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After the Battle of the Band, the Dazzlings were getting through some tough times until a certain blue-haired boy help them out and they started out great. Adagio has been getting a feeling like she's in love with him but doesn't want to feel love, until one day at park her heart began to take over.

Hint: FlashxAdagio.

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My "song cue" sense is tingling...

KO glad you’re enjoying it though I did tried adding the singing of the song from Disney’s Hercules but couldn’t because of some rules. Hope you’ll tell all your friends about my story!

Wow...I feel like you must've read my mind somehow cause I was planning on doing this exact idea only difference is I was gonna have it be one of the following

Adagio x Sunset or Aria x Rainbow Dash(or Fluttershy)

KO thanks hope you enjoy it as well as you tell all your friends about it!

Theres a story called to House the Sirens were Flash took all 3 of them after he found them scrapping for food. A shame it dosen't have more like maybe when he comes back for camp everfree all depresed with the whole Twilight and Timber thing and maybe the 3 try to cheer him up.

Also maybe Sunset finding out they live with Flash.

I guess you have read it.

Not really a fan of this ship, but I can see it.

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