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"Inspiration does not come to the lazy. It only comes to those who call it." - P. I. Tchaikovsky



Reel Projection has disappeared. Nopony has any clue as to where he went or how he vanished. However, one thing is for certain is that he did leave a nearly seven-page note behind. In it, he described a lost, banned film from the silent film era.

A special thanks to LeylaQuartz for proofreading this.

Now with a Russian Translation by Doof Ex Machina

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Before anyone asks the question of why I didn’t get someone to proofread this, when it comes to my writings and editors, everything is volunteer work. You see, in the past, whenever I ask someone to proofread my stories, I'd be lucky to get a response within a week that they're interested in. And even if I do get one, there's no guarantee that they won't up and drop it without telling me why. Realize that editors have lives of their own, they're not there for mine, or anyone else's beckoning call.

Sure, some of my stories are unedited, and still are. But at least I have the curtiousy of telling the readers up front that it's unedited. If this, or any other story of mine is going to be edited, let it be from those that'll do it because they like the story itself.

So unless someone comes forward to volunteer to edit this, or is willing to point out its flaws, this is as good that it'll get.

This is surprisingly dark. So what happened to the poor sap?

Meh. Wasn't scary for me. I

Spooky. I like it.

(Shrugs) To each their own, I suppose.

But you are a talented writer! Really!

At first thought was a reference to blue blood & fancy pants saw from(forgot the story's title...but it wasn't that film!)
then thought "okay is a physiological horror" like Rebecca(1940) by Hitchcock. shame that German musical will never get to premiered on Broadway in English translation! now the people lost the rights to produce it:( btw great reference to Metropolis, brilliant movie & musical(it's very good! 1989 rock opera.)
finally it realized that "oh my god! you just made a story based on The ring...minus the death part." really fantastic job:)

You know, I haven’t thought about The Ring when I was writing this. But not to say that such an idea isn’t creepy use.

Nice read. It's one of those stories that leaves me in a limbo, where I want to see a continuation or know what genuinely happened to the victim, but at the same time I know doing so would diminish the story's chilling effect.

Hey! Great story! I certainly had tension to it!

I have a major question, you don't mind if I read through this for a channel I work with? His name is Pegasya TV, he's a brony channel, and we'd love to start doing some MLP fanfics on the channel, and I figured you'd be the first one!

First of all, thank you for asking me up front. Second, I wouldn't mind of you doing so, just so long as you show me the video once you get done.

Wow! Thanks so much for this!

Hm, interesting. When it comes to malevolent media stories, I usually roll my eyes hard enough to make them bleed, but I rather like this one. Especially because there's no 'and now it's behind you' ending.

The moment I watched John Carpenter’s episode of Masters of Horror I fell in love with silent cinema horror. Terrifically invigorating.

The cigarette burns start flickering faster. Something is about to happen.

Glad I saw this before saying anything then, lol.
Editing is something I do for a living and for fun, but seeing as this is old, I'm guessing it's pointless of me to offer now.

That aside, I like the sense of unease I got just from reading this. I kinda figured how it'd end, but the delivery was still good as the reader realizes it's still intact and 5 minutes are up.

It's never too late to volunteer.

In that case... I'll look over it this weekend, if you'd like.

Sure thing! Though how would you prefer to do it? PM or through Google Docs?

Google docs, so I can do it in suggestion mode rather than overwriting things.

This was a fun and spooky story.

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