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An author who's stories may not be good but at least he tries...


This story is a sequel to A Day in the life of Pinkamina "Dianne" Pie

Oh Luna, what can I do? No matter how many times I've tried, I can't get her to even crack a smile, not even a little one, I know she doesn't like me much but that won't stop me from being the bestest friend she'll ever have! My name is Glitter Brightstar and I'm not gonna give up on my friend, even if she doesn't like me!

(I may be a silly mare most of the time but I'm not a stupid one.- Glitter Brightstar 2017 )

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That icon is creepy

the icon looks a bit funny in some way. On to the fiction at hand... bum bum bum bum bum da da da da da daaaa... Ok, so it is a little interesting a little funny here and there. In my standards, it was a little bit ok.


I couldn't really find a better picture for this story.


Thanks anything I need to change

I only see 33 errors... but that's just me.

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