• Published 29th Oct 2017
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My little Kenobi - iamgoku

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi was on his way back to Coruscant following a mission. However he didn't expect to be caught in a strange vortex and wind up in another dimension filled with magical anthropomorphic ponies.

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Author's Note:

Hi everyone, and welcome to my Star Wars/My Little Pony crossover

I’ve had this idea churning away for awhile, but wasn’t sure exactly when to set it, both star wars wise, and MLP wise. Before I finally decided on setting it before Revenge of The Sith in terms of Star Wars chronology, so it’s during the Clone Wars. And in MLP chronology, it’s shortly after ‘Suited for Success’ in season 1.

Some Alternate Titles for the story I had were:
‘My little Pony: The Force is Magic’
‘Obi-Wan Kepony’
‘Star Wars The Pone Wars’
‘My Little Pony: Kenobi’
‘Ewan Mcgregor hanging out with ponies and using the force’

....Ok, that last one was a joke :rainbowlaugh: and not a very funny one :fluttershysad:

But you get the picture, I had a few different titles in mind, however the chosen title is the one I kept going back to.

I’m hoping you all enjoy this prologue, the next chapter will be longer.

The shining light of Luna's moon was beginning to rise over the Everfree Forest, the atmosphere was quiet, save for the occasional rustling and grumblings of various creatures that called the forest their home.

Another being who was a resident their was currently making her way back to her hut.

Zecora had spent the day in town with Twilight, who had requested the Zebra's expertise to help with several potions and remedies she was experimenting with.

The day had gone quickly, and by the time Zecora had said her goodbye's, the sun was beginning to set.

Looking back, she couldn't help but smile. It had only been a few weeks prior that she had not been as welcome in Ponyville, the residents fleeing when they saw her coming, and hiding inside their homes, fearing her for being different.

Though after having helped Twilight and her friends by supplying the cure for the Poison Joke, as well as befriending Apple Bloom, the ponies of Ponyville had welcomed her into their community, having realised their fear and mistrust of her was unfounded.

Stepping over a fallen log, she continued on her way, it wasn't far now to her hut.

However, a sudden sound caught her ear, it came from above. The sound was like a crackling of lighting and thunder, though she saw no signs of a storm, as well as the sound seemingly concentrated in a single point in the sky.

Her eyes narrowed before they widened at the strange sight.

The point the sound was coming from suddenly became lit up with a variety of colours in a bright cloud that formed out of nowhere, followed by a swirling vortex that opened inside the cloud.

The vortex was only open for a moment before a speeding shape flew through it.

It was shaped somewhat like an arrowhead, and was heading straight for the forest, Zecora lost sight of it but heard the loud sound of trees breaking and falling over, followed by a loud crash.

For several moments she simply stood there, her eyes travelling up to see the strange cloud and vortex had disappeared from sight, as quickly as it had appeared.

Turning her gaze toward the area she heard the crash, Zecora began making her way in it's direction, her curiosity and intrigue coupled with a sense of urgency and worry.

Something didn't feel right.

Zecora quickly cleared the distance between herself and the strange object she had seen in the sky, as she made her way their, the closer she got Zecora saw a trail of broken trees which gave way to a long trench in the ground, at it's end was the strange arrow head shaped object.

She stepped towards it slowly and cautiously, looking closer she saw it looked to be made of metal, and was red and white in colour.

Zecora took another few steps down into the trench and approached the strange metallic object, placing a hand on it she felt the smooth textured metal, before a sudden sound caused her to step back immediately.

The sound was coming from the other side of the object, where she hadn't looked yet.

Hearing it again, she narrowed her eyes slightly and moved over to the other side of the trench, holding her wooden staff in a defensive grip as she peered around the object.

When she did, her eyes found the source of the noise, or more specifically the figure who was making it.

She slowly stepped closer, seeing the figure was lying on their stomach face down on the ground, it was clad in ivory clothing with a brown belt and brown boots, there was also white bracer’s on its forearms that looked to be some kind of armour.

Looking up at the object from the new angle, she saw a hatch of some kind made of a dark glass looking material, it was a dome like shape.

'This creature was...inside of this thing?' she thought as her eyes travelled back down to the downed figure, leaning down, she placed a hand on its side and slowly rolled it around onto it's back.

The creature looked like similar to a male stallion, it appeared male in appearance, and had auburn brown hair and a beard. Though its ears were not like that of ponies, nor was it's facial structure the same, its skin was not covered in fur or hair, save for its head and facial hair, it also didn't have a tail.

Reaching down, Zecora rested a hand on his face, and immediately he groaned out softly, his eyes flickering softly but not opening fully.

Glancing back to the strange object, which hadn't moved since she arrived, before turning her gaze back on the male figure, she quickly made a decision, placing his arm over her shoulder she quickly hoisted him up and laying his body over her right shoulder with some effort.

She was about to turn and head back to her hut with the stranger when pausing, there was a hard object poking into her chest, shifting him slightly she reached with her other hand and retrieved it.

Looking at the small cylindrical object, she noticed it had been attached to his belt. It was a combination of silver, black and golden metal that made up the cylinder.

Though she could tell it was no ordinary object from the vibe it was giving off.

Placing it under her brown cloak and in one of her pouches, she resumed her pace back towards her hut, now with haste while still ensuring the stranger wasn't jostled around too much.

(artwork by Littlesnaketail

Obi-Wan Kenobi had been travelling back from a mission on Kamino where he had briefly taken over the responsibility of overseeing the clone trooper's training after Master Shaak Ti had been temporarily called away on an important mission of her own.

Upon her return, Obi-Wan had stayed briefly to update her on the clones status, before setting off to return to Coruscant.

On his way back however, he had received a warning of possible separatist forces along his flight path, far too many for he in his lone Delta 7-B Starfighter to match, let alone pass through without incident.

So he had opted to take an alternate, longer route back to Coruscant, and avoid confrontation. All had been going well until he suddenly found himself caught up in a strange phenomenon, what appeared to be a multicoloured cloud that seemed to engulf his vision and interfere with his ships navigation as well as it's other systems.

He couldn't escape the cloud, as it seemed to form right around his ship before a vortex opened up seemingly out of nowhere directly in his flight path, try as he might, Obi-Wan could not change or alter his trajectory.

He sent out an emergency distress signal before his ship was sucked into the wormhole like vortex and he found himself blinded by an array of bright colours, he was able to open his eyes briefly when the vortex suddenly gave way to what looked like land.

Obi-Wan however was still disoriented, and it took several moments to clear his head, when he did however he found his ship now on a collision coarse with a large number of trees, he desperately tried to regain control only for his systems to still be non-responsive.

“Oh this is not good” was all he said before his ship impacted against the trees, lurching him forward in his seat before the ship continued forward, crashing through a number of trees as it headed straight for the ground, slamming into it and continuing on, forming a trench in the soil before finally coming to rest.

Obi-Wan was slumped over his controls, the crash having left him teetering on the edge of conciousness. Raising his head slightly he moved his right hand, blindly reaching for the hatch release.

When he opened it, he gripped the edge of the cockpit, finding the strength to pull himself up and over.

The landing that followed went about as well as his ships, as he slipped over the edge of the starfighter and fell face first onto the ground.

His body lay still for minutes, though it could have been longer, he wasn't sure as he was still fighting the urge to fall into unconsciousness. He thought he could faintly sense a person in the distance, which was confirmed when he heard approaching footsteps, letting out a soft groan as they came closer.

A cool hand's touch registered to Obi-Wan, before a few moments later he was rolled over onto his back, his eyes flickering slightly but not enough to fully see who was above him, though he did see a flicker of grey before finally giving into unconsciousness, the last feeling he had was of being picked up off the ground before they began moving.


Princess Luna had finished her duty of raising the moon for the night, and had briefly returned to her quarters to prepare for her further duties in the dream realm, before a sudden sensation overcame her, she could sense 'something' had suddenly been amiss.

Walking quickly to the balcony she stared out at the night sky and saw a strange sight, an object falling towards the Everfree Forest.

'A meteor?' she thought at first, before narrowing her eyes, whatever the thing was, it was almost triangular in shape, and didn't look like any meteor she had seen in the past.

There was also something different about it, she could feel it with her magic, it was important, her eyes knitted together in confusion.

What was the falling object? And why did it seem to tug at her senses and magic?

She was about to go and summon Celestia to inform her, when her attention once again turned to the dream realm, her presence was required.

Glancing back towards the Everfree, she contemplated what to do, whatever it was that had fallen into the forest, it didn't seem to posses any malevolent or dark intent.

“We shall wait 'till morning, than inform Tia of what we have witnessed” Luna decided after contemplating her options. Whatever it was could wait until tomorrow, for now at least, she had ponies who needed her assistance in the dream realm.

Though little did she know, that the fate of Equestria had been changed that night, all thanks to the arrival of a certain stranger.

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