• Published 4th Nov 2017
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Twilight Keen - Foal Star

Twilight Sparkle obsessed with learning about Pinkie sense uses a spell to become just like the party pony...what can go wrong?

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Chapter 3 The crazy and mysterious Twily!

Sugarcube Corner went through a hasty transformation with Twilight’s party. In the back of the room, a table lined was with decorative cakes, soft drinks, and a small fountain with melted chocolate flowing from it. In the back of the cafe there was a life sized pony mannequin with a target on its rump surrounded by ponies who were trying to stick a tail on it while blindfolded. In the middle of the room was a dance party complete with a DJ.

Twilight Sparkle took a step away from the dancing to catch her breath. She then looked around at the ponies enjoying themselves and thought, Now… How can I make it even better?

She kept tapping a hoof on her chin, looking around as she mumbled to herself, “There has to be a way to make this party even better...” She strolled back and forth near the wall until a literal lightbulb flashed over her head, “I know! I’ll make ALL of Ponyville into a party!”

Pinkie Pie’s ears pricked up and her brow immediately began to sweat. She darted up to Twilight and stopped on the tips of her hooves. “No, Twilight. We can’t!”

Twilight pouted, “Why not, Senpie?”

Pinkie Pie giggled and bowed too as she explained, “Calm yourself, my young pupil. You don’t want to make other ponies angry, y’know? Not everypony wants a party.”

Twilight gave a sigh and hung her head. “Alright, Master Pinkie. I won’t go bouncing off. But we need to do something. I think this party is getting stale.”

Pinkie tapped her hoof to her chin. “Well, you like magic, right? Why not do some magic tricks?”

Twilight squealed. “That sounds like fun!

She bounced off and shot her horn near the right side of Sugarcube Corner, creating a stage with red curtains. Sparkles exploded all over it with with fog surrounding the base. Twilight then stood on top of her creation with a top hat and fake mustache.

“Now introducing... the mysterious Twilight Pie!” she announced, grabbing everyone’s attention in seconds. “Now you’ve all seen a rabbit pulled from a hat. But! Have you ever seen a pony pulled from a hat?”

Spike was anything but amazed as he turned to Pinkie. “Oh no… Pinkie, we have to stop her!”

Pinkie laughed and waved a hoof, “Oh, don't worry about it, Spikey. It's just a magic show! What could go wrong?”.

“Three… Two… One…” Spike counted down with his claws as Twilight began her little trick.

Fluttershy was walking down the road with a smile on her face. She was humming, thinking to herself, I finished all my chores early today. The baby bunnies were fed, I helped the new blue jays find nests, I even gave Angel a bath. Now I can finally see Twilight about borrowing a book on bears and aching muscles.

She then heard a loud explosionand squeaked, running off behind a statue of Celestia and peking over to Sugarcube Corner. She could hear Twilight and Pinkie shouting inside.

Fluttershy squeaked, “Wh...what’s going on in there? Is Twilight alright?”

But her train of thought was broken when a burst of energy burst through the shop and hit something behind her. Fluttershy turned to seeAngel standing in the middle of the road as a fancy looking waistcoat materialized over him with a monocle on his right eye and a pocket watch hanging from the aforementioned coat.

“Oh my…” Fluttershy gazed down at Angel’s new duds. “I didn’t realize it was one of Pinkie’s pet-dress-up days.”

Angel looked up and replied, “I dare say. What in the bloody hell happened to me?” In a very fancy Trottinghamian accent. “How is it that I can talk now?”

Fluttershy’s mouth dropped in shock and whispered “Angel are you okay?”

He looked up at Fluttershy with a smug grin. “Never better, my darling. I feel as if I'm a new bunny as one would say.”

Then a giant black hole opened beneath them and the two squeaked as they fell into the shadowy abyss, falling into a never ending darkness.

She kicked and flailed about, feeling an otherworldly fabric attach itself to her. Then, all of a sudden, the black void opened underneath her to reveal a blinding hole of light. She squeaked and tried to escape from the darkness but was suddenly thrusted out and plopped onto a stage in the middle of all the patrons in Sugarcube Corner.

The mare’s vision was blurry as she tried to gain her bearings. She heard laughter and mumbled, “Who’s that? Wh... Where am I?”

Twilight giggled as she bounded over. “Hey, Bunnyshy. Welcome to the show! I hope you like your new outfit.”

Fluttershy stunned seeing Twilight with her frazzled mane, top hat and a wand flying around her she just whispered “New outfit? And did you just call me Bunnyshy?

Twilight produced a hand mirror and giggled. “Yep! I think that name suits you for your new outfit take a look!”

Fluttershy nervously turned to see in the reflection of the hand mirror that she was wearing a black leotard with see through leggings dressed over her hind legs and white cuffs on her forelegs. A pair of thick black rabbit ears flopped over her head. She tried covering herself with her forelegs as her cheeks blushed bright red.

“Now introducing my new assistant, Bunnyshy!” Twilight announced again.

Fluttershy just stood there, flustered as the crowd began to give their applause.

“What in the hay am I wearing, Twilight?!” Fluttershy fought ferociously against her leotard, but found that it wouldn’t come off, no matter how much she tugged and bit it.

Twilight laughed and cooed, “Oh, what a funny bunny! It’s your outfit for helping me in my magic show!”

Fluttershy stopped trying to pull the leotard off and gazed around the crowd all who all stared deep into her soul and made her shake from head to hoof. A magic show?! What in the hay is going on?

She then tried to whisk her tail but only felt something slightly move behind her. She slowly looked towards her back end and almost tumbled onto her back at the sight. A tiny white fluffy ball of fur was now where her wavy pink tail was.

“What happened to my tail?!” She screamed.

Twilight giggled again. “Silly-billy! It's your poofy white bunny tail!”

Fluttershy squeaked, seeing everyone laugh at her. She blushed a violent shade of red, then saw Twilight using her magic to make her bow.

“OK. Enough of the bunny antics. For my second trick, I'll need my assistant’s help.” Twilight pulled a sheet off of a small black box with a question mark on it. “Now, Bunnyshy. Please get the box of mystery.”

Fluttershy blushed as she bounced across the stage with sweat dripping down her forehead. As much as she wanted to question Twilight about everything, she just decided to play along for the moment, as it was clear that she was having too much fun. She slowly pulled out a big purple box with Twilight's cutie mark on it and flipped it open.

“Thank you!” Twilight stretched the box out wide and tall using her horn. Once that was done, she pulled a black and white want out of the hat she had pulled Fluttershy out of and slipped it onto her head. “Now then, who’s the lucky volunteer, Bunnyshy?”

Fluttershy searched the room, watching the entire crowd erupt into a cacophony of chatter over it. Even Pinkie Pie was in the chaos, shaking her hooves as if she had been one of those inflatable tube ponies outside a shop.

“How about you. Uh…” Fluttershy idly waved her paw around the room until she finally closed her eyes and jabbed it at somepony. “Mrs. Cake?”

The big mare squeaked at the sound of her name being called. “Oh! You don’t mean me, dearie. I-I-I’m no good with crowds.”

Fluttershy just forced a chuckle, not knowing what to do in the heart of this madness. “Oh, I think you’ll have a ton of fun. Come up here.”

Mrs. Cake just shrugged. “Well... I guess some fun wouldn’t hurt.”

She slowly went up on stage as Fluttershy lead her to the giant purple box and settled her inside.

“Alright. Now, prepare yourselves, everypony. This first trick could be a little bit… dangerous.” Twilight used her magic to create one sword, but then cast another spell, turning that one sword into many more. “Watch as I shove a hundred swords through Mrs. Cake!”

The blades all slammed into the box one after another and the crowd gasped loudly, slamming their hooves to their face. Fluttershy herself went white as snow at the sight. “Did Twilight just... kill Mrs. Cake!?”

But then the door to the box burst wide open, with Mrs. Cake raspberry jam where the swords would have struck her. The swords themselves were almost non-existent, apart from the metal just barely poking through the box.

Mrs. Cake gave a little chuckle which quickly burst into a full-blown laugh. “That was fun!”

While Fluttershy took another moment to try and make sense of anything, the crowd holleredin approval of the trick. In the background, she could hear Twilight congratulating Mrs. Cake for taking on the trick.

Both of them gave a bow and waited patiently for the applause to die down before Twilight said, “We’re not done yet! Now it’s time for a challenge!” She illuminated her horn and conjured five pedestals into being, with some covers over them. “Now, Bunnyshy. Please reveal our little gifts.”

Still fazed and unclear about any of this, Fluttershy just did as Twilight said. It was obvious to her that this was some sort of crazy dream and she was going to wake up soon. She threw the covers off the pedestals, revealing five birthday cakes covered in bright pink frosting.

“Mrs. Cake. One of these birthday cakes is a lie,” said Twilight. “The rest are all really yummy. If you pick the bad cake, you get a prize! If not, you just get a delicious cake.”

“Can I ask what the prize is?” She was already checking all of the cakes Twilight and Fluttershy had revealed.

“Well, it’s a surprize!” Twilight laughed, but the only applause she got was from Pinkie Pie, who was also chuckling.

Spike just rolled his eyes. Ugh... I can’t believe she would make such a cheesy joke.

As Mrs. Cake came up to the row of cakes, she made extra careful to pay attention to all of the details. For if Twilight truly was like Pinkie Pie, then she would’ve put some “secret ingredients” into the cake.

“Hmm... I'll choose the middle one.” Mrs. Cake finally laid a hoof on it and it disintegrated into powder flakes on the stool.

“Sorry, Mrs. Cake. That one was the lie!” Twilight looked down at the mess of the former cake. “I had some help from Senpie over there to make that one.” She pointed towards Pinkie Pie, who waved back at her.

“You get…” Twilight lifted the other four cakes and used her magic to combine them all into a massive stack, with lots of edible sugar pillars holding them up. “My super-duper deluxe-sized fake-cake-finder cake!”

“It’s… very impressive, I must admit.” Mrs. Cake looked at the cake, which was now towering over her. “And it’s all for me?”

“Yes indeedy! Take it! It’s yours!” Twilight lifted Mrs. Cake off with her massive cake. “Because now, we’re running out of time, and I wanna show everypony the best trick yet!”

“What is she planning?” Spike leaned in closer to watch as Twilight pulled off one of Sugarcube Corner’s curtains and held it high above her.

“Since it’s time to say goodbye, what better way to do it than with an old classic?” Twilight poked her head through the curtains. “The disappearing act!”

“Disappearing act?!” Spike’s eyes bulged wide open. “Pinkie! We’ve gotta stop her!”

“Ooh… How is she gonna pull this off?” Pinkie Pie leaned in close to try and get a better angle of the trick.

“Pinkie…” Spike tugged at her coat as she got comfortable.

“Is she gonna throw the curtain up and disappear as it falls down, or is she gonna try and teleport with the curtain?” Pinkie’s eyes almost popped out of her head.

“Pinkie!” Spike whisper-yelled in her ears. “Twilight’s about to run away!”

“Oh! Now I get ya, spikey!” Pinkie watched Twilight throw the curtains up to the ceiling. “We gotta stop her! But how?”

“One…” Twilight watched the curtains fall down. “Two…” Her horn began to flare up. “Three!” She teleported right as the curtains fell, leaving nothing behind as the fabric and metal bar it hung from crashed to the ground.

The crowd just stared in amazement at the blank space where Twilight was, but Pinkie and Spike’s looks were quite different. The two of them tumbled onto the stage and tried to find any semblence of Twilight, but there was none to be found.

“Oh no…” Spike looked outside and caught a brief glimpse of Twilight as she ran off down one of Ponyville’s paths. “She got away.”

“Where do you think she went off to, Spikey?” Pinkie planted herself against the window and looked out for the tiniest smidgen of Twilight.

“I don’t know! And the worst part is, her spell doesn’t even wear off until tomorrow!” He brought his claws to his teeth. “What are we gonna do?