• Published 7th Nov 2017
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The Haunted Padded Mansion - Foal Star

Two Royal Guards stumbled onto a dark errie mansion; unaware of the fact that it really is a foalish trap.

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Chapter 6: The Padded Ball

Mail Opener was pushed into a small changing room where his suit was taken off and his diaper was un-taped magicly leaving the chubby stallion naked and looking all over shouting, “what’s going on! Who's doing that!”

The butler from earlie came and examined the stallion. “Hmmm...we should start with the tuba diaper.”He was then suddenly thrown back down on the ground and the butler began with powdering his rump with a large bottle of foal powder. Then the stallion continued as he taped a white diaper was taped around him this one was even thicker than the ones before making his legs spread apart and having him unable to move. The butler stood the royal guard up and then attached a giant tuba into the back of his diaper and Mail Opener gasped with a shocked expression and shouted, “what kind of diaper is this!”

Than butler patted the diaper. “It’s called the tuba diaper mistro and will help keep the beat.”

He then started dressing the pegasus In a suited onesie tailcoats coming from the back and snapped the buttons around Mail Opener’s rump. The butler grunted as he struggled buttoning the snaps and the pegasus eyrolle dhis eyes. “Does the diaper have to be so thick?”

The butler growled ,”yes mistro it’s the proper attire for your performance.” The butler finished then fixed a cute yellow bowtie around his neck, fixed a wig that was powdered with baby powder, and threw a violin into his hooves. “Now get out there the guests are getting agitated!”

Mail Opener was then shoved out onto a stage where was strapped in a baby bouncer by two other butlers adjusting the straps until his back hooves barely touched the ground. Mail Opener bobbed up and down amongst a bunch of ghostly mares and stallions wearing old fashion clothes staring at him in anticipation. All the stallion could do was gulp as he thought nervously and started sweating as he thought, why are they all looking at me! What do they want from me?

He then heard the butler in a vicious whisper. “psst, start playing.”

Mail Opener leveled his violin and started bouncing to a beat squeaking hearing the loud farts from his tuba that echoed throughout the grand ballroom. As his violin played wondrous classical music. The ponies smiled and began ball dancing all the while Mail Opener was sweating and thought what the buck is going on?

All the while his brother was pushed into another changing room. This one was filled with pink dresses and frilly diapers. Before he could protest his old maid outfit was taken off while his diaper was un-taped and thrown to the side by a maid. “Ugh such common attire, not fit for a grand lady as yourself.”

Creaky turned and protested,”wait i’m not a mare!?

The maid laughed and waved a hoof, “of course you not darling, now stop complaining and let us get to work, you want to be the star of the ball do you not?”

He was then thrown to the ground while a maid took a frilly white diaper and had it taped snugly around his rump. Creaky squeaked seeing how the diaper poofed put so much from his rump he shouted in anger, “why does it have to be so thick!”

But the maids paid no mind to his complaints and turned him around as they placed him in a pompous frilly white dress with ridiculous oversized bubble sleeves and frilly blue laces. They then put white frilly leggings over each leg and cute white foal booties with white lacing. His face was then powdered with blush and they started putting makeup all over his face and groomed his mane making him look like an aristocratic high society mare with a large diapered rump. He squeaked “what the hay did you do to me!”

The maids around him all just giggled. The unicorn was looked over by the head mare and scoffed,”he’s good now get him out there! The ball is about to start.”

They lead him out into a grand ballroom filled with padded mares and stallions all dancing about as he turned to see his brother playing and sighed seeing his first partner the ghost with the monocle. He made a bow and asked, “may I take this dance?”

Creaky sighed I don’t think I have a choice better just play along. He then curtsied and cooed,”of course I will darling.”

Creaky then got up and started dancing with the mysterious stallion ball dancing swaying through the dancing mares and stallions with each beat of his brothers farting. He didn’t notice but his diaper swayed so much making it hard for him to keep control of his movements. The other ponies noticed and whispered about how big his diaper was which made him blush. Then as Creaky was getting comfortable he was thrown and was handed off to another stallion but he lost his coordination as he fell on his padded rump making the loudest crackling noise ever making the whole host of ponies gasp and glare at him. He squeaked getting up and quickly replying, “sorry, I didn’t know we had to change partners.”

Then one stallion came up to him and scoffed,”it’s fine but don’t let it happen again.” He was helped back onto his hooves.

All the while Mail Opener noticing that the ponies stopped dancing paused in his music to see his brother adjusting himself. He was gaping at what his brother was wearing wow that must be the most embarrassing thing either of us had to wear since we started this stupid adventure.

He then saw everypony was ready to dance and grunted, “alright let’s get going.”

They started playing and bouncing watching his brother seeing him ball dance and then he looked up to see the chandelier has lowered considerably, He gulped I better not mess up again or I could be crushed!

The dance went on for an hour with Creaky Mail exhausted sweating profusely as he was still dancing with his diaper sagging a little from his sweat and urine. Mail Opener wasn’t holding up well either as his forelegs ached and he could feel that his diaper was soaked making squishing sounds with each bounce on the sagging diaper. But Creaky messed up several times throughout the dance and the chandelier was now only a few feet from falling onto the crowd. Mail Opener couldn't do anything but keep to his beat, “come on little bro you can do it, don’t mess up anymore please!”

Creaky was swaying back and forth now used to his diaper and the uncomfortable dress. As he looked up with a horrified expression to see the chandelier’s glowing lights, I better not mess up anymore or I’ll become a ghost.

Then he heard from his partner, “well, i’m beat darling I think we can end the dancing now.”

Creaky sighed in relief and paused “yes of course, a break will be nice.” The ghosts stopped dancing and gave a round of applause. Mail Opener who sighed in relief seeing the dance was over and bowed.

Then the crowd began to disperse with Creaky following the rest of the ladies outside. Mail Opener’s bouncer disappeared magically and he waddled with the stallions to a miniature golf course as one of the stallions asked,”mistro sir how about you golf with us for a little?”

Mail Opener glared at the stallions as he thought, I don’t think I really have a choice here. The stallion just nodded as a butler took off his diaper and suit then strapped him in a plaid diaper. Then fitted a plaid kilt over his diaper and gave the padded guard a putter and some golf balls in a plaid diaper bag. Mail Opener waddled off with the rest of the stallions to the small miniature golf course. It was a standard with nothing trully eye opening other than a few holes and a windmill. Then suddenly without meaning to he just started grunting, as he farted and the stallions laughed out loud. The stallion growled, “great seems like more spells are messing with me still.”

Creaky on the other hand just put on a feathered hat and sat around a table with a bunch of other fancy ladies and they all started laughing and jabbering on about thick diapers on handsome stallions. Throughout the conversation Creaky farted and the ladies gagged and scolded him for it shouting insults.


“ill mannered”

“so distasteful.”

He blushed and rubbed his dress whispering, “sorry I don’t know what…”

He then grunted as he started to fill his diaper with a fresh poop and the mares all laughed at him again as he thought, just great what can be worse having accidents in front of bunch of fancy mares. At least they’re not real or dead.

Mail Opener was doing well putting his way through miniature golf course smirking the entire time, this is so easy! I thought this would be hard, I used to lose all the time to Creaky at this game when we were little.

But he started grunting messing his diaper and the other stallions scoffed and sneered at him as one asked,”look at him he can’t even keep his diaper clean for a few minutes.”

Mail Opener blushed and didn't say anything dealing with pooping in front of the fancy stallions and whispered “sorry.”

One of the stallions scoffed, ”just deal with it and let’s keep playing.”

Mail Opener turned to his golf ball and concentrated on that but as he was going to hit it the stallion let out as loud fart making the ghosts all laugh. He hit the ball to hard sending it into the bushes and the stallions laughed even harder.

Creaky wasn't doing any better as the other ladies laughed at every fart and toot he made.The stallion grunted and hid diaper began to leak with him only able to blush and apologize.

Eventually one mare cooed,”I don’t think Madam Padded Pants is a proper lady. She can’t even keep her diaper clean for more than a few minutes.”

One replied, “yes, it seems she needs to learn how to be a proper lady or run off like a animal.”

“Oh should he become an animal?” The first mare exclaimed.

The other ladies laughed evilly as Creaky got up,”uh...i’m sorry there’s nothing I can do?”

Then one got up and cooed,”that just proves you should be an animal.” Then then went around him starting to take his dress off and started putting him in a sleeper. He fought and kicked shouting, “stop no more! I can’t take anymore!”

They the ladies got off him as he got up in a bunny sleeper with his floppy ears hanging over him. The ladies laughed as one went to a kennel and cooed,”better run bunny the hounds are hungry.”

Creaky squeaked seeing the gates burst open and the dogs ran at him he waddled away as fast as his legs could carry him screaming all the way.

All the while Mail Opener groaned seeing his last golf ball falling into a pond and the stallions all burst into laughter. One stallion shouted “that was your last ball! He lost!”

They all laughed again as Mail Opener’s costume inexplicably changed into a squirrel sleeper with a large fluffy tail coming from the back. Then he turned to see angry bloodhounds coming at him as one stallion shouted,”run squirrel run!”

Mail Opener scared beyond belief waddled away not caring about his farting or his messy diaper as he was scared for his life. Is this it? Am I going to die here in this stupid padded world?

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