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Sleeping knight 13


Shadow Star son of Twilight Spakle and Dark Fang, arrives in ponyville when Twilight and the others are facing nightmare moon, when he was walking he found Apple Bloom, Sweet bell, Scootalo and Moon light in the Everfree forest, when they start to walk away of the trail end up finding a temple, where they release a nightmare sealed by Princess Luna, now under the supervision of the princess of the night they hunt the nightmares behind the reality

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Well, the premise is quite interesting... though being brutally honest, the execution needs a lot of work. It is too fast-paced. That means, all the events just fly by, without allowing the readers to enjoy it and become interested in the story. So, some substantial fleshing out might be needed if you want to turn this into a truly great story.

Nice. How lovely for Twilight getting married.

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