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Twilight, after a stern regimen of morning spankings, has been dry for three whole months. Unfortunately, she gets a bit too comfortable and wets Shining's bed. Will Shining's backside pay for her crimes?

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What kind of horrible parent spanks their kids for wetting the bed?

My mom did and it stopped it. I was super lazy as a kid, though. And she was at the end of her rope.

Don't confuse it with abuse, it was descpline, nothing more, if she was wailing on her and aiming to cause as much pain as possible with each blow, then it abuse.
she only aimed for firm spanks and limited how many she do and how hard.

Yeah, what they said. There comes a time when they need to learn to not wet the bed. I'm sure she wasn't spanked the very first time she wet the bed, or the next few times.


But you cannot control if you wet the bed or not and beating it out of you certainly will not help

8484444 This! Bed wetting is something that most kids can't control, and spanking them over it won't do anything to motivate them to stop it! There are better ways of dealing with bed wetting, including medication, reducing liquid consumption for bed, and having the child use the bathroom before going to sleep at night.

But there's a difference between beating And spanking.

I agree. You should never spank a child for wetting the bed or for having an accident. Children don't have as much control as adults. Wetting the bed in their sleep is something they have absolutely no control over. It usually simply means they're such a deep sleeper that they don't feel that their bladder is too full. Punishing a child for something they cannot help or control is emotional abuse.

Well it will certainly motivate them to stop it. The question though is rather or not it's worth it.

8891016 It's not worth it. Punishing the child over something they can't control is wrong. Heck, the stress of it all might just make the problem worse.

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