legacy compatibility feature) in order to trigger arbitrary code execution in ring 3. Good times.
And don't think we don't notice your chapter titles!

it's too bad it destroyed speech capability. Perhaps with an improved neural interface that can partially be restored...

that's one way to exercise your horn!

repurposing olfactory? Well, he wasn't really using it anyways...
Ditzy AI doesn't realize the subjects sapience (nor cares), but if it stopped to think a more efficient IO standard could be negotiated...
Keep going! ;)

and what's up with Mix-up deleting all their comments? :rainbowhuh:

This story so far reminds me of this:

Only with ponies.

I rather like The Machine here. Maybe I'm a little odd (I also sympathised with Kyuubey) but it's like a more reasonable phyrexian take without the malice.

Foolish mare seems to have not engaged a rescue party. The Flim Flam vacation organizers might take a while to realize something's wrong (if at all) and probably won't know where to start searching. RIP ponies.
The damages were unfortunate. Perhaps the presence of the newly captured entity might not be a good idea, but there aren't that many specialized docks at the moment...
Keep going! ;)

Keep up the good work!

Having never experienced heart failure we can't attest to the accuracy of mass blood clotting. But extremities would be where they would collect. He's lucky they didn't get up into his brain...
Luckily his Cutie Mark seems it will remain intact for identification purposes.
Power reserve is getting low, prioritization may need reworking. You can't maintain units if you're deactivated due to loss of power after all...
Keep going! ;)

honestly one of the more creative stories on fimfiction. more please.

His eyes are covered by the (fused to his skin) mask. It can project patterns onto his eyes, and can go opaque so he cannot see. With his eyes protected in this manner, his eyelids are held immobile, but muscle twitches to them are detected, and the covering flickers opaque to give him a sense of blinking.

But what about moistening the eye, for what blinking is actually needed?

8562292 That is being taken care of. Of course, I cannot describe that in the story since any part that would go into that would be Jet Set's first person narrative, and he would have no idea about such things.

Jesus Christ. What an interesting and horrific concept carried out with skilled execution.

Interesting, horrific and endearing I might.
I'm finding myself feeling some compassion for the AGI.

Hmmm. He's lucky Bob (we're naming it this now) installed the (relatively) lesser interface first. Consciously and unconsciously remapping the nerve endpoints is not something your typical organic does very often, or very well.
Keep going! ;)

8565016 Synesthesia combined with sensory deprivation, quite the cocktail. :twilightblush:

Interesting to see that they don't have a digestion track anymore, I was hoping to see how they are feed now. Still, I thin the idea of the powerfead/magic give's them the needed euphoria, and is probably what is not getting him to sink so badly into a hopeless depression, sense Jetset seems take some joy playing with the drone on his own instead of staying inert all the time unless he is ordered too, I am guessing that it might also be addictive too. I think the next step after the legs would be to show that they can requisitioned equipment on their own at some point. The would be also important to portent for the the both of them to clearly understand would be that they are now completely dependent on the AGI to keep the alive and have to be left to decide then they are recharged instead of being being ordered to.

8565549 Indeed. A portion of the CO2 from their breath, and waste products from their blood are being recycled and reacted to create sucrose to be fed back into their bloodstream. His enjoyment with the drone is because it has, thus far, been the only act he has been able to have some freedom in. The AGI is trying to encourage his interaction through the nerve interfaces to have a higher chance of success in the final conversion. As it stands, they have made no actual communication on any level with the AGI, everything has been the AGI interacting with them, and their only possible reply is to either do or not do what it wants.

Since the mask was applied, they were effectively dependent on the machinery. Once their hearts/liver/kidneys were replaced, it became an absolute requirement for the machinery to upkeep them. The waste tanks need emptying (although as more of them was replaced, there was less waste) and their horns need charging (although in Equestria there is likely enough magic to keep them alive, until their stomachs were replaced).

what will happen to his biological mind after the final conversion?

Wheels, huh... I think it is a step back with greatly reducing off-road capabilities for its "mobile batteries".

8568076 Wheels are temporary.

8566755 You will have to wait and see. :twilightsmile:

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