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I sense the influence of my own work here. I will see where this goes.

I did not know you had a story about hellsing abridged.
I apologize if you felt I ripped off something.

I am enjoying this so far.

The door stopper that is I Have Vacation Days.

Another good (so far)Hellsing abridged story to read well lets hope it last just as long if not longer than the other one :yay:

Huh cool say a form page on this and planned to do the same tho after i did some work on my current story. Still good to see the story being written good luck with it

Nailed Alucards character there.:rainbowlaugh:

MLP as written by TeamFourStar. Got it.


Is it wrong that I kinda want to see them do it, now?

Okay the Hellsing Abridged fic was attempted in the past but the author stopped before there was any real progress. I pray that this doesn't follow that trend.

Continue Young Padawan

Well I'm sure Celestia will find it in her heart, which she probably banished to the moon for something stupid, to give Dear Old Alucard another chance...

No? Eh, F@$# it, KNIFE.

ok this is going to be funny
hmmm I wonder how fuck up twilight life going to be for now on.
please update this one simi often to often

I plan to. Already several pages into chapter 2.
Albeit I can't promise a regular day of week I will post chapters, since my spare-time in daily life varies greatly from time to time.

A few words are wierd. Either misplaced or wrong. Good start, can't wait to read more.

Can't wait for Alucard to call Nightmar moon "Luna's emo phase", Mock Discord for being a rip off of Q and just plain treat Chrysalis like the succubus she is. As for Starlight and Terik? The former he'd likely get 'Major' flashbacks and The latter would likely just bore him.

part of me want it to be that the Alucard and Celestia use to date, and/or were marry in past........

this was fun to read keep up the good work!

well that was funny i hope i can see more from you,
some part of me want that Alucard were in a Pony body because reasons and will date Celestia later ^^' beacuse Luna is not there

Sorry, but don't got any romance between Celly and Alucard planned.
Maybe if it was alucard from canon-story, but abridged alucard would just drive Celestia insane in matter of days.

Days? I'd give it a few hours tops.

oh this is getting good

this is going to be good funny oh and I feel bad for shinny armor, and anyone who try to hit on twilight....

I wonder if this will head the way of other cross over story where Alucard and twilight get ship together.

I give it 15 mins top unless he mess with her cake,


Do you think that pinkie pie will have blood cupcakes(or something like that) ready for twilight when they meet?

“Well as fun as this is, I am bored. Gonna go for a walk now."
oh this wont end well.

Update soon please

Working on it. Had a week of late day shifts. That basically removes any time I use for writing.

working on it.

I sincerely apologize, but a lot of stuff came in the way, like exams and other life-stuff.
I have gotten time to continue writing now and I promise on my mothers life it will be out within the next week and the chapters in the future shall be out much faster.

Again, I apologize.

I get it I just HATE getting promised something will happen "Soon" and then it doesn't happen for more than a week.

finally new update

something to read before i sleep tonight, Thanks!!!!

For now, I think I will go on a walk.

RIP. Everypony run away and hide. Or try to. Or die trying. Whatever.

When that professor uttered those god fucking bloody damn words...

I really wanted to punt him to orbit

Since Ive only known the abridged Alucard this guy plays diffrent cards. Though Twilight may be one hell of a bitch later on and it's something to look into hahah. Cant wait to read the rest x3

I can kind of see him stay an ass but over time care deeply about twilight in a more older brother way

Laughed my fucking ass off. Why you ask? Fuck you. Thats how.

The professor snorted and said, “What is the worst that could happen?”

Buddy! Do you EVEN??!
Apparently not.:facehoof:

8536473 Don't worry, she hits back:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

I pride myself on my Alucard(Abridged) Impression and feel I have no choice but to read this in hopes it meets the expectations laid out by the description.

can't promise 100 % accurate character-style, but I will try to keep it somewhat close.

The thing is, half of Alucard's character in the abridge came from his reactions to the others around him. Change those people and his reactions and actions may also change.

Oh believe me, I understand. Crossovers make things a bit weird to keep in character

Not what I expected...not complaining.

Sees update

"For now, I think I will go on a walk.” a very enthusiastic walk.

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