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If I had a £ for every unfinished story idea I'd never need to work again.


Applejack and Apple Bloom are spending their afternoon bucking trees together, when the two find a tree that just can't be bucked, how are they gonna get those apples down now?

Big thanks to my friend DHM for coming up with the idea for this story, as well as helping me write it.

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The pacing seemed disjointed at parts, but I can tell you worked hard on this story, so I commend that effort.

thanks! :twilightsmile:
it is my first story, after all. i'll try to improve my writing and such as i get more into this thing. :twilightsheepish:

Counting names with "Apple" in them, not counting the title or description, and assuming I counted correctly, there were exactly 130 instances of the word apple.

oh god, I might need to edits those authors notes...

please please please don't do that.

Too... hic! late...

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