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So the story goes, Starlight was offered the chance to leave Twilight’s side and find her own way in the world. A chance she decided not to take, because she wasn’t ready. But, what if she had taken that chance? Left her beloved mentor and gone to a place that, unbeknownst to her, Twilight had already thought about for her? A place where she could do some truly rewarding work?

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Not bad...
However, I don't think it quite deserves the "comedy" tag. The humor of the original scene came from the conversation sounding stilted as awkward. You don't get that as much in a written format. Also, the added context doesn't contain jokes. Overall it comes across as more heartwarming than anything.

And one error I noticed: Trixie and starlight would've come from ponyville, not canterlot.

Are you going to do ones for Ember and Sunburst?

I have to agree with
8571393, there should be one with Ember and Sunburst

wow! impressive. those speech of Starlight and sudden friendship lesson... it really looks like episode of mlp

"Why not just have two separate meals?"

Pharynx is beautiful and I love him.

This was nice. I love Pharynx pointing that out, made me giggle.

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