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Pinkamina "Dianne" Pie or Dianne Pie for short,may not be one for showing emotions or partying like her more hyper counterpart Pinkie Pie but she is known for being very smart and is calm under pressure,being the librarian of The Golden Oaks Library, she wouldn't mind if somepony came inside to check out a book or ask for directions, however she doesn't like it when somepony is being too loud as she enjoys the peace and quiet that the library offers, the one thing that she has yet to understand is her friend Glitter Brightstar and this story will be about the both of them as Dianne attempts to find out why Glitter Brightstar is well,Glitter Brightstar...

( Knowledge may be power but too much of it could lead to a pony's downfall...- Dianne Pie 2017)

[This picture I found fits Dianne Pie perfectly.]

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