• Published 23rd Oct 2017
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Rainbow Light And Sketchy Clouds - Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

These two ponies are BFF’s and their gonna hang out and have a sleepover for their first time!

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“Sketchy Clouds Wanna Come For A Sleepover?”

At school when it was lunch time it was a nice warm sunny day out there on a Friday, for the two fillies. “Tag your it!” Rainbow Light said.

Now Sketchy Clouds was it so they kept on running all day till they were puffed out. “I’m tired Rainbow Light, can we sit down?” Sketchy Clouds asked.

Rainbow Light kept on puffing, “Of course,” so the two fillies sat down under their favourite tree. Rainbow Light thought of something about how to hang out with Sketchy Clouds more often, “So, Sketchy Clouds since we’re really close BFF’s, how about a sleepover at my house this weekend?” Rainbow Light asked.

Sketchy Clouds flew up excitedly, “Of course, Rainbow Light!” She said proudly.

Then the school bell rung. “Okay, everypony lunch time is over!” Miss Cheerilee said. Everypony came inside the classroom.