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The mirror to the world of CHS was not the only mirror portal. It was just one of many, including one to an alternate Equestria.

Celestia once made a trip in the interest of knowledge and learned something not quite what she thought she would.

And the cost was heartache.

Shipping: Celestia x Alternate Universe Sombra

A gift for Lotus Moon.

Hit popular stories 10/27/17

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Comments ( 15 )

It's wonderful. Thanks :twilightsmile: :heart:

And thumbs up :twilightsmile:

I loved that arc in the comics as I find it gave Celestica a more profound character. I always found Celestica and Sombra love kind tragic and I kind of wish IDW would re-visit this story line and give Celestica x Mirror Sombra another go.

I kind of would liked it if Celestica ended up with foal after one night of passion and with the mirror broken, she as no way to ever show her child who is father is.


You may want to keep an eye on the Homecoming series...

Homecoming series? Is that a new comic series or an existing one?

awesome story

Wow so sweet. I love it!!!:twilightsmile::heart:


I didn’t know you two were close friends!

God, I love this ship and this story. If you did something good that led to the creating of this story, then you have my thanks, Lotus. Dem feels. Ally why you do dis? :raritycry:

I will reunite these two, however many words it may take.

Also, Lotus, looking forward to more readings! Any chance we could get one of this...? :scootangel:

Homecoming is my main continuity of stories.

I believe Lunas original concept had the name with a l as in Selene (a greek moon goddess).

Hope dies last. :pinkiesmile:

Oooo...it hurt to read this. I love their story! Great job!

He laughed. "Well, my radiance"

Speaking of Hope. Radiance..

Radiant Hope?
Best pone in my heart. Always believed in him... Until the last bit of hope was gone... And then some :((

Touching story.. in more the one way.
'This' Sombra... So as any, seem cursed.

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