• Published 24th Jan 2018
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The Pink Out of Space - Disavowed ASH

A manic earthen mare with powers beyond comprehension has been killing and eating folk all over Equestria. Now she has reached Ponyville, and her next victim to be is Rainbow Dash. But the creature was being followed. Vengeance being his objective.

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Well this was certainly one hell of a story, I liked it! :yay: lots of dark deadly magic and evil magical creatures nearly beyond comprehension, I love it! Reminds me of some plans I have in store for stories...

Good stuff man and nice job on this!

Hit there! My name is CaptainPinkiePie and I made this TvTropes page just for you:


Thank you. If anything this was a combination of my little revenge on "Cupcakes" and at the same time writing something of a Tarrasque Hunt story.

Can't say that I wanted some generic fawn over the main-six OC or a Male Mary-Sue. Instead, I opted with a bitter warlock that has been chewed and spat out by the worse the world has to offer and somehow managed to live while most of everything that isn't a Great Old One, An Outer God, or a Demon Lord of Sheol that has tried to kill him has not managed to live. If anything Folklore is a survivor, an equanist/humanist, and because of 22 years of war, monsters, gangsters, serial killers, rapists, gods, demons, aliens, Eldritch Abominations, and Stock Brokers managed to become one of the scariest yet most sad and wrathful stallions in the world.

Considering he has murdered, tortured, made unethical chemical, biological, and magical experiments. And has also conspired to knock a Lord of Sheol from his seat of power and enslaved him to be his familiar. (Botis was impregnating virgins with the intention of making servants. And yes he really is a Jewdeo-Christian Lord of Hell he is in the Ars Goetia.) And he still uses the corpses of his enemies as materials for spells when necessary whether they are inequine or equine. One can argue that the things he has achieved came with plenty of blood-shed especially considering that even if he ever was a potential to be an Element of Harmony, his soul is too corrupted by the horrible actions he has done just to survive that he no longer is remotely worthy for it.

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