• Published 7th Nov 2017
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The Haunted Padded Mansion - Foal Star

Two Royal Guards stumbled onto a dark errie mansion; unaware of the fact that it really is a foalish trap.

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Chapter 5: The Padded servants

Mail Opener; now sporting a fat gut, waddled over to his brother and gasped upon what he was seeing in front him. The sibling unicorn’s previously dark blue coat was now a light pink color as his diaper was a darker pink with white frills on the back. His black mane was now a colorful golden yellow and his ember eyes were now a shade of dark blue. The stallion woke up turning to meet his brother’s gaze smiling in stupefaction. “I'm alive?”

The pegasus smirked in relief and helped his brother up onto his hooves,”yeah you're alive.”

The unicorn grunted turning to see his hooves were a bright pink color and whispered, “what in the hay?”

He [then] turned to see his bright yellow tail and shouted. “What in Equestria happened to me!”

Mail opener took ahold of Creaky Mail and whispered, “little bro calm down this is just apart of this crazy mansion.”

Creaky groaned seeing his bright pink padding in annoyanceand grumbled, “well you had to be a sissy once, I guess it’s my turn now.”

Mail opener laughed as he rubbed the back of his mane. “Yeah, I guess so, how about we find out where to go next?”

The younger stallion gave a nod and the two waddled through the empty dining room over to the door where the skeletons went through. They both gulped as Creaky whimpered, “I...I don’t think i'm ready for another challenge.”

Mail Opener cooed, “hey we got this far, we can deal with anything else this mansion can throw at us.”

Creaky gave his shoulders a shrug and sighed. “Right, and I guess we have no choice but to continue.”

They kept walking and wandering the mansion, with Mail Opener starting to wheeze because of his new large bulk he was now packing on him, and he still couldn’t use his wings because of the extra weight. The overweight pegasus was now secretly hoping that he will be able to shed all those extra pounds after this crazy situation.

They then went through the double doors, and came upon a small closet filled with clothes as a fancy padded unicorn tailor with a ghostly appearance to him waddled up to them with a snobbish look to him. “Aww you two must be the new employees.”

The brothers were going to try leaving but the butler began by shoving them onto changing tables. The butler began by stripping them of their diapers and started to powder their rumps thoroughly.

Creaky Mail and Mail Opener’s rumps were being diapered in new thick diapers. Creaky Mail was now wearing a big pink poofy diaper. They were then set up as the butler started with Mail Opener’s costume dressing him into a tuxedo onesie and buttoning up the button flap. He then poked the diaper making foal powder poof from the leg holes. “Seems that the diaper is poofy enough.”

Mail Opener blushed and asked, “uh I think it’s a little too poofy don’t you think?”

The butler waved a hoof. “No it’s perfectly fine, now for the final touch.” Then he tied a top hat around the stallion’s head. “There now your all ready for work.”

The butler then turned his attention Creaky Mail and started to dress him into a frilly maid’s outfit and setting a big black bow into his mane. “There sweetie you're ready to work as well.”

The stallions began fussing with their uniforms trying to pull them off when the butler slammed a hoof on the ground making the brother stop as the ghost explained, “Now you two stop playing with your uniforms and let me explain your jobs!”

Mail Opener turned to the mares, “how about you get us out of these diapers!”

Creaky Mail pouted and plopped his rump on the ground and shouted, “yeah get us out of these bucking uniforms right now!”

The butler growled, “shut your mouths! you two will be working a two hour shift and make sure that everything goes smoothly. Don’t break anything, listen to the patrons and do what they say or they’ll throw you two into the rat's den!”

Creaky squeaked clutching his dress to his diaper, “rats den!? You have a rat's den!?”

Mail Opener shuffled in his onesie and asked, “yeah what is a rat’s den?”

The butler pointed to a grate on the floor and shouted “this!” The two stallions peeked inside to see a giant poofy rat in a diaper glaring at them and looked very hungry too with him puckering his mouth. At the sight of that creepy scene the brothers gulped quivering all over then it let out a loud screech making the stallions fall backwards on their padded rumps, shutting any further protest they might still have had. The butler took both ponies by the scruff of their necks and explained, “now you two go out there and do your job or your rat chow is that clear!”

Both guards gave quick nods as the butler pushed them through another door into a parlor room.

As the brothers got up they looked around seeing a few older ghostly ponies, wearing fancy tuxedos and top hats playing ballard while some were sitting on a table playing poker. The ghostly stallions looked over Mail Opener as he waddled over to the bar with his diaper crinkling throughout the parlor making the skeletons chuckle with one shouting, “what are you waiting for? Serve us!”

The pegasus gave a quick nod as he reached for a bottle he stretched himself out, with his diaper making more embarrassing crinkles, and he had to bow his legs from the thickness of the diaper this is so weird Im starting to feel like an actual foal now. The skeletons all chuckled watching mail opener intently as he grabbed the bottle and started to pour the liquor into a few shot glasses. He then took the platter and waddled over to the billiard table first then he went to the poker table. Then one ghost with a monocle drowned the cup and scoffed, “alright get another bottle make sure to wiggle that diapered rump while you're at it.”

Mail Opener glared at the ghost but the spirit continued, “do as I say butler or it’s the rats den for you.”

[On those word of threat,] He grumbled and spat but waddled back to the bar to fetch another bottle, Creaky came out next with a platter of little sandwiches and waddled by each stallion and served them one by one blushing the entire time, I really hope nopony ever finds out about this.

A few patted his diapered butt, while other poked it or jeered at him calling the sissfied stallion, “miss little padding.” Or “pink tush.”

He then finished serving the last ghost who turned and cooed, “hey cutie wiggle that padded tush while you go get us more sandwiches.”

Creaky scoffed, “no way sickos!” But then he heard the rat screech and squeaked and waddled away wiggling his diaper even more as the ghosts jeered at him again. this is insane! I think we just waddled into a room full of skeletons with a diaper fetish!

Mail Opener was finishing serving drinks as one shouted, “hey butler come chalk my billiard stick!” He got up and toddled over as the skeleton shouted. “Hey posture! straighten the back make your hips do the work.”

Mail sighed straightening his back and waddled off with with a huff and puff as his padded rump shaking more as the spirits poked and patted it. He took the stick and started to chalk it with a cube then he heard a pop turning to see his button flapped flew open revealing his padded rump and the ghosts roared with laughter. Creaky who was busy still serving sandwiches giggled at his chubby brother’s rump revealing his diaper for the world to see. Mail Opener blushed as he finished chalking the stick the spirits all started chanting, “button it up! button it up!”

Mail sighed just wonderful! The pegasus reluctantly got on his back and began trying to button his onesie flap whimpering as the skeletons jeered pointing at him. [With a lot of grunting,] He stumbled with the button flap trying to close it up but his chubby hooves kept fumbling with the flaps.

Hearing him called to help, Creaky smirked at his brother seeing him fail to button his onesie looks like it’s going to be up to me to save his sorry rump. All the while the ghosts were cooing, “aww look at him go, let’s bet on how long it’ll take.”

One scoffed, “oh I bet he’ll be doin’ that for hours if we left him.”

He points to Creaky and shouted “You maid! Get your fat padded rump over there and help the butler we need him serving’. ”

Creaky nodded and waddled over to his brother and took the flaps and with a grunt pulled them up and button the flaps together giggling as he patted his brother’s rump. “Comfy?”

He growled, “just help me up will you?”

Creaky took his brother’s hoof and lifted him onto his hooves with large a crinkle coming from his rump grunting as his diaper bounced up and down. “These diapers are getting more annoying.”

For a whole hour the two worked tirelessly making sure the creepy stallions were well served despite the constant nagging and the prodding of their poofy bottoms. They didn’t notice but when a hour hit their costumes started to change. Creaky Mail’s frilly maid dress poofed more around his bottom his back straightened out and his bow changed into a white maid’s cap tied around his neck. Mail Opener’s costume changed as his tuxedo into a black with coattails flapping over his padded rump as his top hat changed into a powdered wig. The ghost’s clothes changed too as they now wore coats with coattails and powdered wigs too. No they all looked more sophisticated talking around a Roulette table. One of the ghosts turned towards Mail Opener as he replied, “good sir, we are quite full of drink. How about [you] go play a tune on the violin?”

Mail Opener nodded, he waddled off squeaking realising his diaper was thicker and it made it even harder to waddle. He eventually came upon the violin resting next to a fireplace that came out of nowhere and whispered, “where did all this come from?”

One of the patrons asked,”what is taking so long? We have been waiting for a incredibly long time.”

Mail Opener gulped and whispered, “I...I played the violin a long time ago...I was never good at it.”

The patrons laughed as one exclaimed, “Poofy Wig, stop being so modest and play.”

The pegasus squeaked hearing the rats screehing and nervously picked the violin up with his teeth then slowly started to stand up on his hind legs wobbling back and forth making the diaper crinkling considerably. When he stabled and started playing the instrument beautifully. Mail Opener was amazed as well astonished at how well he played despite not picking up a violin in almost twenty years.

While Mail Opener played his violin Creaky Mail was still serving the Spirits who seemed to be more modest only commenting on his padding, but his diaper was somehow thicker making his waddle even more pronounced. But the sissy unicorn smirked at his brother playing the violin with the front of his diaper shoved straight out in view of everypony. Aww he’s dependent now if only I had a camera.

Then one spirit broke his concentration asked,”my dear, can you stop serving drinks we are quite full please go dust the room.”

They threw him a feather duster he then grumbled turning to the bookshelves. Now Creaky also had to stand up slowly making his diaper crinkling loudly. As the back of his diaper was now shown towards the ghosts who snickered a little. He continued sweeping making his diapered rump sway side to side to the beat of Mail Opener’s tune. Then one mischievous spirit with cunning smile lit his horn making Mail Opener feel the irresistible need to pee and made him go into the front of his diaper as he also began grunting as he pushed a mess into his diaper. Creaky Mail blushing felt his diaper sag beneath his hind hooves. But they both continued doing their duties as they could hear the screeching of the rat not wanting to anger the spirits. The ghosts laughed watching them work in their soiled diapers. Creaky Mail was slowly waving his stinky rump feeling the mess squish all over his rump. Mail Opener’s diaper was soaked so badly it sagged between his hooves with some urine starting to leak onto the ground. The ghosts laughed out loud at them jeering, “awww, looks like our little servants are creating quite the mess so uncouth.”

Another nodded and stomped a hoof. “Yes it seems they are no longer be able to do their job. I think it’s about time they get changed.”

One skeleton laughed and turned. “Yes I do say they should, Poofy Wig change Mrs. Padded Pants.”

Mail Opener stopped playing sighing in relief, thanks Celestia that’s over! and placed his violin to the side and quickly galloped to his brother who was squeaking trying to pull his skirt over the soiled diaper, “s..sorry brother…”

Mail Opener just mumbled, “It’s not your fault bro just lay down and let me handle this.” As he laid the messy unicorn down a giant diaper bag magically appeared next to him. Mail Opener gulped looking at his brother’s messy brown diaper [trying to hold his breath at the horrible stink. The spirit with the monocle asked,”now, now she’s a lady you need to ask to change her diaper.”

Mail Opener rolled his eyes and grumbled, “can I change your diaper madam?”

The other stallion blushed as he squeaked,”yes darling that would be delightful.”

Mail Opener gave a grunt and a gag as he untaped the diaper and started to wipe his brother down with foal wipes trying to get as much off his brother as possible. All the while the stallions looked at them smiling enjoying the show as Creaky thought what in the heck is going on here? this is either the longest going prank ever, or were in some crazy dream.

But soon enough his rump was clean and was now being powdered thoroughly. Then a new super thick diaper was strapped around his rump tight. He got up as the butler laid down and Creaky sighed,”sir may I change your diaper?”

Mail Opener smirked as he cooed teasingly, “oh yes that would be lovely Mrs. Padded Pants.”

Creaky eyed his brother wiping his crotch area of urine then as he finished powdering his brother and taping him in a outrageously thick pink diaper. The spirits then began living with the monocle wearing ghost turning and stated, “Thank you for you services, if you may please go to the changing rooms your new outfits await.”

The two stallions just looked at each other with confused looks. As a padded butler took Mail Opener by the hoof “come, you have to get ready mistro.” He blinked and replied,”mistro? I’m no musician?”

The butler laughed, “oh sure your not!” Leading him away while Creaky Mail was taken by another miad who cooed, “come on mistress you need to be change for the party.”

Creaky twisted and bucked trying to break free but couldn’t for some reason squeaking “what do you mean mistress what’s going on!”

The two brothers faced each other with fear printed on their faces one more time before they were lead into opposite rooms and the doors suddenly slammed in front of them.

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