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Ever since Thorax’s recent visit to Ponyville, Spike has been thinking on a few things the Changeling King did while he was there, and has even continued to do long after. So, eventually, the young dragon calls him back and, with Twilight’s help, stages a long-overdue intervention.

Warning: Will contain silly nonsense

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Twilight: Of course... If we want to lure out Chrysalis to capture her, we just need a shiny beam of light or something that can be seen from anywhere in Equestria. But where can-

Cadance: One month-long Crystal Fest... Coming right up.

Thorax is adorable. The changelings new design is actually pretty great now that I've gotten used to it.

Poor Thorax. He can't help being distracted by the glowy stuff!

Very nice. Also search the text for the word "hep", you're missing an 'l' there.

Just helps to remember insects DO come in such bright colors


And here I thought it was a moth thing

Are Changelings susceptible to laser pointers?

That would be hilarious. And adorable.

Pretty, pretty... shiny, shiny.

Makes me wonder what would happen if discord summoned a giant bug zapper in the middle of a changling hive. :trollestia:

Silly nonsense is the best kind of nonsense.

I don't see why this is a bad thing.

HA! Nice story! Thorax was pretty adorkable at the start of Triple Trouble.

Also, Insectoids having an obsession with fire and shiny things? Why does that remind me of something...? https://youtu.be/1HeWaNowogQ?t=227

It’s kinda funny, but I had literally the same idea when I saw the episode and was about to write it but then found this. :rainbowlaugh: So congratulation, you beat me to the idea and deserve all you have gained from this story. :twilightsmile:

Wow, Twilight. Calling the nature instincts of another species a problem? The sooner you admit that you're a racist, the sooner we can help you.

This. This show was underrated. Just sayin'.

8628442 Then you know what I'm talking about?

My Gym Partner's a Monkey, right?

At least he's just looking at fires, rather than starting them.

This was an enjoyable little bite of humor, though the formatting for the story was a little off-putting. The 3 lines of blank space between every paragraph made it feel like reading a story by a child that was given a page requirement and was trying to fill it with blank space; 1 line between paragraphs is the standard and is plenty.

And now I'm picturing the ineffectiveness of a changeling fire brigade.

Or flying into them.

O.o all they needed to do was building giant bug zapper towers to defeat the changelings.

Every time I see the Changelings after Triple Threat I think, "Man, these kids need some laser pointers."

If Thorax returns to his hive with that brazier, I imagine every changeling present doing this when it’s lit:

That would make a great story!

Yes this is perfect I love its so funny and cute:heart::twilightsmile:

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