• Published 1st May 2020
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Breaking Monotony - Father Pie

I would have to describe you as motherly as you always doted on the people you considered "friends". Perhaps you were only scared of being alone.

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Isolation Disrupted

Author's Note:

Been forever since I wrote anything longer then a paragraph, years at this point. All criticism welcome, especially corrections in misspellings.

I guess you must have been watching me for some time, other wise how could you know that I always waited until the bell rang for afternoon classes to start my lunch? I was so startled when you sat down across from me at the table, you had hopped onto the bench while your hands came down noisily onto the table. You laughed as I choked on my juice, I hated you in that instant.

I will always remember your expression, that smirk on your face, so cocksure of yourself. Your eyes were full of mischief, while you tapped your fingers on the table waiting for me to say something. I think you finally got it after several minutes of silence, I was not going to speak. Than the unexpected happened... You extended your hand to me. The confusion must have been plain on my face as you chuckled and offered your name to me.

"Hi, my name is Rainbow Dash, or Dash, RD, Rainbow, Captain, Master, Leader," You were pretty much breathless as the long list of titles finally tapered off. How could I not chuckle? I think you took that as a success and you continued to talk. I hated you as you spoke to me, the humor of your introduction faded as you kept trying to pry information from me, why would any one want to speak to me? Perhaps hate is too strong of a word, annoyed and frustrated feel more like the proper descriptions.

I finally caved in twenty minutes later, I gave you my name and you spoke it aloud a few times, as if tasting some thing new. "Fluttershy, Fluttershy, Fluttershy? I like it, you're pretty cool Fluttershy, it was nice talking to you, but I have to go now. Same time tomorrow?" I was flabbergasted as you got up and ran off, a large grin plastered on your face. Sighing I looked down at my ruined lunch, I had forgotten my gnawing appetite in the excitement of your presence.

The following lunch I remember I went outside and walked to the opposite side of the playing field and sat behind a tree. It was nice outside, the trees had only started to change color the previous week, the reds, oranges, and yellows danced to the earth as I ate my lunch in peace. Then you showed up again, just after the bell had rang for classes. You were out of breathe and were looking disheveled, my frown must have been noticeable.

"Hey Fluttershy! I was looking all over for you, did you forget about our meetup?" Your same stupid smile graced my gloomy vision, I did not answer you. Unfazed as ever you sat beside me and took your lunch out of your bag and began to eat. You're a noisy eater, did any one ever tell you that? I could only glare at you, hoping that you would get the message and leave me alone. You clearly mistook my glare for something else as your offered me some of your lunch.

"Oh, my bad. That was probably rude of me not to offer some huh?" I could hardly believe how dense you seemed. After I remained silent for the next several minutes you shrugged and began to eat again, if only I was so lucky that food could keep your mouth shut. Once again the questions flowed out of that hole you called a mouth. Annoyance, much more acute this time is what I felt. Sighing I got up and started to walk away. Yet you stayed beside me, getting up as I got up. You didn't say a word as we crossed the field, the leaves seemed more colorful some how. It must have been the quiet.

The next several weeks continued like this, you never seemed discouraged the entire time.

I will always remember the first time I finally spoke more than a few words to you, it was cold out that day, the sun was shining brightly, and we were bundled up in sweaters and scarves. We were walking home, at some point you had decided to walk home with me as you lived a block or two further than me. I had stopped just outside my home and simply asked you why. I was trembling, my shoulders were sore from how tense I was, and I felt so hot in my sweater that I sweating. You merely stopped with me and glanced every where but at me.

My legs were shaking from the anger I was feeling towards you, the nip of the cool breeze was forgotten as I stood waiting for you to answer me. I must have appeared resolute as you stood before me uncertain. Truthfully, I was sick to my stomach as the adrenaline started to dissipate, I felt like throwing up.

"Well... I never see you with any one, so I decided I would introduce myself. Plus you seem to enjoy my company..." I did not, but I had gotten used to you being around. You watched me expectantly and after several moments of silence, I turned away and walk into my home.

My home was neither small nor very large, it was your average two story home. The hallway leading towards the kitchen had a few pictures decorating the wall, pictures of times before I was born and some just after my birth, times I had no recollection of.

There was always one picture on that wall that always drew my attention, it was of my mother, she was playing the cello. The significance was lost on me, I had never heard her play... Perhaps time did not allow her to these days, she was always busy working at the hospital. Dad on the other hand stayed at home working in his office, what he did, I could not say. Speaking of my father, the picture next to my mother was of him, he was standing in the middle of a group of men in front of a broken down shack smiling.

"Hey there Wolf, what're staring at?" The sound of my fathers voice brought a small smile to my face, turning to face him I cocked my head as I caught sight of his prosthetic leg, no matter how long it's been it will always make me frown. My father was not an exceptionally tall man, standing at about five feet ten inches, at least that's what he's always said. He used to be boisterous in his greetings, that was before he lost his leg in a car wreck. The prosthetic started just above his knee, the uneven sound of him walking around the house has become a staple in my life.

Answering my dads question I ask him what he was doing in the picture of him on the wall. The sound of his walking is an uneven rhythm, the pat of a real foot and the knock of plastic on hard wood. The limp he walks with is also an added feature of his accident, one I'm sure he would be happier without.

"This picture here? God, that was about... Fourteen to Fifteen years ago now Wolf. Let's see... Ah, yes. I was on a missions trip to volunteer with local relief efforts, the area we were sent to had just suffered from a severe flooding that was followed by an earthquake. I went with my best friend and we spent the next month digging through debris for survivors, or bodies... Anyway, that hut was where we spent our nights. The rest of the men in this photo are people I helped. Wolf you've never asked me about it before, why now?" I tell him I was just curious.

I finish closing the door to my room, the drapes on the window were parted, only slightly. The room had a faint smell of sweat, not an unpleasant smell, one that drew you into far gone memories of childhood. A small smile crept onto my face as I stood facing the room, the dressers had a small layer of dust on them in places. In the corner to my right was a pile of dirty clothes, which my sweater promptly joined.

Sighing I slip my backpack off my shoulders as I walk to my bed ignoring the dull thump of my bag. No sooner then after my butt touches the bed do I fall onto my back, the next article of clothing removed is my brown scarf, which is carelessly tossed away from me. Today must have been more exhausting than I thought, I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

"Wolf? Wolf, sweetie? Dinner is ready... Are you not feeling well today?" That voice sounds so familiar, yet I can't quite place it. My eyes drift towards my bedside table, the time on the digital clock reads eight thirty-three. Did I fall asleep? Why are my eyes watering? Am I crying? Who keeps sobbing? Why can't I breathe!?
Dad? Please help me! Please hold me! This droning in my ears won't go away! I can't hear anything! Please don't let go of me...

Slowly the darkness goes away as my father holds me tightly and caresses me, but I feel like I'm watching through the window of a T.V. as my father starts rubbing my back. The gentleness of his hands is unmatched as he rubs small circles along my back to comfort me. My mind wanders as he whispers in my ear that our family closely talks with its members. Everything he does feels like a million miles away. The feeling of my blanket fades away as my father takes it away from me, his mischievous smile in ingrained in my memory for being so distinctive.

"I'm fine dad." His expression oozed scepticism, but he didn't pry. His eyes traveled over the room as he seemed lost in thought of a time long gone by. He seemed to regard the quiet of the room carefully, his eyes settled on the window, staring beyond the street. "My love, the world is a lonely place, even when you are with friends... I will never tell you how to live your life, because I have my own and every one needs to figure it out by themselves." He quietly regarded my receptiveness to his words. "I will tell you though that it is easier to go through with people you trust, even if at first you dislike them, at your age it's easy to make friends... Any way dinner is ready whenever you want it." The sounds of his uneven gait quietly fade away as he leaves me in my room.

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