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Ryuga thought that his death at the hands of Nemesis and giving his Star Fragment to Kenta so him and his friends can save the world from destruction was going to be the end. But it was not, in fact he seemed to have been transported into the world of Equastria without his bey L-drago, but with L-drago's power inside of him. In a second life, Ryuga decides to do what he does best, travel the world finding strong opponents to defeat. And unfortunately make friends with a egotistical magician.

This is a crossover between Beyblade Metal Fight saga and My Little Pony, the characters will be anthropomorphic and takes place after the events of Beyblade Metal Fury and will contain massive spoilers for the end, so I highly recommend watching it to understand this fic.

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Oh hey, I remember this show!

So will this continue I remember there being more really wanted to reread it

More please

Will this be updated?

Yeah, not sure when, but I will update it soon.

How the fuck would Trixie know what a human is? What session and episode are we in?

Wonder how Spike would be handled in this fic given the dragon motif stuff here with Ryuga and L-Drago there?

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