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Twins of Canterlot

We just came for the clop

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That was fucking amazing! I LOVE your style of writing! This story too is just very good. Congratulations sir/madam, you got yourself a favourite! :pinkiehappy: Hope this gets featured.

Nice story, great job

Spike just walked in the room and found Discord and Starlight in their intimate moment.

“Uh...It’s not what it looks like.” Discord nervously stated.

“Oh really because it looks like you seduced Starlight and convinced her to have sex with you.” Spike sarcastically said.

“Alright it is what it looks like, relax she wanted me to do it.” Discord said.

“Alright fine, just don’t impregnate her. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a date with Fluttershy.” Spike said.

“What?!” Discord yelled.

I love Spike x Starlight, but I also adore Starlight x Discord, good job on the story.

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