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I left a dislike.

Wtf? I'll keep reading, to see wat happens of coarse.

OOF! Ok, pretty funny so far. Mind as well go the hole distance.

Uuuuuuum. Ok... it was funny, but in a normal sense. This is kind of weird. Lol, I geuss that's wat makes it one of a kind.

I've always wondered how Pegasi sewers worked!

As someone with a pee fetish, I liked this series overall. The first chapter was my favorite. It's hard to find stories like that one. A story of a pony simply taking a leak is hard to find.

USER! we require moar chapters!!

Absolutely amazing <3

I liked the first two the most, first being first, and I liked the fourth, third was meh for me. Would love to see more of them!

Actually like this series. Can't wait to see more!

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