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Cold in Gardez

Stories about ponies are stories about people.


A note written in an unknown language. An escaped Nightmare bearing gifts. A young colt afraid of the dark. A pegasus in search of a predator.

It's that season. A collection of short stories celebrating that weird, creepy, beautiful holiday we call Halloween Nightmare Night.

Includes Marginalia, winner of the spookest October Writeoff in Writeoff history.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 33 )

Ohmygod I cant wait to read this tonight!

The joke is on the Nightmare. Twilight takes notes in her books. Using a sharp quill.

Another life saved, thanks to the Acme Monster Snorkel (tm)

Oh, Twilight. You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could read the letters, that you didn't stop to think if you should.

Oh my god, this last one was perfectly unsettling. Thank you for a group of great stories!

What exactly happened? I have an idea that now everything turned evil and dark but... I dont know.:rainbowhuh: Must have read it too fast

Fluttershy. Fluttershy, I need you to be straight with me.

Are you a werewolf?


Jaxie, Jaxie! We're both in the feature box! You know what this means, right?

(it means war)


Oh, you want to fight, huh? Alright! It's on!

I'll be up here in #2. You can walk on up from #4 when you're ready to scuffle.


The fight starts when we're in adjacent positions.

Hey you!:rainbowhuh:

Want to unleash your own ancient evil?:pinkiegasp:

Then send your very own"Shadow Alphabet" to Twilight Sparkle's castle of friendship today!:yay:

Just send your alphabet in the form of a puzzle now and Twilight will work tirelessly, without sleeping and without question in order to unlock it's secrets because she is just that naive and OCD.:twilightsmile:

So what are you waiting for?:applejackunsure:

Don't you want to strike fear and Terror into the hearts of Mortals and lesser creatures everywhere?:pinkiecrazy:

Order your very own shadow alphabet today!:pinkiehappy:

(Some shipping and handling is required.)

(Shadows and words Incorporated is not responsible for any loss of Soul, organs, sanity, friendships, or any other disasters of an apocalyptic nature due to the misuse of this product.):derpytongue2:

Wonderful! This just shows how easily the world shifts with our perception of it. In this case, its much quicker and more obvious. I would love to read such a page, for our own alphabet of course. Or not. The words of shadow may not need the redundant sounds.
Amazing read, lets see what the next story has to offer.

"Monsters don't sleep under your bed, they sleep inside your head." - Unknown

Sometimes our own imagination causes us more anxiety than the reality around us.

Sweet dreams Rumble.:twilightsmile:


CIG: "Your mother was a horse!"
Me: "Oh yeah! Think you're so tough? Why don't you come up here and say that!?"


Me: "Oh shit, he came up here." :twilightoops:


Well that went from funny, to odd, to creepy in a minute.

(’S good though.)

Subtle. Well done.

Okay, that was pretty damn interesting.

A wonderful collection of horror for the holiday, in a variety of flavors. Thank you for them all. Especially the bit where Fluttershy declares herself god of her domain. It's bizarre, yet it actually kind of works.

All of these vignettes were unsettling or creepy in their own way for a moment, but I felt they were too short to be maximally spooky. I would have preferred maybe 2000-3000 words each - just a little more - to fill in a proper short story plot. I guess it was really good that they were as unsettling as they were, given the length.

Very creepy. Love the ending.

This one leaves me puzzled. It is possible that the intent is to convey the dread that one manufactures for oneself, but the oddity and recurrence of the hair suggests that there may be something more going on… though I cannot tease out anything substantive. Still, an evocative read.

Logic at its zenith. :twilightblush:

"Her voice was filled with spiders." That is all.

Okay, so maybe I don't understand what happened at the end. Did someone "win"?


Would it matter if

No, no, I can't do it. Let's, uh, let's try this:

Aren't we all a little bit werewolf on the inside?

Equestria is a world of miracles, dark and light. Apparently that includes the strong Sapir-Whorf hypothesis as well? The idea that language determines thought.

Now, this is why you should always use the Buddy System when studying eldritch lore.

I don't get it. Is something hidden in the text?

8522139 Yeah this pretty well sums up my thoughts. Very creepy ideas, but just a bit too short to really build up the creepy factor and get into the story enough. Great set ups, could have used a bit more fleshing out to really be as good as they could be.

"It's harmless. As long as you don't give in to its temptations." Twilight gave in.

The fact that someone besides me was thinking this makes me very happy.

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