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After her second loss to Twilight Sparkle, Trixie has moved on, done the hard yards, and worked to be the best magician Equestria has ever seen. A small altercation with Spitfire, captain of the Wonderbolts, gives Trixie reason to question why they have "The Greatest Show in Equestria"

Takes place before Season 6, (as the idea was spawned around S4 and written in pieces, scrapped and re-written countless times since)
Initially was going to be a multi-chapter story involving the two, but I don't think I'm capable of writing something like that.
Comments, suggestions and ideas welcome, let's have at it.

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I really liked this, you characterised both leads well, giving them each some bite.

Also, while Trixie was mentioning the displays being repetitive, I was admiring how you'd written some of the best Wonderbolt routine descriptions I'd ever read, being both creative and easy to visualise.

The coat being Spitfire's grandmother's was a really nice touch too.

Thanks for writing this :twilightsmile:

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