• Published 7th Nov 2017
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The Haunted Padded Mansion - Foal Star

Two Royal Guards stumbled onto a dark errie mansion; unaware of the fact that it really is a foalish trap.

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Chapter 4: How to Bake a padded Cake.

The stallions woke gasping for breath as they were now in a long empty hallway Mail Opener looked around with a wide eyed look, “Oh darn I think we’re still in the stupid mansion.”

Creaky Mail still getting up and groaned, “just wonderful, I don’t think we’ll ever get out of here.”

Mail Opener turned with a confused look at the now giant normal looking white diaper and shook his padded rump. “Seems my diaper was changed at least.”

Creaky mail turned to his diaper giving it a wiggle and whispered, “It’s strange to say but i’m glad having just a normal diaper again.”

Mail opener laughed relieved and hugged his brother in the meanwhile, “But we did it! Were alive! I mean, I thought we were going to get eaten by that] giant chest.”

Creaky Mail blushing explained, “what are you talking about? I was freaking out, the entire time it was you who saved me!”

The older stallion ruffled his brother’s mane, “well somepony has to look after you, now how about we find something to get these pesky diapers off.”

The two stallions looked around the abandoned hall finding nothing but dust and cobwebs they ventured, until they came across two steel double doors with a sign over head “kitchen” The stallions turned to the entrance gulping at the same time. Creaky stepped back. “I...I don’t think we should go in… let’s head back.”

Mail Opener rolled his eyes. “To what? The evil clown and a pony eating toy chest?! Whatever is in there, it can’t be worse than that.”

Creaky mail grumbled, “yeah right we're probably going to be attacked by a evil cake or something.” His older brother turned. ”Hey we can do this, we got this far already.”

Creaky mail gulped seeing his brother standing proud, but on closer inspection, could see his legs shaking all over and gulped, “right we can do this together.”

They both gave a nod to each other, and pushing both doors opened. They entered into the what looked like a kitchen, when suddenly lights shown down and the two were dragged off into opposite directions. On one side, Creaky Mail was thrown into a giant mixing bowl where a giant needle poked into his padding making it bloat in size around him turning into a thick and becoming a pink color. “oh come on pink! it's bad enough I have to wear a normal diaper!”

He then her strange noises from above and looked up to see batter spilled all over him. He gasped swimming through the thick liquid and broke the surface spitting it out but as the stallion was catching his breathe he was shoved into a giant cake pan and thrown into a oven. The stallion struggled to move about shouting, “come on! I have to get out of here!” But the batter just inflated around his body turning the mush into a large cake costume. When the stuff hardened enough into what looked like a plain colored cake. He was then rolled out onto a conveyor belt and was carried into the kitchen.

All the while Mail Opener was shoved into a closet filled with chef attire. Starring up he saw a giant fat chef glaring down at him shouted in a hoity tone “Apprentice, why are you not dressed!” Without a chance to answer Mail just gaped as he was suddenly bloated out, becoming fatter and fatter. Then, a white coat went over his head, with an apron tied tight around his waist. He protested “no way not another of these stupid costumes!”

He turned trying to tear the stupid uniform off with his teeth. But a chef’s hat was tied around his head and a tape on mustached plopped onto his upper muzzle. His diaper then began to bloat as little pink cakes printed onto padding as it poofed outward.

The strange fat chef looked around the chubby pegasus and gave a nod of approval. “Finally you're ready, now go bake the cake!”

Mail squealed being thrown out of the closet by a unknown force and back into a giant clean and well-organized kitchen. The pegasus whimper turning to see a giant cook book with directions on it. He scanned the book and began reading. “How to bake a cake? Is this the next challenge?”

The stallion turned to what he first mistook for an undecorated cake but on second look was actually his brother, now dressed into looked like a plain cake suit with a big thick pink diaper unable to move, as his head popped through the cake costume. Creaky Mail turned and shouted with a smile relief on his face, “Mail! oh thank Celestia, I was scared you became a cake too! can you help and get me out of this thing?” He wiggled his legs uselessly to show his point.

Mail Opener turned to the cook book and looked it over “I...I think I have to decorate you.” Creaky blinked and shouted “wait...with what!”

Then they both heard a growl, and they saw the giant chef with his hooves on his hips. “apprentice this cake needs to be prepped in ten minutes or i'll throw you and your cake into the oven!” The stallions turned slowly to the chef as he waddled over opening it showing them the flames inside. The chef then turned a dial overhead setting it for ten minutes. “There now stop gawking and get to work!”

Mail Opener squeaked and turned back to the cook book and read “first feed the cake a ton of jars of... mashed peas!?” Mail furrrowed his eyebrow at the instruction.

The older stallion waddled over to a cabinet filled with random stuff foal related items and, grabbed the jars of foal food, and quickly took a rubber spoon as his brother was shaking his head. “Mail please don't, you know I really hate mashed peas!”

His big brother gave a apologetic smile. “Sorry but it’s the only way.”

He started to shove the mashed peas into his younger brother’s mouth who was gagging, “oh gosh this is so gross!”

Mail turned and grumbled. “Yeah i'm really sorry Creaky, I know how much you hate this stuff.”

Creaky swallowed and grumbled, “just keep it going.”

Mail opener reluctantly nodded and continued spoon feeding his younger brother, who had to choke down every disgusting bite of the mashed peas groaning, as his stomach kept churning and he grunted pushing anew mess into his diaper, blushing as the poop formed around his diaper and started to churn upwards through the diaper and onto the cake creating a icing ring onto his costume. The odor whiffed from the poop, and the pegasus gagged from the smell but continued to feed his brother for sometime with his brother still grunting and messing his diaper, until every last morsel of mashed peas wiping his brother’s mouth after the final bite.

The chef shouting stomping around, “stop cleaning him! get to work! get that cake done now or i’m going to throw you two in the oven!”

The chubby pegasus squeaked and hobbled over to the book and read, “step two cover the cake with foal powder.”

Mail Opener grabbed a giant bottle of foal powder turning to his brother blushing, “hey uh...you probably should close your eyes.”

Creaky closed them shut as his brother sprinkled the foal powder all over him turning the darky yellow color of the padding into a powdery white. Creaky opened up coughing getting the strong whiff of foal powder. “Dear Celestia! that stuff is strong.”

Mail opener whiffed “not as bad as your stink, let's get the next step. He went back to the book and read, “step three color the cake with pink icing.”

He then heard a roar turning to the frothing over with smoke and flames coming from it’s mouth. Creaky shouted, “hurry up!”

Mail Opener grabbed a jar of the icing and dipped hiss hooves in and started slathering his brother’s costume in the pink goo. After finishing decorating his brother the angry chef boomed in a loud voice, “you have only two minutes left! better hurry before I throw you two in the oven!”

The older stallion sweating looked back to the book. “final step, put the candle hat on the cake and light it.”

The pegasus grabbed the hat and wobbled over strapping it over his brother’s head, then took a match lit it each candle on his brother’s head as he gasped, “Alright, i'm done ,now what?”

The chef bounded forward looking the younger brother over. “Alright it seems good enough! Now get him out into the dining room now!”

Mail turned to the book “I need to push you into the dining room he went behind his brother hearing a ringing and the chef roaring. “GET GOING!”

Mail Opener with all of his power pushed his brother through the massive doors entering a dining room filled with skeleton foals wearing party hats on their heads.

The stallions just stood there in freezing terror shaking and pissing in their padding with the skeletons growling and creaking moving towards them. Then without warning they all jumped at once latching onto Creaky and started eating the padding around him. The unicorn squeaked “Mail help!”

Mail was going to but he gazed at the skeletons devouring his brother’s cake suit and shouted, “Creaky listen! just let them eat you!”

Creaky was trying to shake them off and screamed, “Are you crazy!” But his brother protested “trust me you're going to be fine. Just let them eat the cake costume.”

Creaky stopped moving as the skeletons continued to devour his padded cake suit and the terrified stallion quivering all over closed his eyes until everything went silent. He then slowly opened one eye and squeaked seeing the skeletons burping out a gas that smelt like frosting, poop urine and foal powder all mixed together. Then they all ran out the door laughing, not wanting to figure out what these bag of bones want to eat next, Creaky gave a sigh of relief and thought to himself, thank Celestia i’m still alive. I thought I was going to be a nothing but skeleton chow! Then the stallion felt faint and dizzy and fell backwards only seeing black.

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