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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (SubscribeStar)

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Seriously? Cake?

“After due deliberation between the four princesses of Equestria, with a vote of three to one, it has been determined that Roseluck Starflower is guilty and shall be punished with four hours of community service.”

That doesn't sound so--

She will be required to serve any stallion or mare present in any way they may choose for the entire duration of her service. 

--Bad? Yikes. :twilightoops:

Anyways, this is so freaking hot! Like, unf.

So is this Dubious/no consent enough to not warrant a Dark tag. I am fine if she is roleplaying or secretly into it, or it's dubious in the sense that it's a public thing, but this just seems like it would need a dark tag. I have a fair bit of liking to dubious turned consensual, and your other stories were good! (Seriously you are one of three good clop authors out there on this site! If the name is Dirty Little Secret, than I know for a fact it's good. No, I am not telling you who the other three are!:trollestia::ajsmug:)

Well damn. That was both hot and interesting. I both enjoy and languish the open ending. I really wanted to know who impregnated her.

I'd lean more toward it necessitating a dark tag. When 'Very Dubious Consent' has to be slash-doubled with a rape tag as a qualifier, it's essentially rape.

Especially when dealing with rape in a fic, it's better to be safe than sorry when tagging.

It’s non-consent turned consent as it goes on.
And I’ve been through this before on other stories, getting confirmation from the fimfic admins that non-consent does not necessarily require the dark tag.

Heh. ^.^ Who would be the most interesting one(s) to be the father(s)?

Yeah ... this isn’t a gentle sort of clopfic! ^.^

A guy has needs, you know. ^.^

Morally dubious though it is, it's a minor weakness of mine :twilightblush:

Something something add the Dark tag.

Again: If Rape isn't dark, what exactly in your mind is, DLS?

Well, While my heart says Shining Armor, (I'm a sucker for doomed love,) I'd say spike or Bic Mac. Logically Big Mac was first, but Rose having to give birth to a pony-dragon hybrid would throw her for a loop as she knows nothing about dragons. Honestly I'd love to see her struggle with that. Not as much as the torrid struggle of love between Shining and Rose, but still.

Agreed, ruined the story for me a bit

I would have preferred a bank robbery or something. Something more... serious? I guess?



Personally, I'd give this a dark tag. It deserves a dark tag.

However, I'll say this to hopefully provide some clarity since I recall a previous fic or two with this same author having the same issue. This fic does NOT require a dark tag. The mod team has determined as long as the rating tags are correct, (i.e Teen/Mature, Gore/Sex), the rating (i.e Everyone, Teen, Mature), and the genre tags Crossover and Human are applied correctly, then all is good. It only hurts the author not to add a "Dark" tag.

Sure it's morally dubious and all that, but good Lord that Rainbow Dash/Thunderlane scene.

Yeah, him, TOWAN, The VClaw, Carcinogenetist, Marshall Twilight, and DEFINITELY XenoPony.

That I liked :applejackconfused: How do you know that those people (ignoring how that is more than 3) weren't on my list anyway and I had just forgotten. I didn't forget and just think of a random 3 people in my head when typing or anything if that was what you were thinking.


Are you buying it?

Dawww, you're gonna make me blush! >///<

Wow, that was really damn hot. Though could have gotten a bit extra bondage fun in with adding a bit more then just the stocks, a nice spreader bar, dock ring, maybe even a a bridle with a set of reins whoever is using her mouth could use.... yeah I've been spending waaaaay to much time dealing with CTS stuff.

But, damn that was hot, it's hard to make what is essentially an endless stream of "And then she was fucked by X" work and stay hot, but you vary it up more then enough, plus the little incest fun to boot. Yeah really damn hot as always!

Though that last scene just... leaves me with so many questions, of the kind I really should not be caring about. They said she went to Zecora the day after, that is way to soon for any pregnancy symptoms to show up, or even to know they are pregnant, so the morning sickness is odd enough. Then the whole, having a potion to deal with things, but if it was the day after, Zecora didn't have a morning after potion that would have prevent it in the first place? And yeah I am vastly overthinking that. :derpytongue2:

Also, on overall complaint, you passed up the chance to use 'Cummunity Service'? For shame!

Also also....ohhh boy the whole "Dark" thing..... again.... yeah I get the point, but, no don't think this story needs it. It's also about tone, about how the story uses the 'dark' aspect, and here, this was the lighter style of dub-con, where it turns out, yeah she really is into it and was just hesitant. Is it realistic? Oh hell no. But it is common enough in porn to have the effect needed to not really make it that dark given what the story is.

Anyway, another amazing bit of cloppy goodness!


I am also genuinely curious

This story makes me a little curious as to what the punishment for treason or murder is in this alternate universe.



According to the fic, stealing cake.

I understand that the crime was cake theft, but I'm just curious as to what the punishment would be for a more serious one.



According to what happened to Starlight. Jack shit besides learning about friendship. 👍

To me, the dark tag isn’t about what does or doesn’t happen in the story. It’s about tone, and it’s about the effects it has on the character.
A woman gets raped, kind of enjoys it a little, and then shrugs it off as ‘hey, at least I got laid’? -- Not dark.
A woman gets raped, she’s traumatized by it, it haunts her dreams, and she can never enjoy sex again because those thoughts keep intruding? -- Dark.

What... Do you just not like him, or what’s the problem?

Um... :rainbowderp: May I suggest talking to a therapist about this?

Heh, yeah. ^.^ Even with this, I guess I couldn’t help but include a FMF threesome element. I just like those too much.

My memory is a bit fuzzy (been a while since I actually wrote this), but I thought she went because she was feeling sore and wanted to get tested ... and the early pregnancy test works ‘because magic’ :rainbowwild:

Treason: A fine of 20 bits for the first offense, being sent to ‘Princess Twilight’s Camp For Villain Reform’ on the second.
Murder: House arrest for at least 3 days.
Stealing Princess Celestia’s Cake: This story.
What can I say? This is the kind of thing you get in an absolute monarchy.

Um ... and yet, someone (not me) has just added the dark tag to it. :facehoof: I really wish the Fimfic mod team would get on the same page about this.


A woman gets raped, kind of enjoys it a little, and then shrugs it off as ‘hey, at least I got laid’? -- Not dark.

... fucking hell, man. I literally can't even.

Majin Syeekoh

You know, it might not require a Dark tag, but I’d be horrifically disappointed if I was looking for rape/dubcon porn and this didn’t show up because it wasn’t tagged Dark.

That’s just me, though.

So how many ponies in town will Zecora need to administer those potions to after all that?

(now imagining Nurse Redheart spending the entire show out to the side, banging her head against a wall in frustration)

*gunshot noses*


So would this technically be a sequel to Cadence's school?

Eh, porn logic. I realize it doesn’t work that way in real life.

Allegedly, we’re supposed to get a tagging system someday...

About 112.


In the same universe, I guess... But not really a sequel.

Majin Syeekoh

We are, yeah. knighty’s doing his best to make it a decent tagging system, which is why it’s taking so long.

But right now if I want to find rape/non-con/dubcon/dystopian-society-where-public-use-is-a-punishment-for-stealing-cake-con porn the best recourse I have is the Dark tag, because under the current tagging system that’s what I’d expect to find it under given the paucity of tags we have right now.

.......... huh. 👍

I can imagine the aftermath for the entire town! XD

Nurse: Next
Stallion: I've got painful red bumps on... places....
*Hands him a slip of paper* Take Room 215 upstairs.... next!
Mare: uh... it burns really bad when i pee...
*hands her some paperwork* Take a seat and fill this out....next!
Stallion and mare couple: Hello my wife needs a pregnancy test and I need something for uhm.... urethra issues....
*hands them some paperwork* take a seat and wait in line.... next!
Royal guard who is scratching his crotch: Arrggghhhh who's stupid idea was it to have everyone screw the same mare!

*Celestia and Luna are looking uncomfortable and wince in pain when they sit down* Okay... new rule, next time we do this everypony must wear protection!

8555801 Nah, that takes over half the fun out.

"Just make Twilight invent a spell to prevent disease transfer, but not block fluid exchange sister."

"Fine, should we make her send us videos of her testing it?"

"But of course!"

Really? 4 hours of public rape for stealing a slice of cake?

*All the healed and recovering ponies are in a grand auditorium with a human on stage* Hello everyone! My name is Jack! I'm with the Planned Parenthood organization. After a particular incident that happened a few weeks ago I've been summoned by Princess Twilight sparkle to teach all of you about safe sex!

Ah, but it was a piece of CELESTIA'S cake. Frankly, I'm surprised this wasn't treated as a capital offense. :rainbowlaugh:

Somehow, I see a follow-up chapter where Shining visits his sleeping step-son (Cadance was busy playing Parcheesi), and Roseluck tells him the only way he can prevent her from stealing another slice of cake is by snuffing out thoughts of misdeeds by punishing her in her basement dungeon...in all sorts of ways Cadance would not allow herself to be used.

This is some intensity in ten cities, man.

This seems to indicate Celestia loves cake just as much as Kirby does.


But right now if I want to find rape/non-con/dubcon/dystopian-society-where-public-use-is-a-punishment-for-stealing-cake-con porn the best recourse I have is the Dark tag

Groups, my friend. Groups.
This story is in lots of groups and group folders that feature gangbangs/public sex.
Heck, when you think about it, the groups system in Fimfic is currently acting like a tagging system in a lot of ways ... only you can’t search for stories based on which groups they are and aren’t in.


Thank Celestia for magical STD cures!

Okay, now that would make a pretty good story.
A special one, too, since Twilight would have to seek out a stallion with STD’s in order to properly test her spell.

Celestia takes cake very seriously.

I’ll, uh, leave that one to someone who has those fetishes. Not my cup of tea.

^.^ What was the most intense part, for you?


^.^ What was the most intense part, for you?

The comments section.

This isn’t even as bad as the one for Show Stopper got!

i'd think the most interesting one would be her father, it'd really change the family dynamic if her father knocked her up for a shot three hundred bits.
i wonder if someone else offered that same amount for him to impregnate his other daughters would he take it? what does his wife think of this? is she on board with it as long as there is money in it? did she just want grandkids? or is she angry at either her husband or at Roseluck for doing this? so many questions.

Majin Syeekoh

Exactly. I can’t search by groups. I can only search by tags, and generally if I’m in the mood i do a site-wide search by rating(which probably wouldn’t do this story any favors TBH)and I check off a few tags, Dark sometimes being one of them. And this story wouldn’t show up at all. Because you personally deemed a functioning society where getting repeatedly raped for four hours for stealing cake to not fall under the Dark tag.

Loved the story, and the impregnation just added that extra little oomph. Any chance we'll ever learn who the daddy/daddies are though? You kinda left it as a tease at the end there. Also unfortunate that, even with magic and potions, STDs/STIs are still a problem with ponies in your universe. You'd think that with the ability to literally control minds, flip gravity, and time-travel with magic - as well as look into the past and cure virtually every illness with potions - they'd have figured out how to eradicate simple bacteria/fungus/viruses.


Seconded. Fucking what?

So like, is Stockholm syndrome not considered a dark thing anymore?

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