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Dunno what to say. I almost exclusively read and write AiE romance.



Anon finds a homeless pony in a cardboard box, whoring herself out. He decides to take her home. Fluff ensues.

Short fluffy Anon x homeless whore pony one-shot. Contains: fluff, atheism, Cartman, hypernovae, orange blossom, wing massages and cuisine. Not in that order.

T for language and mild sex stuff.

And yes I'm back to naming stuff after DragonForce songs because I have no imagination.

2022 edit: after many requests, I finally made a sequel!

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I don't think I ever snorted and aww'd at the same bloody time. Well done mate. Both cute, funny and smexy at the same time!

A fun little read, if nothing else. Very fun and cute as fuck.

I kinda want more please?

Cute and funny, but too rushed. You could make a bigger story with this cenario.

Yo do more of this! Please!

"...what's an atheist?"

"Someone who doesn't believe in god."

"In what?" she raises an eyebrow.

"Yeah, see? That's atheism," you 'explain'.

Discord the Troll God is displeased and torments the non-believer forever and ever. Because immortality, beeyatches!

holy shit? this is great?

Damn, I haven't seen whorepone in quite a while. Comfy as fuck, man.

That's so fluffy I almost died! And that's a compliment too.

"Thank you as fuck, Anon!"

That... that must be the best line of appreciation which I have ever read :rainbowlaugh:

This was a really sweet tale, and I couldn't help but laugh at the ironic way that Anon went this way. :rainbowlaugh:

Personally, I'd love to see this turned into an all-out story of several chapters. *wink-wink* :twilightsmile:





I don't know if I have the drive or the imagination to write a multi-chapter story based on this, but I'll see if I can think of something. No promises though.

Heh, fair enough.

Sometimes, it is for the best to acknowledge one's limits and say 'if any of you can write it down, you have me blessin'!' or something like that. :twilightsmile:

Then again, I know for one that it is quite hard to have a constant output of work done when life can be quite busy.

I tried the tuna salad recipe in the text. It was surprisingly not bad. I added some chopped pimiento olives, spinach, and roasted garlic and chiles, though. Still, good base.

Frankly, I'd rather hear more about Pinkie's dildo situation.

Quite fluffy, love it. Wish there was more or a continuation.

A nice, sweet & comfy Morning Glory variant. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

That was... eloquent....


A bit short, somewhat rushed.

But I like it.


I, personally, would very much enjoy that.


Words of wisdom.


As fuck.

Liked, solely for that little exchange.
and the fact it was fucking cute. as fuck.

God doesn’t like terrorists. So much that he’d take the opportunity to send an atheist to Equestria to help a mare. I mean, if he blew up terrorists, that makes him an anti-terrorist, right? A...uh...hopeist?

If someone used a crucifix against Discord, he’d probably roll with it for fun. I wonder the sociological consequences for the ponies at that...

I really wanna read more..

sequel? Anybody?



I'm sorry guys, as much as I want to write one, it's not happening for now. Real life truly paid me 50 bits.

We understand, just take your time but not too much

This was a pretty delightful story, good job :twilightsmile:

God I thought that picture was a picture of the titanic sinking! :twilightblush:

"Thank you as fuck".....I can feel my grasp of the English language evolving...I have ascended as fuck!

"You eat fish but not meat. Correct?"

fish is meat.
very cute story. although it is a bit too fast

I want more!!!

I love your writing. You have a fantastic way of telling slice of life stories.

I agree with the others. After getting invested in these characters, I would really like to know what happens to them.

Is there any chance of a SQL?

The Monk
Her hands were still bound with rope, she debated an escape before all the stupidity gave her an aneurysm. -Scarheart

If I ever find the motivation to write again, I'll definitely try to make a sequel to this story but I can't promise anything for now.

"Contains: fluff, atheism, Cartman,-"




The irony of a white atheist detonating himself in a crowd of praying muslims wasn't lost on you that day.

Congratulations, you have made me manage to choke on air.

Manners make man

I hate how Anon keeps calling them horses, it's insulting.
Other than that, cute story.

I honestly would love for a sequel

We need a sequel, please!

aeri #44 · April 6th · · ·

cute as hell duddy! we need a sequellllll plsss!

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