• Published 4th Nov 2017
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Twilight Keen - Foal Star

Twilight Sparkle obsessed with learning about Pinkie sense uses a spell to become just like the party pony...what can go wrong?

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Chapter 6: A Filly's imagination

Rarity was humming, working on a white wedding dress that hung on one of her bigger ponyquins. She was lost deep in inspiration, sewing gems, lace, and various other bits and pieces which shone brightly in the light of her store.

“Hmm…” Rarity tapped a hoof to her chin, eyeing up the dress one more time. “Something’s missing, but I can’t seem to place my hoof on what it is...”

Then out of nowhere, Twilight burst through the door, shouting, “Rarity! I need your help!”

Rarity eyed Twilight, noticing her frazzled and curly mane immediately. “Darling, what’s wrong? And what happened to your mane?”

“Nothing’s wrong.” Twilight bounded over to Rarity, her hair shaking and shifting with every jump. “But I need your help. I need a dress for Celestia! I need the most Pinkie-Pie-style, frilliest, pink dress you have!”

Rarity just cocked a brow at the request. “Twilight? I’m almost certain that something’s not right with you.” She tried patting and styling Twilight’s hairstyle, but it always poofed back to Pinkie’s curls. “Yes. There it is. Your hair is an absolute mess, darling! We simply NEED to give you a makeover. Stat!”

Twilight groaned and rolled her eyes, pushing Rarity away before she could start working. “No! We don’t have time for that! This super-duper Pinkie Pie body is gonna turn back to boring, stuffy old Twilight by tonight; and Princess Celestia won’t even get to see it!” She slammed her hooves on the ground like a whining child.

Rarity tapped a hoof on her chin. "Well… I don’t know much about this Pinkie Pie body you’re talking about, Twilight. But if it’s important, then I suppose I could make a speed-sewn dress...” She then looked up at Twilight and the ponyquins. “But first, I would need to know her height and other measurements.”

Twilight rolled her eyes and blew a raspberry out of her mouth. “Oh, that’s easy."

She turned her attention to one of Rarity’s ponyquins and shot tendrils of light out of her horn. It surrounded the lifeless stand and made it grow into the size of the princess with a large set of foam wings and plastic horn with rainbow coloured fabric shooting out from the neck.

“There. How’s that?” Twilight asked, her tail wagging.

Rarity eyed up the ponyquin and the adjustments that Twilight had made to it once the magic died down. The way that the wings glinted in the light that shimmered down from the ceiling, the horn’s colours, all perfectly shown off in a perfect rainbow pattern; and the general measurements of the ponyquin that accurately represented Celestia’s height, size, and even chest area.

“Well… That was something.” Rarity cocked a brow at the sight of the alicorn ponyquin. “But, I guess I can’t pass up the offer now, can I?”

Twilight let out a massive squeal and bounced on the spot. “Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”

Time had passed, and Rarity was now deep in her work on the alicorn ponyquin, trying her hardest to appeal to Twilight’s desires. She looked at different colours and textures, then brushed her hooves over them to see which one felt the most comfortable. Fashion was a key element of her success, but she never wanted her guests to feel uncomfortable at the same time.

“Rarity…” Twilight moaned and groaned, shifting around in her seat as she twiddled her front hooves. “This is taking FOREVER! When’s the dress gonna be ready?”

Rarity looked up from her work and gave a little glare. “Twilight. I can’t rush this. I’ve never worked on alicorn clothing before, so it might be a few days before this dress is finished.”

Twilight whined. “Days?! I can’t wait that long!” And she shot Rarity with a time spell as she rushed through everything like a movie on fast forward, until a sparkling beautiful dress draped the alicorn ponyquin.

Rarity was finally freed from the speed spell and stretched her hooves to the design. “What do you think, Twilight? Is it up to your standards?"

Twilight only took one look at the design before she groaned and scoffed. “Ugh. Too pretty and boring.”

Rarity cocked a brow at Twilight. “What? But it’s a masterpiece! How could you say that? What am I missing?”

Twilight came over and sighed, facehoofing at the design. “I said it needs to be pink and poofy. like something from a fairy tale.”

Rarity crossed her arms. “Twilight. Princess Celestia is a full-grown mare. Not a filly. You can’t expect me to make children’s clothes for someone as regal as that, can you?”

“Actually, I can. But first, I think it’s time we get rid of all that stuff and fluff in your head.” Twilight began to charge up another one of her spells. “You need to think more like a filly, not an adult.”

She shot Rarity with a beam of energy and she shrank into a school filly in a frilly dress and a big pink bow in her mane. Rarity blinked briefly and rubbed her eyes at the gorgeous dress, then squeaked. “You’re right, Twilight. It needs to more pink and glittery, with lots and lots of gems all over it!”

Twilight rubbed her hooves together with a giddy, yet mischievous grin plastered on her face. “Alright, Rarity. Let’s get to it!”

Rarity nods as she got out a pink crayon and glue, as well as a jar of glitter and started going over her previous sketches. She scribbled out the original design with the crayons. “The dress needs to be pink and frilly like a pretty princess. Just like you said, Twilight.”

As she started scribbling over the sketch, Twilight was already one step ahead of her. With another, less powerful beam of light, she zapped the dress already on the ponyquin and slowly transformed it into a hot pink color.

Rarity turned towards the light of the magic and dropped her jaw. “Oh my... Twilight? How did that happen!?”

Twilight just giggled. “Oh, it’s nothing. Just some magic. But I don’t wanna have all the fun. What do you think we should add? You’re very creative.”

Rarity beamed from ear to ear. “Ooh! Ooh! I know!” She gathered some materials together to make white frills and applied them to the dress. Already, it looked a lot more poofy, but that was only the beginning. “Hmm… It’s good, but it needs to be prettier!” She started by tying a big bow in the back of the dress. Then she made the sleeves bubbly and gathered some silver horseshoes for the feet of the ponyquin. Finally, she finished her revised masterpiece by sprinkling glitter all over before taking one last look at her masterpiece. “Yay! We’re done!”

Twilight circled the dress, checking all of the individual pieces and sleeves before nodding in approval. “Well done, Rarity! We’re good to go!”

Rarity cheered and clapped her hooves together as Twilight took the dress up in her magic, walking off towards the wall in the corner of the room.

“Now, Rarity. As much as I’d love to have a super-duper awesome test run of this dress, I REALLY need to get this dress over to Canterlot fast!”

“Oh. Okay! But, is there another dress I can decorate?” Rarity asked, lifting a brow.

“Hmm…” Twilight examined every one of the dresses in the room before her eyes caught one plain dress by the door. “How about that one? It looks super ugly and drab. Let’s see how much you can glitter it! And add some gems all over it! Make it really sparkle!”

Rarity giggled and ran to the dress with bags filled with paint and sprinkles. “I wanna make it into a flower dress! With all every single pretty pink flower there is.”

“Go for it! In the meantime, I’ve got to get Celestia fitted for her new roles.” Twilight opened up a portal and pushed the ponyquin through it, before walking through herself. “See you soon, Rarity! Hope you’ve got more pink and pretty stuff when I get back!”

“I’ll try!” Rarity was already playing with the dress when Twilight vanished through the collapsing portal, splattering paint all over the white satin. She even started humming to herself as the paint went all over her coat as well as the dress.

Spike barrelled through the door, violently slamming it against the wall as he breathed heavily. Hobbling in, he fell to the ground, his energy all expended after his long run from the schoolhouse. “Rarity? Twilight? Are any of you here?”

Rainbow Dash shot in next, the powerful winds she brought with her threw all of the other ponyquins around the room and smashed them against the wall. The loud noise made Rarity yelp and jump from her work.

Applejack and Pinkie were last, carrying the Cutie Mark Crusaders on their backs. They gently reached back and sat the three toddlers on the ground, who were all sucking on their hooves in content, cooing and smiling as they coated their hooves in drool.

“Twilight! Come on out!” Applejack called, lowering her brows as she stomped on ahead. “You can’t hide from us!”

“Yeah, Twilight. Listen to your Senpie! This isn’t gonna make anyone happy!” Pinkie stood by Applejack’s side and curled her tail up. “I’m super wacky and fun-loving, yeah, but I don’t force fun on other ponies!”

“Oh, Twilight’s not here.” Rarity wobbled away from the ponyquin she had been working on and approached Applejack, Pinkie, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. “Can I help you with anything?”

“Huh?” Spike looked towards the filly Rarity. And the second it all began to sink in, his eyes bulged out of his head as he scrambled back on his claws and feet. “Rarity?! What happened to you?!”

“She a fiwwy! Wike us!” Scotaloo pulled her hoof out and giggled, wobbling onto her backside. “New fwiend!”

“Yay!” Sweetie added, sinking further and further into a toddler’s mindset. “Me wike new fwiends!”

“Alright, that does it!” Applejack snarled and pulled her bonnet off of her head. “Twilight’s gotta be stopped. No excuses, no bargains, and no feeling sorry for her neither! This has gone far enough!”

“Yeah.” Rainbow Dash looked down at the four fillies, then eyed up the paint on the dresses and the generalized mess in the room. “Rarity would never make a mess of her dresses. And even then, she doesn’t just leave them messy! Twilight’s really gonna get it once we fix that stupid spell of hers…”

“Why do you wanna hurt Twilight? She’s so nice.” Rarity waddled up to Rainbow Dash with wide eyes. “She made me and all of my clothes super-pretty... “

“And totally stripped you of your old self.” Rainbow lifted Rarity up and took her bow off. “Look. I know you don’t get it because she uses magic and it’s super weird and all, but Twilight’s gone a little bit… cuckoo-crazy.

“And if she keeps going, she’s gonna do something really bad and completely change Equestria for the worse…” Applejack also held the filly Rarity, gently patting her back. “You don’t want bad things to happen to Equestria now, do you?”

“N-no. I don’t like bad things.” She lowered her head and curled up into a ball. “Bad things are icky…”

“Then please, tell us.” Applejack petted her mane and put the bow back in it. “Where did Twilight go? She can’t be allowed to do any of this.”

“I don’t know if I should say…” Rarity looked up at the two grown-ups, then thought back about what Twilight had been saying and doing. “Is Twilight a bad pony?”

“Well…” Applejack took a look back at all of the mess that had been caused as the crusaders all toddled off to play around the boutique. “No. Not really. But right now, she’s a bit off the handle with this whole being-like-Pinkie-Pie stuff. We’re just gonna try and get her to calm down. That’s all.”

“Okay…” Rarity looked up into Applejack’s eyes. “She went to Canterlot to dress Princess Celestia up in a pretty dress.”

“Canterlot! On it!” Rainbow put Rarity on Applejack’s back and shot off ahead. “I’ll meet you all there!” And she flew back out of the shop as fast as she could, almost knocking the toddler CMCs on her way out.

“Pinkie Pie. You go after her.” Applejack trotted up to her. “I’ll look after these little ones. You go to Canterlot with Rainbow Dash. If you can’t try and talk Twilight out of this, Rainbow’ll just have to hold her down. Think you can do that?”

“I guess I have to. Twilight’s clearly not feeling right.” Pinkie Pie lowered her brows and rubbed her hooves together. “And if I, Pinkamena Diane Pie, her Senpie, can’t get her out of this mess, then I don’t know who can!”

“Good girl.” Applejack patted Pinkie’s back and put Rarity down with the other fillies. “Now, run along and get to Canterlot. Fast as you can.”

“My Party Cannon will get me there in no time at all!” Pinkie pulled it out of her mane and rolled it outside. “I’ll be sure to stop Twilight quickly! Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!” She made the gestures while also pushing the cannon out with one of her back hooves.

As Applejack watched Pinkie leave, she was now left alone. Alone with four fillies who Twilight had worked her wicked ways upon. She sat down before them and crossed her hooves, pulling the four of them into a small hug, which some of the foals giggled at while others nuzzled into her chest.

“Rainbow, Pinkie, please be back soon…” She heard the cannon fire in the background.