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Belvedere awoke to a misery he couldn’t explain, as if he’d experienced a great and terrible loss while he slept. His only clue, his only hope for regaining control over his life, is a curious image in his mind, an image he needs to draw.

Twilight awoke in a different world, a world where a dim sun never sets, where magic is scarce, where monsters haunt every shadow. Her only aid, her only friend, is a stallion named Belvedere who’s just as lost as she is.

Featured by Seattle’s Angels
Featured on Equestria Daily
Edited by Pascoite and PaulAsaran
Cover art by GenjiLim

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 31 )

Whoa, now this is an interesting start. Gonna have to keep my eye on this.

Yeah, ok. You got me hooked.

interesting i shall be watching would be more awesome if this was going to be longer than 6 -8 chapters

Iiiiiiiiinteresting! :pinkiehappy:

I like that you brought us into his thoughts rather than describing them here. Good stuff.

First of all, you need to get this story into a few groups. While I may not be the best resource in this avenue I'd imagine it would bring a larger stream of viewership if you manage the quality you have thus far presented. Good stuff!

I suspect the sun isn't actually a ring, but rather has something kinda moon-shaped in front of it... < <

I am inclined to agree with you.

8553765 8554041
Makes sense to me. Both celestial bodies unmoving, forming an eternal eclipse.

Wow, this is pretty good. The premise of Twilight messing up a teleport and ending up ... somewhere obviously isn't new, but your writing and ability to invoke imagery through words is really solid. What happened to this parallel Equestria that resulted in history diverting so greatly? It can't be something as simple as Celestia and Luna disappearing me thinks, because ponies inventing masonry would have come millennia before their appearance ...

As for Belvedere, I can only assume that that, thanks to Twilight being in this alternate universe, some sort of a link has been created to this other world, which has sort of connected the two Belvederes and the one from prime Equestria is seeing some glimpses of the alternate one. And I imagine that drawing of his will be fundamental for bringing Twilight home, once it's completed.

And man, I can only feel sorry for the alternate Belvedere - he clearly belongs in a better world than this. And I can only assume the crazy tribalponies have assumed that he and his wicked ways must be responsible for the flash Twilight made when landing (and the extra howling at night), and thus are coming to chase him off for good. Here's hoping Twilight finds a way to take him with once she finally leaves, but for some reason I have a feeling that won't be happen, and Belvedere will have to go back to his monotone existence made even more sour by having tasted a few brief moments of actual companionship.

Anyways - moar!

I get the impression that the state of their world is in some way due to the actions of a prior, more 'advanced' culture, and the survivors are shunning progress as the mythological cause of all their woes.

This is amazing. I'm glad I read this in time to see the thrilling conclusion when it comes. Looking forward to it.

Oh man, only one chapter to go. This is gonna be goooooood tomorrow!

Well that was friggin' cool. Nice job! :twilightsmile:

A good story, interesting concepts for sure. So changing the position of the sun can cause you to jump dimensions?

Well, that was fascinating. And it all comes together beautifully, circular as a hollow sun. Thank you for this. I'm sorry I wasn't here for the whole thing.

I didn't think it was possible, but you've done it again -- you've produced another treasure that I loved as much as Water Pony. Well done!

She sure broke the Dragon something fierce. :rainbowlaugh:

Well done! :pinkiehappy:

Twilight and Belvedere, sitting in a tower...ess eightch eye pee pee eye en gee!

if this ever continues, I will read it. It probably won't. It feels like you're finished with it. I mean, followup might be TMI, ya know?

But then, it could be amazing. What other temporospatial hijinx will this perspicacious pair get up to?!


So... multiple timelines merged into one? Or a consciousness interacting with all of history simultaneously?

And then Twilight turned around and saw the wall...

That was a fascinating journey. I loved Belvedere in both worlds, especially how he sought solutions to problems.

Kind of ironic how the dark world's problems actually were caused by a science experiment, in the end. Those villagers were kinda right, in a way. :derpytongue2:

So if those timbers from the shadow pockets were burned by sunlight (the apparent source of most Equestrian magic) and firelight, what's so special about firelight? Or would any light source have worked?

Thanks for writing this story. It was good.

And I hope Belvedere finds plenty of awesome ways to use his talent to build relationships.


Should probably fix it. Otherwise the story seems pretty good.

It was Wow!
Thank you for this amazing story !
I thought about putting several synonyms to 'amazing' in previous sentence, just one word did not seem enough for me. But I'll just say that in my personal story rating this one goes somewhere to the very top - near water pony and shell game :)
Thanks again - it was wonderful experience. :twilightsmile:

Very underrated story

They're made of wood, so the fire burns away the wood?

Thanks for pointing that out!

My thought was that they can't withstand extended exposure to any source of light

Left as an exercise for the reader :twistnerd:

Thanks, everyone! :heart:


Left as an exercise for the reader

No no no no no! :twilightangry2: You cannot do this to me! :flutterrage:

Well done! Very interesting story idea. Decently well written too.

Cool story, bro.

Huh, interesting. A bit confusing, I certainly do not understand what Twilight did, but it was an enjoyable read, I spent the entire thing wondering where you were going. Really good, though I would kinda like to see a sequel or more chapters, especially Twilight and Belvedere's lunch considering his new found purpose in life, I think Twilight can be a real help to him on that. And I'd be curious to see ifn she continues her experiments, and will she now experiment with teleportation, or better try to understand the fundamentals of magic and how things went so wrong?

Either way, really interesting and enjoyable, thanks for writing it.

Author Interviewer

Oh! Oh that was cool! :D

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