• Published 14th Oct 2017
  • 2,338 Views, 77 Comments

Wearing The Inside Out - Peridork

Twilight messes up yet another spell. Now Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have switched bodies and there's a new Empire in town to handle. Just another day in the Elements of Harmony.

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Kinky Deer.
Mental, crazy, kinky deer.
Twilight and Luna are set up for some wild time in the next chapter...

Nice idea for the changing hive.
...Poor Smolder. It will be interesting to see her and Ocellus interface mentally.

And awww Limestone's assault on Yakyakastan failed... One invasion over.
I do wonder why Pinkie took 5 hours. But I hope that will be answered next chapter.

All up, fun chapter. Lots of moving parts that further set up for coming events.

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