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Set before the movie. Grubber has always respected Tempest on how she's able to easily make those bigger and more terrifying than her quiver just by glaring in their direction. He respects her so much, one day he decides to be her sidekick, no matter how many times he gets kicked off her ship.

Revolved around the MLP prequel comics and the Great Princess Caper.

MLP movie belongs to its respected owner.

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Comments ( 6 )

We need more Grubber and Tempest friendship stories. Thanks for making this.

The lack of Grubber and Tempest fics is disturbing.

Your welcome

You know all the characters so well! This is really impressive as far as characterization goes! :twilightsmile:

Yeah, problem with fics of Storm King is he's too serious, he really is just a spoiled brat with an army and too much power, trying WAY to hard to be evil. And a little funny

Grubber is just a normal dude whose destined for diabetes.

That is exactly what I thought! :rainbowlaugh:

Not sure if I would like a full story about that, but I kind of want an akward comedy romance story about Grubber crushing on Tempest.

Nice story, Tempest is kind of my new favourite character, but many stories already write her a little bit like the new Starlight/Twilight, very very nice and apologetic.

Is there a way I can read the comics without buying them? I hate to start the collection in the middle and it it to expensive to just buy it all.

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