• Published 23rd Oct 2017
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Rainbow Light And Sketchy Clouds - Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

These two ponies are BFF’s and their gonna hang out and have a sleepover for their first time!

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Asking Their Parents Permission For Their Sleepover

When school was finished the two fillies went outside to meet their parents. It looked like Rainbow Dash and Twilight were talking to Sketchy Clouds’ parents. “Hi, mummies,” Rainbow Light said, giving them a hug.

“Hi, sweetie,” Twilight said, “how was school?” She asked.

“School was great, mummy, can we invite Sketchy Clouds for a sleepover this weekend?” Rainbow Light asked, “please?” She gave Twilight the googly eyes.

“Well okay,” Twilight said.

“Yes!” Rainbow Light said, jumping around.

“I have to tell her mum first,” Twilight said, she walked over to Sketchy Clouds’s mum, “hello there, are you Sketchy Clouds’s mum?” she asked.

“Well yes I’am. She has been talking about a sleepover at Rainbow Light’s.” Mrs. Clouds said.

“Well can she come over this weekend?” Twilight asked.

Mrs. Clouds thought for a second, “well of course I can see that they are really close friends,” she said, with a big smile on her face.

“Well that’s fantastic,” Twilight said.

“So what time?” Mrs Clouds said.

“We’ll let them talk and figure it out,” Twilight replied.

Rainbow Light and Sketchy Clouds were talking, “so what do you think Sketchy Clouds? Can I call you Sketchy for short?”

“Of course, how about 10 o’clock in the morning?” Sketchy Clouds asked.

“Deal!” Rainbow Light said, they both hoof shaked, “and pick up time?” she asked.

“5 o’clock in the afternoon?” Sketchy Clouds asked.

“Okay!” Rainbow Light said, they both hoof shaked again.

“So you two storted it out?” Rainbow Dash said.

“Yes, 10 o’clock in the morning it starts on a Saturday and-” Rainbow Light said.

“5 o’clock in the afternoon for pick up,” Sketchy Clouds said.

“Whatever you say, Sketchy Clouds,” Mrs. Clouds said.

“See you then, Sketchy,” Rainbow Light said.

“Yeah see you then,” Sketchy Clouds replied.

“Bye!” Rainbow Light said.

“Bye!” Sketchy Clouds replied, they both hugged each other. Then, they all went home.