• Published 7th Nov 2017
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The Haunted Padded Mansion - Foal Star

Two Royal Guards stumbled onto a dark errie mansion; unaware of the fact that it really is a foalish trap.

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Chapter 3: A Padded Puppet Show

The stallions fell through the darkness tumbling into a treasure chest filled with clown costumes and puppets. They got tangled up as the chest bounced around and spat the two out onto a stage. Mail Opener for his part was now wearing a simple white clown costume with black buttons lining his coat with thick wooden shoes on his hooves, a small white cap now on his head and there was pasty white makeup smeared all over his with strings tied around him trailing into the shadowy ceiling. In his struggles moving around he heard a crinkling sound and turned over to see that his large diaper now had little balloons and it was a lot thicker than the previous diapers he wore, making his waddle even more pronounced. Creaky on the other hoof was above his brother on a catwalk, now stuck in a big colorful pink box wearing the same pasty white makeup with a colorful jester coat of green and pink with a hat of the same motley style. Creaky tried moving but could only hop within the box. He gasped seeing it’s layers of crinkling plastic rippling around him and squeaked in horror, “what in the hay!? is this a diaper!?”

His brother turned to see the monstrous padding and burst into fits of laughter. “Wow where did your legs go!”

Creaky tried to move his legs, but he was only able to bounce around and groaned in annoyance, “you have got to be joking!”

But then they both heard laughter and lights came down on the two stallions revealing that they were on a giant stage with red curtains coming apart, revealing a clown’s face come from the darkness laughing, “welcome to the show! let’s see these two clowns try moving across my stage! They have ten minutes, or they’ll be trapped as toys forever.”

They both turned to look down at the back, hearing a growl only to see the vicious jaws of the toy chest from earlier frantically snapping its mouth with large sharp teeth. The stallions could only stare and helplessly piss themselves with their urine getting easily absorbed into their thick padding. Then, (coming from above their heads) the recognizable sound of a timer beep made them both look up at a big digital clock that started counting down from ten minuets. This only made the stallions panic even more and they tried running for their lives. But Creaky only plopped on his face while Mail Opener on the other hoof got his strings tangled in his frantic flailing making his legs cross over. He then kicked about but nothing happened, as his entire body was held up by those same strings. Mail Opener even tried using his wings, but again they were of no use buried under the fabric of his clown costume and shouted in sheer frustration, “what’s going on! how do I move!”

The levitating sinister clown gave a hideous laugh, “Oh dear, looks like my toys don’t know what to do?” the clown spoke in a mocking tone.

Creaky rolled about building momentum to bounce over seeing the cross handles for his brother and gasped, “Mail opener I have to move you!”

He hopped over grabbing the double cross holder with his teeth, and could at least clumsily started to move his brother along with them. But, the younger stallion only managed to swing him around at first, making his legs move clumsily banging his brother against the curtain and the wall, all the while making the clown roar in laughter at their expense. “Come on, keep it up you two! i'm sure hitting the wall a few more times should help!” It said with a sneer on his face.”

Mail Opener glared at his brother and shouted, “Creaky, get it together and help me!”

Creaky just grunted “i'm trying, I never played with puppets you know.” He then thought wait a second, somehow whoever made this knew that. I was good at puzzles and they knew my brother did some acting classes as a kid. He then shouted, “Wait, I never played with puppets but you did!”

Mail Opener looked up and asked, “yeah, so what does that have to do with anything? I'm not the one who’s controlling me?”

Creaky groaned, “you need to tell me how to move puppets, just enough so I can get you across the stage.”

Mail Opener gulped yeah I did some puppet shows for mom and dad but that was years ago! He sighed containing himself then replied, “alright, you're going to have to be careful, you don’t have your legs so just control with your mouth move me slowly, okay? Move then hop move then hop!”

Creaky picked the handles in his mouth and grunted, “okay.”

The unicorn started to jerk his poor brother around, who could do nothing but wobble in the air spinning up and down with his legs jerking all over the place. The clown for its part just kept on] laughing the entire time. “Oh my Celestia! You two would have done better as clowns instead of guards!”

With a lot fumbling and cajoling Creaky eventually got his brother to the other end of the stage,but then for no apparent reason the strings just popped off, and the pegasus plopped down on his padded rump in a billowing cloud of foal powder. He groaned in aching pain at the impromptu landing as he struggled getting up grunting. He shook his padded rump. “Alright now you get do…”

With worry, he looked up to see his brother slowly falling back into his padded box, enveloping trapping him inside it as a lever then popped to the side, making Mail groaned at his brother’s new predicament, “just great, if I only had my wings!”

He turned to a series of ropes and rings leading to the catwalk as just then the clown shouted, “you can leave! or save your brother! Better hurry and choose, you only have five minutes left!”

Mail Opener turned in response to the taunt, “you think I would just leave him behind!”

He started to clamber onto the first ring swinging his large diapered rump. Groaning, as his muscles relaxed feeling both his bladder and bowels empty in his huge thick diaper, in his desperate struggles to reach his sibling. The clown laughed “look at you messing your diaper on stage!”

Mail grunted but swung his heavy body to another ring grabbing it with his teeth. He then swung his body to the final platform and clambered a ladder with his diaper sagging beneath him grunting, “little bro your going to owe me for this.”

He then got onto the catwalk then waddled over to the jack in the box, and started spinning the lever, making the stupid jingle while grunting “come on little bro, come on.”

As the jingled finally ended with the typical pop his brother springed out of the diaper,[with a gasp of\ fresh air. “Oh thank Celestia, you saved me from that stench!”

Mail opener shouted “no time to celebrate bro, look!”

They turned to the chest now snapping it’s jaws and rushing across the stage. The stallions squeaked as they jumped down from the platform onto their soft paddings, only sending another large cloud of foal powder to envelop them. Creaky grabbed his brother and shotued, “come on we're going to make it!”

The two then hopped to the other side throwing himself through the open door with that same evil laughter following them into the darkness.

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