• Published 4th Nov 2017
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Twilight Keen - Foal Star

Twilight Sparkle obsessed with learning about Pinkie sense uses a spell to become just like the party pony...what can go wrong?

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Chapter 1: The Transformation

Twilight was in her library one night with dozens of spell books stacked on top of each other. She was deep in her read but her mane was frazzled and her eyes were drifting when she came upon a passage in the book.

“Oh my Celestia... I found it!” She giggled and slammed her a hoof down on the passage. “The personality changing spell it makes a pony have the same personality of another pony for twenty-four hours. Once transformed, you will gain everything about said pony from the way they think, the way you style your mane, and even to how you walk and talk. Everything from your old personality disappear until the spell wears off.”

She shrieked in excitement and dashed upstairs to Spike sleeping soundly in his basket. “Spike! Spike! I found it! I found the perfect spell!”

He groaned and stretched his claws upwards. “Nngh… What is it, Twilight?”

Twilight started yammering, ”Remember yesterday how I gave up on trying to understand Pinkie?”

He moaned, throwing the pillow on his head. “Let me take a wild guess: You didn’t give up?”

She shook her head rapidly. “Of course not! I thought that there might still need some way to get straight to the heart of it and wouldn’t you know, I happened to find this old thing in my collection!”

“So what?” He yawned, still half-asleep.

“So everything! This is the spell that’ll let me experience what Pinkie’s Pinkie Sense is!” She clapped her hooves together and shoved the spell into his face. “I’ll finally be able to solve this mystery once and for all!”

“Twilight. Didn’t you learn your lesson yesterday?” He just flopped his face back into the pillow.

“Yes. I learned I'll never be able to understand the Pinkie Sense and have accepted Pinkie’s quirks as something we may never understand,” she said. “But with this spell I can see exactly what a day is like in Pinkie’s horseshoes.”

He pulled himself up from the pillow’s feathers. “Listen, Twilight. I'm not saying that it’s bad, but this is a little over the top; even for you.” He pointed towards her stomach. “I think you should just drop it and get some sleep. You look exhausted.”

She glared at him. “Spike. I'm serious about this. I want to go through with the experiment but I need your help.”

Spike turned with wide eyes. ”And... what is that?”

She sighed, “You have to keep me inside the library. Lock it up tight and make sure nopony comes in while the experiment is in progress.”

“You do realise that's going to be impossible if you turn yourself into Pinkie Pie, right?” Spike raised his brows.

“Yeah. I know. But that’s why I need you the most of all, Spike.” She put a hoof to his stomach. “You’re practically my little brother. And part of being a good brother is helping your sister out.”

“But what would I get out of this?” Spike asked. “I can’t just be expected to keep Pinkie Pie from getting out of the library without some kind of reward.”

“If you can keep me inside the library for the whole day, I’ll get you and Rarity together for a fun little gem hunt. Sound good?” She proposed.

Spike couldn’t say not to gems, and a smile very quickly took over his face. “Aw, shucks, Twilight. You’ve got me there.” He shook her hoof. “Alright. I’m in.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Twilight squealed and dashed off to the lab, carrying him in a telekinetic field. “Let’s do this!”

That morning, the ponies started to board up the house, putting a closed sign outside. Twilight herself put up a bubble shield around the library while Spike boarded up the windows and door

“I don’t see why we need this many boards, Twilight.” Spike pounded a few nails into one of the planks. “I feel like we’re prepping for a zombie apocalypse…”

“How many times do I have to tell you? Zombies aren't real.” Twilight used her magic to secure a crystal in the middle of the library. “There. This should sustain the energy of the shield around the house until the experiment is over.”

He turned to her and mumbled, “Are you sure about this? I mean, I don’t mind much. I think it’d be kind of cool seeing you become Pinkie Pie. But first, are you really that confident in this new spell of yours?”

“Yeah. Hopefully, I’ve worked out all the kinks.” Twilight nodded. “...But, just in case... Spike? I need to make sure you know what you have to do if something goes wrong.”

“I know, I know.” Spike crossed his claws. “I don’t let you leave the library, I record everything in a notebook, making sure to describe it in detail—especially on all those twitches. And most importantly of all, I don’t tell anyone—not even the rest of our friends.”

“Good.” Twilight breathed in and out calmly, then looked down at the spellbook one more time. “Alright. Here goes. See you tomorrow, Spike.”

She summoned up her magic and shot a beam down at the page, making it glow brightly. White tendrils slowly rose from page and wrapped themselves around her, covering every area possible. She squeaked as they drifted over her body and coiled themselves around her mane and tail. Her mind began to fill with alien thoughts while the ones she had of books and organization began to fade away. Once the spell came to its’ conclusion, a bright blast consumed the library and she landed back on the ground with a squeak, as if she had sat on a cuddly toy.

“Twilight? Are you okay?” Spike slowly hobbled forward towards her.

“I… guess so. Feeling a bit light-headed, but I’m fine overall. Looks like the spell was right about mane changes.” She rubbed her new head full of fluffy pink hair.

Spike patted it too. “Yeah. It does feel like Pinkie’s.”

“My mind, though… It feels fuzzy, but nothing too weird seems to be happening yet.” Twilight put a hoof to her forehead. “Do you think something went wrong?”

“Well, it just seems like your mane and tail are the only things that changed.” Spike poked the bouncy mane. “Maybe it’s one of those things that just happens over a few minutes.”

“Maybe…” Twilight sighed, swishing her tail. “Well, I'm going upstairs for a nap.” She slowly trotted up the stairs and went into ther bed, snuggling up underneath the covers as she let out a big yawn “I’m sure some sleep’ll work wonders.”

Spike came up to the bed and chuckled, “Well, if nothing else happens, at least I get to see Twilight kinda looking like Pinkie.”

After a few hours of sleep, Twilight slowly woke up. She was still half-asleep as she looked at her bedroom with a new perspective. The books around her seemed to look more unappealing to her than usual

Why did I like books so much? She got up and looked at the bland covers. I mean, Daring Do’s adventures are pretty fun, but these other boring things? Bleh! She swatted one onto the ground. I’d rather eat a plate of salad.

She shook her head, giggling slightly. “I'm already thinking like Pinkie Pie.” She looked at the clock above her and took out a journal writing down her experience with the tip of her hair. It has been approximately three hours since I casted the spell. Already I’m beginning to feel like Pinkie Pie. Nothing else to report yet... then, a thought drifted in her brain. I’m starting to feel hungry. I feel like some...ice cream and candy cake! Why just have one when you can take out three birds with one stone?

“Cake sounds delicious!” She started bounding downstairs, blushing brightly. “Oh, wow. I’m already getting skippy.”

“Oh, hey, Twilight!” Spike waved from the nearby stove, cooking pancakes. “You want me to make something for breakfast?”

She waved a hoof at him. “Nope. Just getting some cake.” She went into the fridge, groaning at the contents. “Aw... No cake.”

Spike rubbed the back of his head. ”Yeah. Sorry. We didn’t have enough ingredients to make one.”

She laughed, waving a hoof at him. “Oh, Spike. Don’t worry about that.” She pulled out a big pink cake from her mane; one that was covered in thick pink frosting. “Whoa! Where did that come from?”

Spike’s jaw dropped wide to the floor. “Twilight? You… you just did something Pinkie does...”

“But I...I didn’t use magic I-I-I just had it in my mane.” She dug her hooves into the bottomless pink cloud. “What else does she hide in here?”

Spike smirked. “Yeah. She does that all the time! I never understood it myself. Just chalked it up to Pinkie being Pinkie.”

Twilight threw the cake at the wall. ”Ugh! I was supposed to understand Pinkie Pie when I pulled that cake out, but I still didn’t learn a thing!”

Spike rolled his eyes. “Twilight, I think sometimes Pinkie doesn’t even understand herself. Just go with the flow like she does and don’t think too much about it.”

“Right. Go with the flow… Go with the flow…” She tried to repeat her breathing exercises, but her rumbling stomach stopped her dead in her tracks. “But I'm still hungry!” She took out another large pink cake and ate the whole thing in three big bites, with Spike watching in complete awe.

“Wow. Wasn’t expecting that,” he said.

Twilight grinned. “Me neither! But it was a lot of fun!” She shook her head and tried to hold onto herself. “Wow. It’s like something inside me is taking over. I..I can still think like me a but, but it’s getting harder to control.”

The mare quickly ran off to her room, whipping out the journal. She sat down and marked the time on the corner of the page.

Alright. It’s ten in the morning. Four hours since the spell was casted. I've already pulled two cakes out of thin air and have acting super strange. She wrote in the journal. My old mind is slowly fading away and being replaced by this new one…” Twilight groaned and clutched her head as new thoughts invaded her mind. “Well. Now that things seem a lot more fun, I'll just write whatever comes to mind. I’ve been thinking about having a party now since using that silly spell!”

She started laughing and bounced up onto her feet again. “That’s right! I should invite everypony for a super-duper special party!” She glanced at the books. “Butt first… I think this place needs a few decorations!”

Twilight charged off down the stairs with a wide smile plastered onto her face.

“This is gonna be one of those days, isn’t it?” Spike groaned as he watched the hyper Twilight run up towards the barred doors.