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Sherclop Holmes and the Killer at the Gala - UndeadSketches

Princess Celestia receives a warning to stop the Grand Galloping Gala, so she gets Sherclop Holmes on the case. The game is a hoof!

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Chapter 4

John Trotson’s eyelids fluttered open as rays of sunlight began shining in his face. He was thankful that the Royal Sisters had graciously provided a guest room for him and another room for Sherclop. Sherclop had a tendency to snore rather loudly.

Trotson sat up and looked about the bedroom. It was a simple, yet cozy room with a bed and a nightstand. There was an adjacent bathroom with a shower next to it. Trotson decided that he should clean himself before leaving the room. After all, a gentlecolt ought to always look their best, especially when meeting with royalty.

After a quick shower and throwing on a collared white shirt with a brown vest, he decided to head on down to Sherclop’s room and see if he was awake yet. Upon arriving at the room, he discovered Sherclop sitting cross-legged on the floor, smoking his pipe. His eyes were bloodshot and had heavy bags under them. Strewn around Sherclop were scraps of paper with his writing on them.

“Hello, Trotson,” Sherclop said, sounding very tired. “I was just reviewing the facts on this case, but I have yet to find--“

“Holmes,” Trotson interrupted with a tone of concern in his voice. “Did you get any sleep last night?”

Bah!” Sherclop said, waving his hoof dismissively. “Solving this case is far more important than getting my rest.”

“If you don’t get some proper sleep, you won’t be able to think straight at the Gala this evening,” Dr. Trotson responded. “So as your friend and your doctor, I order you to get some rest.”


“But, nothing,” Trotson stated flatly. “You won’t be able to help this evening if you collapse on us.”

“Very well,” Sherclop grumbled as he began picking up his notes.

“Good,” Trotson said with a smile.

He closed the door and began trotting down to the dining hall. Sherclop was nothing if not persistent. When he started a case, he wouldn’t stop until it was solved.

Upon arriving at the dining hall, Trotson was greeted by the Mane Six, along with two others, a young dragon and a pink unicorn with a purple and teal mane.

“Hi there!” the purple dragon said. “The name’s Spike.”

“And I am Starlight Glimmer,” the pink unicorn said with a smile.

“They are here so that they can help us on this case,” Twilight explained.

“And because we had tickets to the Gala,” Spike stated flatly.

“Where is Sherclop?” Rarity asked Trotson.

“He is sleeping,” Trotson replied.

“Still?” Rainbow Dash asked, sounding suprised. “I would think somepony like him would be up already.”

“Well, he never actually fell asleep last night,” Trotson explained.

“So, he was up all night?” Fluttershy asked. “That doesn’t sound healthy.”

Dr. Trotson sighed. “I know, but Sherclop sometimes gets this way on important mysteries,” he said. “Once Sherclop takes a case, he sees it through.” Trotson stroked his mustache. “A few months ago, I had to give him sleeping pills after he had been awake for five days straight working on a foalnapping case.”

The group gave a collective gasp at what the doctor had just said.

“That is …” Twilight struggled to find the words.

“Dedicated?” Applejack suggested.

“Yeah,” Twilight replied.

Their conversations continued, the group talking about their adventures and misadventures until evening came and it was time to get prepared for the Gala.

_ _ _ _ _

6:00 P.M.

One hour before the Gala

In the downtown part of Canterlot, there sits a hotel that has been there for years.

It had many visitors staying there for the Gala, diplomats, musicians, even the King of the Changelings was staying there. But this was the first time the hotel has had a professional killer stay there.

In one of the rooms was the killer in question. They sat before a mirror, dying their mane a different color. They leaned back and chucked.

'Not a bad disguise, if I do say so myself,'
they thought to themselves.

The plan was simple. Go to the Gala in this disguise. Kill the targets. Slip out during the ensuing panic.

'This should be easy,' they thought. 'And if I do this right, I’ll get a nice big pile of bits.'

The killer looked at the clock.

A smile formed over their face.

'Show time,' they thought.

_ _ _ _ _

Meanwhile, at the castle

“So, let’s go over the plan one more time,” Sherclop said. “Each one of us will keep close watch on each of the targets and if any of us see anything odd, do not hesitate to take them out of the danger zone.”

The rest of the group nodded their heads, following along.

“Spike and Starlight, you will watch Lord Ember, Applejack and Princess Sparkle, you will watch Coloratura, Rarity, you will keep an eye on Upper Crust, Fluttershy and Pinkie will watch Filthy Rich and Dr. Trotson will watch Fancypants. Rainbow Dash, in case of an emergency, you will assist in the evacuation of everyone.” Sherclop took a deep breath.“Everypony understand?”

The group gave affirmation that they did.

“Any questions?” he asked.

Rarity raised her hoof.

“Yes, Miss Rarity?” Sherclop asked.

“You aren’t going to wear that, that hideous hat to the Gala, are you?” she asked, disgust in her voice.

Sherclop glanced at his deerstalker cap.

“Any other questions?” he said, irritated. When he heard silence, he nodded.

“Alright, it is show time,” Sherclop said.

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