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Just Your Average Gay Pegasus/Changeling Hybrid Trying To Make It As An Author...Hope You All Enjoy Your Stay On My Page, And All The Stories To Come.

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This looks promising, I will be looking forward to see more of this

I've actually already gotten chapters one and two completed for the most part, just have some editing and minor changes to make. I'll be posting probably once every week or two for this story till it's completion.
Is there any characters u wanna see in this story, it can be any character within the fandom or even R63 versions of female characters. Or even OC's of course with the consent of the owners of said OC's.

Alright you got my interest.

How about rule63 Celestia?

I think it would be better to let have free rein to do what you want your story. Still, you could rush less going into the action and build up the mood of the role play. Still, I will be looking forward to the next chapter.

Yeah I kind of had this written out a while back, so it doesn't have a much depth as some of the later chapters will. There will also be none clop chapters that lead up to a more romantic vibe instead just straight up sex.

Well next chapter is out this one was also already written before the prologue was posted so it will still be slightly rushed but my next few chapters will be a lot better with the pacing.

Interesting chapter, will be looking forward to the next one.

That should be fun, I've got a few chapters in the works already but I will definitely have that at some point in the story.

Fixed it must not have saved...thanks for telling me.

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