• Published 13th Dec 2017
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Sequestered in Slutquestria - Bathspounge

Stories about sex in the slutty pony dimension. Really slutty.

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Comment posted by Bathspounge deleted Aug 3rd, 2020

Minor typo, stripped, not striped.

God i hope we get more, like for example, Spike x Twilight with Spike getting paid by getting a turn in all 3 holes.

Comment posted by Tania tokustar deleted June 22nd

Was a new chapter accidentally added today and taken off?

So who made the cover art?

Lil Miss Jay. It says as much in the description, although I believe they're also using the moniker Jynx at this time. Unfortunately the artist signed in the bottom corner, and I had to edit it out with Twilight's crotch.

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