• Published 7th Nov 2017
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The Haunted Padded Mansion - Foal Star

Two Royal Guards stumbled onto a dark errie mansion; unaware of the fact that it really is a foalish trap.

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Prolouge: Is this a Prank?

On the night of Nightmare’s night, the one night of the year when all matter of ghost, ghouls and other matter ghastly creatures roam in the sparsely lighted streets of cities and towns. The one night of the year where Princess Luna reverts back into the Evil Nightmare Moon and comes to this world, seeking tributes from the foals to placate her hunger for gobbling up foals. The one night of the year their foals must dress up in all manner of costumes, from the ghoulish to fantastic creatures to stay unseen from the Nightmare’s gaze and seek out sweet tributes from their neighboring households, to present it to the Nightmare’s alter later that night. The one night, the one night of the year were foals are allowed to eat as much candy as they want, and the one time of the year dentists see their profits increase in treating cavities. On that night of all nights, two royal guards were walking together down a misty old road in Canterlot. They were the only two souls walking down the seemingly vacant and dark street with only Luna’s moon illuminating the sky. The straggling stallion on the left side was named Creaky Mail, a unicorn with a dark blue coat, a simple spyglass for a cutie mark, with silver tinted armor and golden eyes with a wavy black mane and tail with all four knees shaking. As Creaky stumbled down the path alongside his companion, who happens to be his brother. His name was Mail Opener wearing the same silver tinted armor as his sibling but he had a light blue coat instead, a letter opener for a cutie mark, but he keeps telling everypony that it’s actually a sword, with proud dark green eyes and a short navy blue mane and tail. Creaky Mail was shaking all over going down the dark alley and asked in a quivering tone, “so..are we close to the the...haunted mansion?”

Mail Opener rolled his eyes, walking right by his brother ‘you have got to be kidding me he’s already scared, he thought to himself. Creaky better not screw up this party. If I ever want a chance to be a real royal guard I need to make a good impression for Princess Luna, he internally muttered to himself.

The Pegasus who was proudly strolling down the road grumbled in an irritated tone, “Calm down little bro, we’re almost at the party. Besides what are you freaking out for? You’ve done dozens of patrols at night before.”

Creaky squeaked hearing a rat scutter across the alleyway, then his brother burst into fits of laughter of his sibling’s jitteriness. The younger brother groaned seeing the rat burrowing under some trash bags and swore. ‘Just wonderful’ he sighed to himself, i’m already being spooked out by rats and we haven’t even reached the party yet! The unicorn turned to his brother, still laughing at his expense, and gave a long exasperated sigh then protested, “oh come on! I'm not scared of the dark! You know I never liked Nightmares night!”

Mail opener scoffed, “oh yeah keep forgetting you're a scaredy cat. Every year I had to go out and trick-or-treat with two bags and had to get candy for both of us.”

Idly buffing his forehoof Creaky stomped a hoof and grunted. “So what? I helped you get into working at Canterlot castle so my debt is paid.”

The older brother grumbled, “I should've been the royal guard and you the clerk. You never did have a backbone.” Creaky stuck his tongue out when his big brother turned his back.”Oh yeah, well, at least I didn’t fail the qualifying test to get into the Royal Guard and had to ask me to get our uncle pull some strings to get you in.”

Mail Opener grunted gnashing his teeth. “So what? Doesn’t mean anything.”

His brother laughed, “are you kidding? We got our cutie marks for a reason even though mom always thought you were supposed to be a guard and me the clerk. Clearly our cutie marks had different paths for us.”

The Pegasus threw his mane back and grumbled, “ I think our cutie marks should be swapped.”

Mail Opener’s younger brother coughed and, spoke in nasal, exaggerated tone, “now, now Maily you became a clerk for a reason it’s a lovely job and keeps you out of trouble. Now stop pestering your brother or you’ll be in your room for the rest of the night.”’

The Pegasus started burst out in laughter momentarily forgetting his gripes, and thinking of all the times his brother would impersonate their mother as foals. I’ll never figure out does he do that. He then turned to his younger brother and laughed, “I never got over your impressions of mom. But it was always you who started our fights.”

Creaky nagged his brother again, “what are you saying? That you never started a single fight when we were foals?”

Mail Opener growled looking his brother over. “Creaky, don’t start before I pound you into next week.”

Creaky Mail jumped around his brother, “oh what you think I can’t take you on?”

Mail Opener smirked and pressed his hoof into his brother’s muzzle, “you barely passed the qualifications to be a guard, and from what I heard, you’re a terrible guard. I can take you own one hoof behind my back.”

Creaky Mail gnashed his teeth and shouted, “oh yeah!? What about you! I heard you screwed up the inventory dozens of times! You’re no better at your job then me!”

Mail Opener threw his brother on the ground, and the two siblings started an impromptu brawling and kicking and bashing each other, until they fell down a set of steps into a pile of dust billowing around them. Agreeing to unsaid truce with each other, The two gagged and groaned standing up on their hooves gasping at a large chilling mansion. The eerie place was shrouded in a thick fog with the wood rotting, and the windows boarded up. The front doors were covered in thick cobwebs. The whole place was quiet as a graveyard with only a chilling wind blowing through the streets. Creaky was shivering with his horn shooting sparks. The frightened stallion was the first to squeak. “Why of all places did Princess Luna want to host the Nightmares Night party here in the middle of nowhere!? I mean the Canterlot Castle has plenty of large empty rooms for that, so why here anyway?”

Mail Opener laughed at the face of the mansion, “because she pretty much invented Nightmares Night, if you didn’t guess that already stupid! That’s exactly the kind of stuff she likes. Come on, this is the best place for Nightmares night party. Just look how spooky it is!”

Creaky was looking at the mansion with wide surprised eyes. “I...I can’t believe we have to go in there…”

The unicorn shook his head and shouted, “no, I can’t tell Luna I was sick!”

He started to run off in the other direction, but Mail Opener grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and dragged him towards to the mansion. “There’s no way your weaseling out of this, you’re a royal guard and princess Luna was clear this party was mandatory for the entire guard. So, pony up now don’t you!”

They went up the old creaky steps and the two stallions went inside the creepy mansion, opening the old creaking doors, and entered what was a empty and completely dilapidated parlor. Then as they both looked around the ominous cobwebbed reception area, Mail Opener shouted for attention, “anypony home!”

Just then the doors behind them sealed shut themselves and both stallions jumped back in fright at the clapping sound and when something suddenly poofed around their rumps. They then both squeaked turning their head over their backs and gazed upon thick white diapers taped snugly around their rumps.

Mail Opener was the first to try to take his diaper off, tugging at it with his teeth. Creaky went plopped onto his rump, and tried un-tapeing the tabs on his diaper with his weak magic, but no matter what the tabs stuck to the plastic of his diaper. Creaky shouted in frustration and threw his hooves in the air. “Darn it, these diapers must be enchanted!”

Mail Opener grunted still tugging at his own padding. “We need to find something to get these things off! There’s no way Princess Luna can see us in them!”

His younger brother squeaked jumping onto his hooves. “Let’s get out of here then! clearly this is some stupid prank.”

Creaky then waddled over to the doors, with each step making annoying crinkly noises and tugged at the doors with all of his might, but they were closed shut. The unicorn shouted and bucked them, making the heavy doors shutter for good measure. “Oh come on, let us out!”

Mail Opener was now getting nervous and sat up and stammered, “alright haha very funny, you padded us up! you can all come out now!”

Nothing answered, as the two both turned their attention the dark shadowy hallway. Creaky lit his horn and illuminated the darkness. But the hallway was empty, no doors or windows with the ground covered in old cobwebs and piles of dust. Creaky Mail gulped and was shivering as he stammered, “look, i'm not sure if we should k-ke-keep going let’s try opening th-the-the door together.”

Mail Opener was now examining the hallway illuminated by his brother’s horn and exclaimed, “I think you’re right, let’s at least find something to tear these diapers apart then break down the door.”

Creaky sighed, shifting his rump around, hearing the embarrassing crinkles echoing throughout the hall. “Alright, looks like we don’t have a choice. But, let’s be cautious, there has to be more to this mansion then what meets the eye.” The two gulped and started to walk down the hallway with their fat poofy rumps crinkling alongside them. Their movements were now exaggerated with the diapers making the stallions waddle with the weight of the diaper shifting side to side with the rhythm of their hoofsteps. Then they came to the end of the hallway and Mail Opener grunted, “great nothing what do we-”

Before he could finish the floor beneath their hooves disappeared, and the two suddenly fell into a gaping black abyss.

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