• Published 7th Nov 2017
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The Haunted Padded Mansion - Foal Star

Two Royal Guards stumbled onto a dark errie mansion; unaware of the fact that it really is a foalish trap.

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Chapter 2: A padded nursery

The stallions were still blinking confusedly as they tried to regain their thoughts until they started to look each other over and gasping at the outfits they were currently in. Creaky started laughing seeing his brother was now finding himself in a pink frilly dress, complete with bubble poofy sleeves and a pink ribbon tied around his belly, a oversized pink frilly diaper poofing from his backend, and to crown his humiliation a oversized frilly pink foal’s bonnet with white frills decorating the edges.

Mail Opener scoffed, “look at you sailor.”

Creaky got up smirking as he turned towards a mirror. “Oh it can’t be as bad…”

But his mouth went agape as he saw his reflection. He was now in a oversized white toddler’s sailor suit complete with a blue handkerchief tied around his neck, and a poofy white brimmed hat with a cute blue anchor printed on it. He groaned turning his rump seeing the embarrassing poof blue diaper with yellow duckies printed all over the back.

Creaky looked back at his brother still smirking “eh, not as embarrassing as your outfit.”

Mail Opener growled and shouted “oh that’s it!”

As is habitually the case for any of their sibling quarrels. He then threw himself onto his younger brother both landing on the floor rolling around amidst loud crinkling noises and clouds of foal powder. Eventually, Creaky got on top of his brother pressing his padded butt onto his face and smirked, “you surrender?”

The older stallion smacked his brother’s padded butt and wheezed,”yes now get off!”

Creaky got off his brother’s face and helped him back onto his hooves when he grumbled,”alright let’s find away out of this stupid place before I lose my mind.”

Creaky Mail nodded in agreement. “I’m with you brother, but we need to get our surroundings and find out where we are.”

They both turned seeing that they were now in a nursery filled with stuffed animals, and with toys littering the ground. Both just gazed at the room with confused looks. It was a nursery, but everything was much bigger, made more for ponies their size. Then they turned their attentions to the dolls, and stuffed animals who suddenly animated in life started getting up. All the toys had leering red in their eyes and began to crawl towards the stallions. Without even thinking about it] the two instinctively stepped back with their diapers crinkling behind them. Creaky squealed in terror, “ Mail Opener! do something!”

Mail Opener shouted in response,“I...I can’t this stupid dress covered my wings!” As he tried to open his wings but they were sealed under a layer of fabric. The sinister looking dolls were now almost upon the horrified stallions until a rocking horse popped out of nowhere landing in front of the stallions. Come on sailor hop on!”

Both stallions stunned turned to the old white wooden horse. Creaky gave it a suspicious look. “Wait who are you?”

“No time to explain, Sailor hop on, sissy here you play with the dolls and keep them busy.” The rocking horse shouted back.

Mail opener scoffed putting hooves on his padded hips and pouted. “Who the buck your calling sissy!”

Creaky jumped onto the rocking horse and ordered, “stop shouting and play with them, you played with dolls before.”

His brother blushing thought back to when he was a colt interested in playing with some of his mother's old dolls and mumbled, “it was one time, and I was five.”

But the rocking horse went off with a loud neigh, as Mail Opener gulped and turned his attention back to the evil dolls that were still crawling towards him and stammered, “uh..hey...who wants to play?”

Suddenly, the dolls all stopped for a moment looking at each other as if silently debating with each other in their tracks and smiled at him. Mail Opener sighed in relief well that wasn’t too bad now I just need to keep these dolls distracted. Going full on into the role, The stallion then hugged a teddy and cooed,”alright how about we play tea party?”

The toys all nodded in unison, as the stallion gulped clutching the teddy bear tight in his hooves, muttering to himself “right playing with creepy dolls in a pink frilly dress, what else is going to happen tonight?”

He slowly waddled over to a pink plastic table with pink plastic cups and a tea pot. He sat down in one of the plastic seats with a loud plop as dolls and stuffed animals started to take their seats around him. The stallion started pouring out invisible tea for each toy and they all began sipping their cups. He gazed at the dolls with fearful look these things look as if they jumped out of a horror book, I hate creepy dolls!, But he just gave the dolls a smile and asked politely,“do you like your tea?”

They all glared at him again as he squeaked wait what did I do wrong? Creaky still rocking on the horse shouted “come on act like a filly! you can do it!”

Mail opener gulped turning to the toys and gave them a smile. “Um...I meant the tea is super delicious huh?!”

The toys all smiled at the response and nodded in unison. The sissyfied stallion gave them a cheesy smile as he drank his invisible tea. ‘i'm so glad nopony can see me doing this’ he thought to himself.

All the while Creaky was rocking his wooden horse and asked,”so how do we get out of here?”

the rocking horse explained,”we need to find the key come on i’ll show you.”

They went across the nursery coming upon a jumble of large jigsaw puzzle pieces. The rocking horse then replied, “you have to do the puzzle, and hurry up who knows how long your brother can last holding off the dolls.”

He jumped off the rocking horse waddling to the puzzle “so if I do the puzzle then we can leave? is that right?”

The rocking horse shouted “yes now hurry up!”

The stallion plopped on his diaper with a poof of foal powder and got to work with the puzzle trying to put the pieces together. “Oh thank Celestia! Im amazing at this!” As he started to put the pieces together.

Holding at bay, Mail Opener was acting like a little filly while his younger brother worked on the puzzle bouncing in his seat chatting at the dolls about how he loves dresses and the color pink. Good thing i'm finally putting those stupid acting classes from when I was a foal to good use.

He was continuing with his yammering about his pink frilly dress when the toys started glaring at him again as he gulped, “uh what...what’s wrong?”

He then thought they could be just bored need to change things up. He turned his attention to see small doll dresses scattered throughout the room and cooed quite convincingly,”oh how about we play dress up!”

In unison, the dolls all smiled at him again and he bounced off towards the doll dresses and started to dress up the teddies and dolls making the toys smile. The stallion started giggling, “oh you're all going to look so pretty.”

Mail Opener then started brushing some of the dolls manes humming a tune as he screamed in his mind. “Come on little bro hurry up with finding that key! i'm running out of ideas!’

Creaky all the while was working on the puzzle diligently, these things are so easy! I just hope big bro is keeping those creepy dolls busy. Until he fixed the final piece of the puzzle. Creaky smirked at the picture seeing it was a giant folded diaper with a big blue shield printed on the front, “well got to say never made a diaper puzzle before.”

Then with a flash, the puzzle dissapeared leaving behind a giant rubber key. He took it and turned to a door and smirked, “alright just got to get to the door. But what about big bro?”

He turned to him and saw that he was still] playing with the dolls still, all be it his smile looked a lot more panic stricken on him. The rocking horse rocked over to the stallion, “alright you have the key! now you and your brother need to get on my back. I’ll get you two to the next room.”

Creaky gave a nod waddling onto the rocking horse and rocked his way to his brother shouting, “big bro I got a key let's get out of here!”

Mail Opener gave a nod, hopping on, but as soon as he did the dolls all glared at them with nasty looks and without wanting to, he started peeing in his diaper. The stallion gulped and asked nervously, “uh...rocking horse what do I do?”

the horse growled “lead them on! Giggle, bounce be a filly.”

Mail Opener gave a nod right how did I forget just keep acting. The stallion squealed and bounced around in his soggy padding. “Look at me being a silly little filly.”

The dolls started smiling again and began bouncing following the rocking horse. All the while Creaky rocked the toy horse as fast as possible. When all of a sudden his diaper started filling up with a large mess. Mail opener gagged waving a hoof in front of his nose, “oh bro what did you eat!”

The dolls all started to get angry again as Creaky shouted, “Mail im sorry, but please keep acting like a filly!”

The older brother turned again to the evil dolls, shouting in his mind “stupid dolls just leave us alone for crying out loud!’ squealing “Oh come on, let's have a little frilly parade.”

The dolls started to bounce in time with Mail Opener leading the ever closer to the door despite Creaky mail’s diaper smelling up the place. When the trio finally reached the door, Creaky slammed a key in the lock twisting it. The door then swung open and the rocking horse reared up and flung the two screaming stallions into the darkness.

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