• Published 7th Nov 2017
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The Haunted Padded Mansion - Foal Star

Two Royal Guards stumbled onto a dark errie mansion; unaware of the fact that it really is a foalish trap.

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Chapter 7: A Padded Revelation

With danger high at there heals, The two brothers ran from their pursuers in their new poofy outfits. Creaky Mail bouncing away in a bunny sleeper while Mail Opener was in a squirrel sleeper with their diapers crinkling loudly. Frightened out of their minds the two stallions eventually made it to a top of a hill. They both could hear the hounds coming barking and growling. The stallions looked back down the hill with fear in their eyes hearts pounding in their chests they knew they had to either stand there and face the hounds or jump.

The two stallions both took a deep breathe then stallions both jumped down the mountain and they skidded through foliage and clinging to each as they landed on their poofy bottoms in a loud explosion of foal powder and clouds of dirt. Mail Opener seeing his brother smiled and hugged him close. “Oh Creaky! I’m so glad you’re okay!”

Creaky nuzzled his brother’s poofy costume, “oh big bro, you have no idea how happy I am to see your stupid face.”

Mail Opener grunted pushing his brother away from him. “Alright let’s get mushy later.”

The two then turned their attention to a giant hedge maze and the stallions both blinked in awe at the sight of the hedge work, but they didn’t have anytime to stay as they heard the eerie howls of their pursuers, and the two got up and waddled through the winding . After following the long winding path the two eventually came to a dead end and Mail Opener shouted, “just great! I bucking hate mazes!”

Creaky turned back hearing the howls coming closer and he squeaked,”we need to head back to the fork come on!”

They both ran back and went down another path panting with lots of as sweat started to form on their faces. Their unchanged diapers smelled terrible from the amount of urine and feces that have build up since the dancing. But they couldn’t rest, as the scampering of paws were nearby. The two turned to some bushes and they both jumped in digging deep into the foliage and watched with fear as they waited to see the hounds ran over the path. The two stallions sighed in relief as Creaky whispered,”okay how about we go backwards we may have missed the path earlier on.”

Mail Opener pondered and mumbled, “how about we just go through the outlined hedges.”

Creaky turned to his brother with wide surprised eyes and shouted, ”what! are you crazy!?”

Mail Opener turned to his brother with a stern expression as he explained, “listen I know you want to figure the maze out, but this time let’s do things my way let’s just crash through the maze.”

They heard the hounds coming back growling and snapping their jaws and Creaky gulped and fixed his diaper around his rump then shouted, “fine let’s do this!”

They both burst through the bushes and ran to the hedge wall, as they both heard the howling come closer with the hounds not far from them. Then the two stallions screamed as they jumped through the bushes then everything went black.

The brothers woke in a daze to see a large crowd of their fellow royal guards rolling around laughing and cheering with the two of them looking around the completely unexpected reception trying to gain their bearings. Then, the confused stallions turned to see figure approaching them, a tall dark blue coated alicorn with a stary wavy mane and fierce blue eyes, came through the shadows revealing herself as no other then Princess Luna. She looked over the padded guards with a proud smile, “Creaky Mail and Mail Opener, I am deeply satisfied that you two have made it through my trials.”

Mail Opener’s face was bright red with anger and fury for being put through the insane humiliation that will never leave his memory! He stood up with nostrils flaring, (with a bright white diaper still strapped around him) and shouted, “you’re the one who did this to us!” He was going to charge the princess but Creaky held him back by the scruff of the neck, “let me go! Let me at her!”

Luna raised her wings and shouted in the Royal Canterlot voice “silence!”

Everypony deafen by the sheer power coming from the princess’ mouth, every pony stopped laughing and went into absolute quiet as she explained. Herself to the newcomers,”Now that I have both of your attention, I am here to report you about both your Guards performance reviews, and I have to say that you two are now enlisted as the worst Guards of the Canterlot Royal Guard has ever served. The only reason why we didn’t dismiss you two from your service up until now, was because we in the brass felt sorry for you. So seeing at how bleak and short your current careers were looking in that moment I decided to see if you two can do something worthy of your remarkably underwhelming performance, in which case in dealing with the Padded Dream Land.”

Creaky blinked and asked,”the padded what now?”

Luna stood up, preparing to explain to them in a lecturing and very patronising tone of a teacher “The Padded Dream Land is a weird bizarre obscure area of the dream realm, that I have the duty to sometime deal with. Foals have very powerful dreams when they sleep, but they don’t fully understand what they see or hear. These mess of new and confusing observations blob together in creating massive worlds of their strange creations filled with abnormal power. During times of vast foalish pleasure, these dream worlds leak into the real world and having odd effects when interacting with each other. I need ponies that could lock these leaks and keep the Dream World and the real one apart. Seeing that is require no special skill sets to accomplish them, and none of the rest of the guards wanted to do it because of how embarrassing it is, I decided that you two would be perfect for the position and undergo the test. And I was right, you two did an excellent job for the exceedingly low standards we had for you.”

Creaky Mail looked at a hoof seeing it was still colored pink and asked in a confused tone,”so...the spider...the cake...that insanely poofy dress...That was all real!?"

Luna blushed and continued to explain, “kind of, it is hard to explain in terms you can easily be explained, but suffice it to say that once you two defeated the dream and escaped the mansion disappeared, but some of its lingering effects may affect you still. I fear you may be incontinent for some time as well.”

Mail Opener looked down to see his body that his legs and belly were still plump filled with foal fat. How in the world was he going to get a mare looking like a bloated baby! and whined, “but why couldn’t you just tell us about this before we enter the bucking mansion!”

Luna rolled her eyes. “Because you two would’ve of course refused, so I lied to get you two to come to the haunted mansion, but be happy as you did better than I ever expected. Of course, if you had failed, the two of you would have both been dismissed from the Guard and discharged with disgrace due to your subpar performance in your duties, which I would have liked to avoid this fate for the both of you if I could help it.”

The rest of the guard were still smirking and chuckling at the padded stallions seeing them as nothing more than a joke. Both Creaky Mail and Mail Opener got up blushing as Luna came over to the stallions, “well, seeing that you two are now assigned to a very ‘special’ division of the guard, and having its own unique share of dangers, you are both eligible for some special dispensations and extra hazard pay. I will also assign you private quarters in the castle for your new careers, and give you a few days of rest before you two undergo the special training; sound fair for the both of you?”

Seeing their very limited prospects, looking at each other seeing that they had no special skills, and their destinies were still linked to the royal guard. This new posting sort of was special and Mail Opener gave his overweight body a look over only imagaining how he’ll even be able to pass a normal fitness test. While Creaky Mail rubbed his forelegs seeing that he was a pink coated stallion that will most likely will only be suitable for being a model for gay stallions. They both sighed and growled clenching their teeth. Mail Opener spat “Fine!”

Creaky Mail hoof faced shaking his head. “This is insane!”

Luna came over and nuzzled the two unable to hold back feeling a hint of motherly affection. “Alright how about I show you your new rooms. I designed them myself.”

Creaky was just tired and exhausted and gave a slight nod, “sure whatever.”

Mail Opener growled, “fine I just want to get some sleep.”

Luna’s horn glowed and a large dark blue two seated stroller appeared, “alright come on get in.”

Creaky whined running a hoof down his face, “seriously!?”

She lifted the two stallions within her magic and plopped them in and strapped belts around them and explained in a soothing tone, “also know Celestia and I adore foals so you’ll have to endure some babying now sit tight.” She then lifted them in the air and flew the stroller towards Canterlot castle laughing, “happy nightmares night!”

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Comments ( 6 )

okay that was a good story even tho nightmare night is way over but it was good to read and to see there pain and how cute it was as well

Oh, dear. It does appear that Mail Opener and Creaky Mail are far from finishing their trial. Policing the dreams of foals is certainly not a job that would be high on any guard's list. However some pony has to do it. Plus it at least keeps them employed while getting a pay increase. Take the good with the bad, right?

I wonder if Shining Armor ever had to endure one of these manifestations? I'm sure, if he did, he'd be very careful in what he says, or does, around Flurry. That or he'd just make sure to have Mail Opener and Creaky Mail on stand by in the event she creates a situation he'd much rather not deal with. :)

Oh dear. If the padded mansion was created by ORDINARY foal dreams, I'd hate to see what a dream supercharged by flurry could do.

ok, I give you a gold star this was feeling like so heavy a YOLO im just doing what i want type of diaper story that I didn't read the chap before this but this explanation was very satisfying to say the lest good job I'm gonna go back and finish the missed chap and hope to see more even may be sequels. you've done a good job surprising me ^.^

I didn't ACTUALLY think Luna was behind it. In all honesty, this sounds like something Discord would do. Thank you for the surprise ending Star. Really good idea. :twilightsmile:

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